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  1. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    IMO if Williams gets the starting job in KC he’s top 7 at least and I don’t even see his name mentioned yet by anyone.
  2. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

  3. C.J. Anderson 2019 Outlook

    Maybe but they didn’t need him.
  4. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    LEAGUE WINNER 2019-2021
  5. C.J. Anderson 2019 Outlook

    Its not like hopped off the couch and rattled off those 100 yard games all by himself. The Rams was the perfect team and situation for that to happen. It wouldn’t have happened with anyone else at this point in this season and if it wasn’t for the Rams there wouldn’t even be a “C.J. Anderson 2019 Outlook” thread.
  6. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    Pure speculation on your part only
  7. C.J. Anderson 2019 Outlook

    I think where he’s at he’s most likely looking for the highest guaranteed money he can get and that won’t be as a backup with the Rams. There’s more than a handful of teams in dire need of a starting RB and he’s shown in the past that he’s capable of carrying in the load. Although he will need to lose weight and get into better looking shape, he’s just really fortunate right now to be running behind one of the best offensive lines in football. This could’ve been why he’s been cut so many times this season because without an elite O-Line he’s unable to create his own running lanes. Wish him well but unless he gets into better football shape the odds are looking more like he’ll be working in a car wash next fall.
  8. C.J. Anderson 2018 Outlook

    Wonder where he lands next season after he’s cut after the post season
  9. Those days are even gone now, I bring my iPhone or iPad along for the ride now.
  10. Nick Chubb 2019 Outlook

    Agree with all the above players listed... currently on the fence with keeping DJ over Chubb but obviously the off season hires are going to sway me either way.
  11. Josh Allen 2018 Outlook

    Have to agree. Few weeks ago was all in on L. Jackson but watching these last several games I’m thinking Josh has surpassed him in fantasy anyways.
  12. Josh Allen 2018 Outlook

  13. Spencer Ware 2018 Outlook

    Healthy Scratch
  14. Damien Williams 2018 Outlook

  15. Damien Williams 2018 Outlook

    I’m pretty sure Kareem Hunt and Doug Martin are twins.