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  1. uncharted territory here. has wiggins returned top 50 overall 9 cat value for more than 2 weeks ever? inside top 50 on the year
  2. I think acuna was in a tier above those as a prospect and neither of them have been given a chance for full PT.
  3. obviously some of those sp will net better value (care to narrow it down a bit to 2-3) buehler is an elite arm with elite stuff, mound presence, ect and his numbers back that up. even at >200 inning I think 4th rd is fine and I don't see how you can project most of those other sp to be <200 inn. (understand they take less draft capital)
  4. go get Kelce or ertz if you really want to make your team better. I would take that offer as well.
  5. fixed lucky you.. ill trade ya teagues line for my 5 ir players. (very easy to rotate and start my players on my ir)
  6. another year, another year with increased production basically across the board
  7. so not very close to jo ram fantasy wise?
  8. after bye week tenn is avging over 30 pts
  9. 12th in targets and still has a bye wonder what his numbers would be like if KC didn't have so many other weapons
  10. yea whats the best is that it gets bumped after the trade was accepted a month ago and after dj has a good game did it get bumped after white scored 29? did it get bumped after white scored 25? did it get bumped when white scored 28?
  11. pass... adams and lewis/golladay/marvin is> sony and digs
  12. bump. avg pts per week is even. Edelman is going to continue to be a ppr stud with Gordon getting more involved? Edelman is still bradys safety net alone with white but white will lose touches and goalline work to Michael
  13. 12 team 1 pt ppr would be trading with the other top team in my league give barkely and Edelman or j gordon get ab and white am I over thinking this as I own edelmen and j Gordon and want to split that up? my team qb cam qb dak wr ty wr edelman wr j gordon rb barkley rb cmc te Kelce flex tate
  14. if that's the case and owner losing all 3 of the trades is smart, won the league last year, and is friends with the guy winning the trades then I would say something. the worst part about this is that they aren't terrible but when you take everything into account it looks shady. whats the guys record that is losing all 3 deals?
  15. go for the cuff in better situation/is better back. no chance I would even start gallman (as a barkley owner) if barkley went down
  16. agree the biggest threat is a inj Mariota. if Mariota is healthy ROS and can throw the ball with feeling in his fingers then lewis seems like a very solid/highend rb2 in ppr
  17. 2 forsure and if you cant then take 1 both deals I would make
  18. #2 and its not close for me huge upgrade at te, flex 1, wr for downgrade from cmc to ingram
  19. yea that's what I tried 1st. pushed hard for Gordon and mike davis 4 davanta adams and he didn't fall for it. pulled out all my car salesman lines ha. yea im just going to hold incase carson inj is more serious
  20. 12 team 1 pt ppr give lewis get carson own mike davis, this is for my rb2 spot ROS lewis has jax, @nyg, was for fantasy playoffs carson/davis have min @sf kc my team qb luck wr ab wr nuk rb alvin rb dion lewis flex j gordon te howard engram, freeman, ty mont, mike davis, sproles, alex smith
  21. that 1 yd score was ugly as well he jumped for endzone and was stuffed/wasn't close to breaking the plain. lucky he got in on 2nd push/help from teammates also that nice run he had in the 2nd half on the zone cut back, lewis would of had a shot to take it to the house
  22. this. also leagues with no 5 outfield no ci/mi = more chances to gamble in the fantasy draft or I should say swing for fences more during the draft as you can find more production on the wire
  23. unless you think vlad will bust, an avg year from vlad (the most hyped prospect in some time that is the total package hitting wise) will come close to what xander/rendon did last year so if you think xander and rendon will improve (which is possible but to me they are who they 28.6 y.o in june for rendon) and vlad has an avg year then go for it I view vlads floor/reasonable projection is much closer to xander/rendon and vlads ceiling this year is much higher than xander and rendon with vlads on base skills and contact skills I think his runs/rbis will be fine and wouldnt favor a lesser overall hitter just because of situation/lineup again this is coming from h2h bias that never plays roto so those extra games and consistency of rendon might be more appeal to roto players. but I will take vlad 10/10 over rendon and xander next year in h2h and not even think twice. its a young mans game and my 1st comment was mostly geared toward Bellinger and xander as a salty doyer fan plus unsatisfied rendon owner last year