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  1. gave coleman and enunwa got shady and allison not sure what I think about it. shady>coleman?
  2. I guess I missed it and was going off how you said multiple times in the bregman thread that you wont have a pitcher in the 1st. anyways these guys that drafted are nothing special and a draft on 10/11 means little.
  3. 1st rd pick in baseball NEVER wins you the league (guy ended up with Mookie and max and finished dead last.)
  4. picked 8th and I took dipo over pg13 just to make sure I got a good pg and I have a gut feeling on dipo this year. also feel the steals, blks, and fg% he provides is more valuable than the 3's and pts George provides. pg dipo, j rich, sg middleton, buddy, brogdon sf wiggins, crabbe, bojan bogdanovic pf/c embid, ayton, allen, jackson, favors not ideal to have 2 rookies in Ayton (mid 4th rd) and jjj but jjj fell to me in the 9th so I took the plunge plus I needed a 4th big and not a lot of options left weak in threes and im middle pack in my % around %48 and %79 I like it overall but now off to get KAT for embid + which will help my % and t/o. might have to downgrade from middleton to a lesser 3 n d option
  5. whats machado last 4 year avg? something like 35 hrs 95 rbis 90 runs 11 sb 290 avg (had one down year 260 avg) turned 26 in july, add in the health and consistenty of machados 4 year avg and that is what you hope bregman provides when your taking him in the 1st rd
  6. lot of bums in $250 leagues. I don't push it and do $500 or $1000 leagues. as for Ayton I think hes a good early 4th rd pick especially if your going center heavy early and hes your 3rd center after something like embid lma
  7. need lutz and m Thomas to score sub 45.8 ppr points.
  8. who you got? im punting threes Rubio was really good 2nd half top 35 overall I believe but I kinda need sg eligible player. is that enough of a reason.
  9. might want to go re read what you typed. your projection for his floor isn't even a top 100 line. its more like wiggins line last year who was outside the top 150 so how can he be a top 52 player when his floor is ouside top 150 (according to your projections)
  10. that line is no where near 50 overall cjm was 50 overall with a 2.3 three, 21 pt, 4 reb, 3.4 assists, 1 steal, 0.4 blks, 44%, and 84%
  11. hes a 1.5/1.5/1 pg with good % and low t/o. enough said
  12. 12 team ppr gave Ronald jones got ebron gave ebron and gio b got engram have brate and oj howard (ir)
  13. seager would be mid/late 3rd at its earliest if hes healthy in ST. I don't see how you could put him in the 2nd rd with all the players in the 2nd rd that just produced top 25 ish lines or have 1st rd pedigree (goldy and altuve)
  14. and baez. I think hes still outside 2nd rd. id rather have story, benny, and probably correa
  15. trout mookie jo ram lindor arenado jdm machado depending if signs with NYY. if not then behind yelich and trea yelich trea max judge sale Stanton, harper, bregman, goldy, blackmon, story, altuve, degrom, kluber freeman, nola, acuna, next 5 -correa, Benintendi, soto, buehler, bauer, snell (preference on the sp) this is tough but you still have cole, severino (should be higher just not for me), verlander, Kershaw who could all go in the top 25 have no idea where soto will go don't think there are any major omissions
  16. roto I agree h2h I don't. avg and sb are devalued for me quite a bit in h2h. they should really come out with h2h and roto rankings. I guess its implied that high avg or 5 cat players are more valuable but still.
  17. only took butt buddies gronk and edelmen to cause some int.
  18. yea its the floor for me. I wasn't all about high floor for 1st rd pick but now I kinda like it/get its appeal 38/100/100 from Stanton in down year. ill take that in the 1st if you told me that was going to be his line same thing for Arenado, harper, and same thing for judge. I get the appeal of sb but give me 38/100/100 floor with 50/120/120 upside I still think I would take Arenado 3 over lindor and jo ram call me crazy. not sure yet
  19. Bryant? yikes no judge? Stanton and judge> bregman