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  1. agree... he is what julio should be (julio should actually be better with his speed)
  2. Bills coach Sean McDermott said LeSean McCoy will practice Thursday but remains in the concussion protocol. Advice: While he remains in the protocol, a practice this early in the week great sign for McCoy's availability on Monday night. Barring any setbacks, he should be cleared ahead of Monday night's game against the Patriots.
  3. yea mahome is #1 qb and he gets on avg weeks 35-40 pts last 2 games 45+pts Rodgers last couple weeks 45pts dak on good weeks is 25+pts (one weeks high of 35 pts) hill on his 2 big weeks is at 42 and 48 pts couple 20 pt weeks and a couple 12-15 pt weeks so the numbers suggest I should do it but I agree its not ideal to put on my eggs in one basket on Rodgers incase he gets inj. what about if it was for mahomes or brees?
  4. 12 team 1 pt ppr 2 qb 3wr 2rb flex teams really good and looking to make a move to really put me over. scoring favors qbs . give hill and dak get rodgers 6 pt pass td bonus pts for 40 yd pass rush and rec tds (2 pts) 0.1 per completion (every 30 completions is 3 extra pts.) 1 pt at 300 yds, 3 pts at 350 yds, 5 pts at 400 yds bonus pts for rush/rec are same for 100/150/200 yds can I win the whole thing with Winston and dak as my 2 qbs (im 6-1) qb dak qb winston wr tyrek hill wr ty hilton wr tate rb barkley rb cmc te kelce flex gordon bench- edelmen, eckler, alf Morris, barber, ro jones
  5. any news if he has a chance to play this week?
  6. doesn't really matter as you are getting value where you likely drafted him (outside top 60 in competitive league) hes shown he can produce while avging 26 min post AS breal with 15/11 2.6 stocks now if he doesn't get 25 min then I will be pissed
  7. gobert finished 30th last year 3+ blks/steals and 11 reb 62%fg 19th 2 years ago. 14pts 13 reb 65% fg and 3+ blks/steals if allen hits any of those I would be surprised and I like/own allen
  8. yes. and you need to send them out today as the bye week for them Is next week so if it is minor then ecklet trade value returns to little. (offered eckler and dt for Hilton and eckler and dak for brady in 2 qb league) I think that would be the best approach to get an upgrade somewhere. could the hammy inj be more serious and eckler gains trade value? sure but for the price eckler costed if you can get a nice upgrade now I would take it
  9. nothing has changed. everyone knew he was healthy when they drafted the question is will he stay healthy? that inj risk/history still bumps him down to late 1st for me. as a kawhi owner I think I would flip him for dipo or pg13 if I had the chance (both went before kawhi/pick 12)
  10. good glue guy that isn't going to hurt you anywhere. hes my starting pg in one of my punt ft teams
  11. it seems impossible for embid to finish higher than kat because of the t/o and %'s (embids % aren't bad but no where near KAT)
  12. yea I see that. I guess it was just a glitch or something. maybe it was because it was right at midnight but it was after the deadline as other players that were on waivers were free to pick up. o well I got lucky (maybe burning 5th waiver on len as Collins owner, we will see) I can still put a claim in (plus sign is green) on a player that comes off waivers on the 17th so it still works in basketball not sure if you can see this on isaih thomas
  13. westbrook had 31 games with 6 or more t/o also if you are playing against a punt t/o team with westbrook and you have a semi high t/o team you will still win t/o vs the harden/rw owners while you have high t/o players.
  14. no you don't get it you can still have a solid team in counting stats while not punting t/o. you are forced to punt t/o with rw. you aren't forced to punt t/o with every other 1st rder that isn't lbj, harden, or rw
  15. huge difference between 4.5-5 t/o and 3 t/o which almost every other other 1st rders avg not named LeBron, rw, harden so no you will not stifle counting stats
  16. any chance he could be a 20 pt scorer this year? what is he projected to score?
  17. so on yahoo I was waiting for players to clear waivers at midnight tonight and was planning on getting len but on yahoo if someone uses a waiver then it says the date when that that player clears still (kinda like its still processing). so you can see which players people used their waivers on. so I saw someone was using a waiver on len so I went to add len and use my waiver (after midnight) and I got len with a higher waiver priority. is this just a glitch or can you do this all the time? no point of using a waiver on a player if you can wait to see if someone else uses a waiver on that player then if you really want that player you can then use your waiver