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  1. Phillip Lindsay 2018 Outlook

    I don’t trust anyone on the Denver offense, it’s basically a 3 headed monster. The coaches need to be dumped and totally retool their thinking. IMO Freeman needs to be the early down back and Lindsay the third down back but currently it’s completely all over the map. I don’t think any of the RBs have any value as it sits right now
  2. Damnit, it’s sprinkling!! There goes my Directv. Who won?
  3. Aren’t the Broncos a CFL team?
  4. I don’t care who wins, goodnight! 😂
  5. He even hands off awesome!!!
  6. How many times can I throw up in my mouth? Why don’t we just crown Mahomes with the MVP already! I mean really? If I hear another “Kid Wonder” or “Showtime Mahomes” I’m going to jump out the windoew.
  7. I’m bouncing every Bronco. This team is pathetic and against the worst Defense at home, I’m like holy crap.
  8. Wtf was Booker in during the last 2 minutes?
  9. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    All gone!! I’m not touching any Broncos RoS. This team is pathetic.
  10. Victor Robles 2018 Outlook

    Well since my post was on September 17th and that game you’re referring to was on September 26th technically there’s no way I could’ve missed it prior to my question.
  11. Matt Breida 2018 Outlook

    Babba Booey
  12. Chris Carson 2018 Outlook

    Giggety Giggety Goo
  13. Antonio Callaway 2018 Outlook

    Fail x 2
  14. Phillip Lindsay 2018 Outlook

    Nobody cares here, take it to the Assistant Coach Forum!!!