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  1. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h give riley, mancini, ray get judge and domingo santana offered riley and ray/hill and he countered adding domingo santana for mancini my team c 1b voit 2b profar 3b vlad ss lindor of trout of hoskins of mancini util trea util riley bench- robles, seager, castellanos sp- Kershaw, ryu, maeda, hill, bum, ray, stram, lucehesi, kikuchi Porcello peacock, matz
  2. altuve and branley for Mookie or trout might be something I would look at it since the replacement value is decent in your league. im not a fan of altuve so if you can cash in on his name value I would do that trade.
  3. that's tough I like most. I would wait a bit and then sell off whatever gets you the best bats. smith giolito and glasnow would be the first group I would try to move (don't think you will get fair value for inj glasnow) I like snell and walker over berrios. berrios wore down last year so that's something else to take into account. his last few starts have been bad if I remember
  4. this guy a hold? looks like hes got mil next start
  5. none are good options. im streaming canning and own folty so that would be my answer. if mia lipez was home I would stream him but hes not. miley might be ok stream the way hes been pitching overall
  6. if hes healthy he will be one of the top players on the most winning teams this year. a must have for 1 catcher standard 12 teamers
  7. id aim high than bum. I do like bum as I traded meadows for bum in 2 leagues. if that's the best you can get then it makes sense with your roster and depth (Chavis, Donaldson conforto, didi ect)
  8. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h always looking to trade up and get the big name. works most of the time give gleyber and riley get baez understand gleyber has done most of his damage vs bal but I still like him and think he will continue to get better. abs looked great vs tb before going bonkers on bal riley looks like legit power threat baez cant keep up the avg imo and hes not going to swipe 20 bags (was awful 2nd half last year 3 sb vs 7 cs) hes no where near a 1st rder imo I do have the depth c ramos 1b voit 2b gleyber 3b donaldson ss correa of mookie of acuna of senzel util riley util eloy bench- buxton, carlos santana, votto, braun, alvarez
  9. id pass. I doubled down on jo ram and trade for him (gave deGrom got jo ram and maeda) but im stubborn. I still refuse to believe he is this bad after what he did the past 3 years
  10. I passed on streaming him today. I did check his numbers/splits ect
  11. 10 teamer there might be something better. looking at ur team I would pass (hiura wouldn't play at all and I don't think you can sit jo ram) also, judge and tatis are going to be back soon/eventually as well so you will have to drop some people (Leclerc and marwin look like easy drops when the time comes.)
  12. keep what you got. I don't think ozuna and harper will have that different of year end totals. you need kikuchi atleast until clevinger is back (I wouldn't move ozuna and kikuchi for harper) you need to fill that 3b hole (I do like all the power speed guys you own so he kinda fits if myers ever picks it up
  13. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h have big hole at 2b and don't like any 2b outside moose and gleyber (mondesi and baez are close to untouchable) want to keep riley, seager, and robles (need that 4th guy on my team to get sb) that leaves mancini and a sp for gleyber (have good sp depth) what sp and mancini should get me gleyber? (he has good 2b/ss depth) I am ok offering mancini and stram/ray/peacock. should I still do it if I have to offer hill/Porcello/kikuchi (I like kikuchi a lot) my staff keshaw, ryu, maeda, hill, bum, ray, stram, lucchesi, matz, Porcello, kikuchi, peacock
  14. buy low. thank me later. season still not even 30% complete. would gladly trade any prospect (would probably still move vlad for Stanton depending on my team) or over performing top 50 player
  15. id go walker. usually would say the bat but ozuna ops is nothing special outside 1 year. and hes a good amount older
  16. not a lot of PT for him if sano and nelly come back
  17. accepted kenley 1 for 1 now trying to move chapman colome alex Gordon 4 Stanton and kikuchi. then just punt saves. think my lineup will be stacked with jt real and stanton
  18. worth a shot but as a soto and robles owner its still not close.
  19. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h give a chapman or kenley, or colome get jt real (owner has jt real and grandal) teams good and playing good but catcher is my only weakness. like have 3 elite closers and decent sp and really manage week to week vs my oppenents with my sp/rp as is c 1b hoskins 2b jo ram 3b arenado ss lindor of yelich of ozuna of senzel util alex gordon util riley bench- castellanos, alverez, j up sp buehler, flaherty, maeda, Porcello, folty, yu, montas, Heaney, Edwardo, stream/waino rp keenly, chapman, colome
  20. soto and its really not close for me. and I like robles
  21. pts league how close is total pts goldy vs harper? makes sense because you got voit and Alonso so with goldy that's 3 must start 1b.
  22. yes got plenty of arms gary is huge upgrade at catcher and Iglesias looks fine and has solid track record
  23. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h love Arenado but vlads upside is appealing can I count on mancini/robles/riley/castellanos to fill my of2. and of. 3 spots? my team c 1b voit 2b profar 3b vlad ss lindor of trout of hoskins of mancini util trea util riley bench- seager, robles, castellanos
  24. team looks fine to me. acuna, soto and nola will pick it up
  25. that's tought because I value robles highly. id give nola one more start and see if he figured it out.