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  1. This kid is going to be a superstar
  2. Looks like he’s back after last years fluke season (at least at the plate anyway) ... 40 home runs this year
  3. I wonder where he ranks amongst the worst players of all time? I’d assume he’s up there based on the amount of playing time/stats he’s produced
  4. Sale reminds me of Tim Linececum. An elite skinny lefty who completely fell off a cliff once he started compiling some miles on his arm
  5. And he’s never lasted a full season, now he’s older and has a lot on miles on his arm. I think we’ve seen peak Chris Sale already
  6. He’s too frail and skinny his arm isnt going to last, Red Sox just gave out a bad contract in my biased opinion
  7. Great game from this kid today, unfortunately they wouldn’t let him get one more out after just giving up a single and the bullpen promptly blows the game. However he looked very dominant and should be in for a great year
  8. Hampson on bench for opening day
  9. Batting 9th isn’t a big deal, when the yanks first brought up Judge he was batting 8th. Give Robles time to shine and he’ll be hitting near the top of the order in no time
  10. Starting first baseman on opening day just like I said and everyone laughed at me. Time for Birdman to rake
  11. You guys all get a good laugh now but watch it’s going to be Bird. Cashman loves him and is not ready to give up on him
  12. People are starting to speculate it’s going to be Bird to win the job and be the Yanks everyday first baseman. With that sweet lefty swing born for Yankee stadium, will this be the year he FINALLY puts in all together and has a big year?