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  1. hell no if you want to move a top 3 pick this year you need a 1st and 2nd rd pick for ur 1st and probably 5- or 6th. (couple picks apart so would look better offering up 5th rder)
  2. 12 team 1 pt ppr owner looking to move Rodgers as he has Watson and he also has ertz and henry so looking to swoop on henry (like him a lot with no gates) think Jacobs in for solid year but value wise this deal makes sense? give cousins, d jax, Jacobs, cohen get Rodgers, henry, lindsey, landry (he also have duke who I do like but feel lindsey holds more value right now and I would be looking to trade whoever I get between lindseu and duke my team qb dak wr nuk wr watkins rb barkley rb jacobs te andrews flex white bench- cohen, ap, Sutton, moncrief, gallup, d jax, Humphries, cousins
  3. ill take the elusive, shifty, patient rb over the fast rb that runs right into the back of his oline or that tries to bounce everything outside. have no idea if singletary will be good but the measurables don't mean a lot to me. opportunity is the #1 thing I look at with late dart throws
  4. terrible trade. like the team as is. since you are playing from behind missing picks you need to land Gordon, and white to be a ppr machine again. those lotto tickets are necessary for ur success/team
  5. yes odb is the odd man out. and if you can get anything for him take it. cmc, Kelce, and Kamara are locks
  6. its alright and you set out to achieve what you wanted in that 2-4 rd players with decent balance/depth looks iike you overpaid a bit but doesn't matter much if the end result is 3 solid rbs and 3 solid wrs (like allen and moncrief as well)
  7. Thomas fournette 4 Kamara and kupp might get lucky. (doesn't solve ur rb depth problem but its a good trade for you and you still have crap load wr to make another deal) thomas fournette lockett 4 theilan and cmc Thomas and julio 4 barkley and evans might have to add in a sweetner (this team has no rb depth so you wont be able to get a rb from him) hard to say not knowing if its ppr or how many teams
  8. no chance. if you move ingram in a deal move him 1 for 1 for equal value wr ur teams stacked as is maybe not ideal balance between wr and rb but the talent and value you have is great. don't force a bad deal. its a long season don't force it
  9. anytimes ur 7 deep at wr/rb with top 50-60 players its a solid draft got good shares of Jackson, goff, and Andrews
  10. id probably drop Winston unless you are planning on packaging ryan in a deal and rolling with Winston. this is coming from someone who likes to roster 2 qbs in 1 qb leagues just not a fan of doing it with such a solid qb like ryan
  11. makes no sense to me why you would waste ur 1st rd pick on keeper/barkley you can use that 1st rd pick on a 1st rder and then also get 2-3rd rder (aaron jones) with a 3-4 rd discount. assuming this is a one keeper league? who do you think will be there at 7?
  12. 12 team 1 pt ppr auction a lot of over priced mid/lower tier wr so I scrapped it and took cohen instead of overpaying and just went all wildcards for my wr2. with my top heavy team can I roll my wrs? or should I try and move Jacobs and a wr like d jax/concrief/Sutton 4 theilan and roll with cohen as my rb3 with little/no depth? qb dak wr nuk wr watkins rb barkley rb white te andrews flex jacobs bench- cohen, ap, moncrief, Sutton, d jax, gallup, Humphries, cousins
  13. getting shades of correa situation 2 years ago when correa came back from inj and carried fantasy teams (h2h) to the ship.
  14. 12 team auction 1 pt ppr didn't realize how risky and inj prone my team is. you like this team as is or should I look to improve my floor? move cook or dj for stud wr and move cooper or kupp for a rb2? qb dak qb goff wr cooper wr kupp rb dj rb cook te andrews flex d montgomery flex landry bench- josh Gordon, penny, haskins, DT (IR), olson, dion lewis, ito smith
  15. see no reason for them to waste a 90-100 pitch outing in AAA
  16. feel like this is either going to be a gem or a huge blowup. (usually the case with wheeler) been bad last 2 starts 4 ks 10 inn (both away atleast hes home tonight vs ATL )
  17. his consistency and health bumps him up even more imo even though you wont have to pay extra for it. think fox takes another step forward as well which is only good news for buddy
  18. man I feel sorry for those that drafted and dropped thinking they had luke weaver 2.0
  19. robles per plate appearance avg. - 0.033 hrs, 0.041 sb, 0.112 rbi, 0.147 runs 757 ops player A per plate appearance avg - 0.030 hrs, 0.030 sb, 0.1368 rbi, 0.128 runs 776 ops (2nd in ROY)
  20. his stocks will be fine that wouldn't be something that would deter me from drafting him. check his month to month splits on his stocks and his min played. stocks weren't there at the end of the season when he was taking on more on offense but he has the ability to get solid stocks. now if you want to fade him for other reasons then that's fair
  21. don't think keeping hiura down is the reason they wont make playoffs.
  22. didn't he return top 15 value on min for those 22 games?
  23. a more athletic and better Julius randle. sign me up