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  1. Disappointing start to the season for him
  2. Hey I just made the prediction of 100 catches, never said anything about yards lol
  3. 14 catches week 1... he’ll have 100
  4. Can I get my 3rd round pick that I wasted on this guy back?
  5. Bell is a beast coming off a year of rest. He’s going to have a monster season. People saying draft Jacobs, or Carson (who doesn’t catch the ball) over him are insane. Bell will be a fantasy monster once again this year
  6. Giants have one of the worst defenses in the league, expect a bit game from Pollard Week 1
  7. Any running back behind that line is an auto start in fantasy
  8. Chargers like Ekeler better, Jackson will be the backup
  9. He’s going to be this years James Conner
  10. I got the Bell/Cooks side. I think both guys are bound for a big season and Adams not gonna repeat last years totals
  11. Which side would you rather have in a PPR bell and cooks Adams and Carson