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  1. Possibly, but I was talking about snaps. All 3 were rotated in pretty regularly in the 1st half, seemed that way anyway (maybe my eyes were lying to me).
  2. I watched up until halftime and saw much more of Mostart then I would have liked. Don't have any data though, just watching the game and keeping tabs on Coleman and brieda
  3. Dropping like a bag of cinder blocks.
  4. Mostert was much more involved than I'd care for. The split with Brieda isn't going anywhere, but all 3 seems to be splitting time for a while there late 1st through halftime at least. Hopefully shanahan didn't want to get TC too many reps his first week back.
  5. My concern is is the connection Darnold had with Crowder. Tiny sample of course, but maybe he takes the under pressure dump offs. Also Bell. Neither of these guys were Jets last year.
  6. Yes. AB was healthy and in game shape. The 2 situations are completely different. Far too many times guys have missed significant time and then be eased back into action or even used as decoys. Greens time missed is very significant. To each his own.
  7. The Jets are currently #8 vs the run and #28 vs the pass. I'm firing him up.
  8. Because it'll be a calendar year or close to it since he's been on the field.
  9. If you're a Fournette or dalvin cook owner, carrying the handcuff is not optional. Playing with fire if you don't
  10. ...and I was laughing at people that drafted Kareem Hunt.
  11. I avoid Thursday night games if I can. Though some fantasy podcasts have pointed out that rbs usually play well
  12. Yep this guy is dropsville. I'm eyeing Vernon Davis myself, and Chris Herndon comes back week 5(as does Darnold)
  13. If they split him out wide while another rb is also on the field, then you're definitely onto something. I saw a bit of that yesterday
  14. Probability based on what? I acknowledged an injury would give him more value. But that's the case in just about any backfield. Do you have anything else to add, or just a condescending tone without any logic or data behind it?