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  1. running sprints. should be back by next weekend
  2. yes. lets say that acuna and bregman are = in rbis runs hrs and avg. (acuna has much more power and a higher avg threat imo) the difference in 20+sb is huge value wise. imagine giving khris davis, abreau, edwin 20 sb. they go from good/great players to elite 1st rd options
  3. acuna and bregman aren't close in dynasty/keeper
  4. jo ram that's a good gamble as robles isn't a starter for you and probably didn't cost you a high draft pick so if you can land a 1st rd player ROS or even just a top 50 player ROS you make a nice profit
  5. I wouldn't. acuna is bregman with 30 sb upside and more upside in general. I might entertain bregman soto and a sp upgrade for Chavis acuna and a sp maybe jo ram and Chavis/brantly for Bellinger (if moose can play 2b) not sure how valuable depth is in your 20 teamer as your team looks pretty deep
  6. this would probably be the worst time to bring him up if they were trying to limit the pressure and keep him from pressing with altuve, springer, correa out
  7. give Stanton and jt real get bellinger he owns Christian Vasquez would adding him in make a difference? im think its a pass as I have no other catcher and nothing on the wire no garver no nothing. so in theory I would be losing something like 20 bombs 7 sb 90/90 .275 avg from my catcher position. I don't think Bellinger will outproduce Stanton by those numbers im trying to trade for gary sanchez but this seems unlikely
  8. so he got away with peds for 2-3 years? peds don't add up
  9. ha looks like alvarez has done enough to show hes ready. there is no magical timetable or stat line that can guarantee he can hit in mlb. only way to find out is to bring him up edit- nice one @SpecialFNK
  10. ha really? u don't say. still isn't a top 15 ss option just look at ss rankings. only player you could make a case for dejong over that is currently ranked above dejong is marte and escobar. everyone else is clearly ahead of dejong. then add in machado, lindor, trea, correa, that clearly puts him outside the top 12 ss and that's not even factoring in players like Polanco, escobar, marte, tatis, jean, villar elvis id probbably take seager over dejong and im not even that high on seager (hes heating up and his runs and rbis are comparable with the trash start) ill go out on a limb and say that seager beats dejong in runs rbis and hrs. (if both are healthy)
  11. that's why he was a sell high (if anyone was lucky enough) but that still doesn't take away from him being a fringe ss1 in standard 12 teamers. using yahoo eligibility I could easily name 15 better options that are ss eligible before dejong. (behind him are players like Polanco, elvis, correa, machado, and maybe even jean/villar if you need sb) edit- forgot lindor, trea turner, and maybe tatis
  12. saw this coming. not even a ss1 in 12 teamers ROS #10 ss just ahead of correa and elvis
  13. got domingo as a throw in, in a trade. hes fringe top 50 overall on the year and does offer 5 cat production. whats his value right now? look like hes heating up got tex laa series coming up. sea offense top 5 in runs scored but that's skewed with that hot start.
  14. A- acuna and yelich close. would much rather have Eloy and seager over albies and Alonso. luis urias and lux are close
  15. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h teams doing well even with Stanton not playing so I can wait for him to come back but looking to get another top 5 player to go along with areando and yelich give Stanton and pete Alonso get Bellinger and hamels (still do it without hamels?) c jt real 1b voit 2b profar 3b arenado ss mondesi of yelich of pham of robles util p alonso util kepler bench- Stanton, buxton, alvarez,
  16. good streaming option next Friday according to rotoworld.
  17. 0-12 vs lopez. will be a nice to see him keep up the hot hitting
  18. if it was a real calf stain or something serious NYY would not have given an update or 7-10 day time table. sore/tight calf from getting hit. nothing more that is my guess after all the silence on his bicep and shoulder inj
  19. Gibson been decent but think I would switch him with Heaney depending on gibsons next start tomorrow
  20. jo ram is in my lineup. has good numbers vs snell (4-12 with a bomb)
  21. do I dare say sit? 1-12 vs snell. numbers vs lhp this year aren't good (sample size) but for his career hes solid from the right side of the plate maybe just waiting for the "start your studs" line
  22. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h give riley, mancini, ray get judge and domingo santana offered riley and ray/hill and he countered adding domingo santana for mancini my team c 1b voit 2b profar 3b vlad ss lindor of trout of hoskins of mancini util trea util riley bench- robles, seager, castellanos sp- Kershaw, ryu, maeda, hill, bum, ray, stram, lucehesi, kikuchi Porcello peacock, matz
  23. altuve and branley for Mookie or trout might be something I would look at it since the replacement value is decent in your league. im not a fan of altuve so if you can cash in on his name value I would do that trade.
  24. that's tough I like most. I would wait a bit and then sell off whatever gets you the best bats. smith giolito and glasnow would be the first group I would try to move (don't think you will get fair value for inj glasnow) I like snell and walker over berrios. berrios wore down last year so that's something else to take into account. his last few starts have been bad if I remember