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  1. don't see much of a difference between Ayton and nurk ROS I don't think aytons stocks all of sudden take a huge leap this year so if you like prince and r jax more than sga and evan then you should take it
  2. in a punt ft team is there any difference between capela and Harrell? Harrell ranked 9th overall, capela 5th overall the past month own both capela and Harrell and trying to get AD from another punt ft team. any reason to think Harrell wont keep it up?
  3. 12 team 9 cat punt ft%, 3's, and semi t/o surprisingly I think I have reb, blks, steals and assists locked up every week is this team good enough to win 1 cat of pts, fg%, t/o (trying to move simmons and lma and more 4 Giannis) which would be huge pg westbrook, rubio, fox, dunn sg k anderson, sf b simmons, parker pf/c capela, adams, nurk, harrell, lma plus a stream
  4. #1 overall player the past 2 weeks in punt 3 and ft build #4 overall on the year
  5. bump AD is a significant upgrade over embid? almost worth another 1st/2nd rder
  6. 12 team 9 cat punt ft and assist and my threes and steals are weak as well so need to make a move I think give kawhi, embid, McGee, brog get AD, d Mitchell, j rich, j allen love getting ad and im a sucker for j rich but is getting j rich and Mitchell for kawhi enough to downgrade from McGee to allen and upgrade to AD over embid? my team pg brog sg Covington, buddy, wiggins, hollis jefferson sf kawhi, otto porter, crabbe pf/c embid, capela, adams, McGee, favors
  7. so 100 buck profit no what happens with a chance to win a G and he pulls that BS he must really be a greedy dumba$$
  8. shooting slump of regression to the mean? o/u 42% fg ROS?
  9. he could very easily be 1.8 three 1 steal guy this year. he avging 1 steal for his career. anyways that's a possible top 40 line if he hits those number. monster line in relation to adp 10 rd or later. only a handful of players drafted outside top 100 have a chance to produce a top 40-50 line and none of them are guards
  10. if he could be a 15 pt 50%/90% 3 stock+3's with sub 2 t/o along with the boards and assists that's a monster 9 cat line. very possible
  11. he would be a stud in Houston filling the ariza role.
  12. logical flaws? how many years in a row does he have to do it? some players are just slow starters and only thing that changes in his splits is Rubio making shots
  13. kawhi would be the face of new balance. kawhi in a nutshell
  14. avg 2 threes 10 pts 4 reb 1.5 assists 4 blks 2 t/o this week hate that top 40 production from a 8/9th rd pick
  15. pretty simple. he takes and makes more shots/3's in the 2nd half. all his other splits are identical
  16. hes been 26th overall last 2 weeks with 0.6 and 0.7 blks/steals. 35th overall on the year. I think I value him more as a 3rd rd player and I hate centers who don't get blks or steals. hes only going to improve so you just have to figure out how to handle the low stocks. would you rather have JJJ 1/1/2 line on 12 pt 4 reb?
  17. maybe you can say that fantasy wise but lewis is a superior back in ever aspect (real life football) lewis blowing up honey badger is something theo couldn't do
  18. basically anyone in the world> gallo with his inj history. gallo could be avging over 3 threes a game and I still wouldn't want him
  19. rather do a 12 team ypro style draft $250 2 slow drafts on here coinflip/randomize which draft will be kept/used later in the year after everyone has paid any takers? get to add in another $250 I believe to the pot not using ypro
  20. id be fine with lillard and adams for KAt. not for kawhi what about markkanen and lillard for KAt or kawhi (if you can handle the loss of threes)
  21. no chance butler is equal or better to all the players mention I would not trade Ad for jrue and gobert then again you have grant sexton isacc on a 10 teamer so maybe this will help you if you are in desperation mode still seems like pass
  22. I would pass as I never make trades like this. giving up a 2+ blk gobert who is basically 50% of your blks while not getting any blks back is a no go imo unless you have another trade in mind and are going to punt blks and move whitside (if you move both whitside and gobert your reb will also be trash so think about that as well)
  23. this I also think grants 1/1/1 should be owned so I wouldn't mind taking him over Anderson but andersons min are so high and he has a higher ceiling imo