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  1. Agreed, they should just make anyone who plays their rookie season at age 24 or later ineligible for the Hall right away.
  2. So I never said he is a lock for the Hall of Fame since he definitely has quite a bit of career to go but unless he is on steroids or plays his home games at Coors, Joey Votto is pretty much the definition of a legendary hitter. Which is why I said "Hall of Fame level"
  3. Everybody slumps and I'm not saying Votto has never had a bad half but I generally don't bet against completely healthy Hall of Fame level players. The best approach in my experience is to try and take out personal optimism/pessimism and just look at player history and health. Predicting month long slumps is something only a complete pessimist would do in this case.
  4. I'm not worried about the recent slump and not expecting the torrid start to reoccur. Here on out I more or less just expect the .280/.350/.475 that is the average not injured Ryan Zimmerman. In that lineup just playing to his career averages is money in the bank for his draft price.
  5. He has always been a pretty good hitter against righties, his value there has been long overlooked. I remember drafting him a couple years ago in hopes that the Brewers would implement him properly but their unwillingness to bench him against lefties really dragged down his overall value and they eventually gave up on him. 272 PA is not an insignificant sample size and it's every year too. He has shown zero improvement against LHP. Just like some great pitchers can't start and end up as studs in specialized roles, some hitters are just really good platoon players. The problem comes in when compensation is the issue. No team wants to pay 3/4 all star salary for a player who only starts 3/4 of the time. So the "full-time" label becomes a big deal, which is unfortunate for both the player and effectiveness of the teams management.
  6. Well I don't know about you but .190/.238/.274 is a bad enough showing to make me think improvement is futile. Might as well put someone in who shows even a little bit of effectiveness vs LHP
  7. Gennett is definitely the best option at 2B for the team and after Cozart gets traded he will probably be sitting far less. That said he still needs to be platooned vs lefties.
  8. Bad luck? It happens. A long track record should usually be trusted. Is there is some sort of underlying peripheral that indicates something is wrong I'm all ears. I haven't watched him pitch all that much this year so I can't really say I have a super strong opinion on how he looks compared to last season.
  9. My guess would be his career numbers, pitcher friendly park and lack of injury.
  10. As long as no one is on base for Harper it might be ok. He completely owns Teheran. It's at the point where I wonder why they just don't automatically IBB every time when Julio's on the mound.
  11. I wouldn't jump to conclusions on that. He has clearly been dealing with nagging injuries all season and although this is his age 34 season we should never forget back in 2009 with everyone thought Big Papi in his age 33 season had fallen off the cliff. This might just be the year that makes him a great value in next years draft.
  12. To be fair he is facing the heart of a great offense. But yeah, not looking too amazing out there.
  13. Yeah I am getting this in one custom roto league I am in. My public leagues seem to be working just fine.
  14. Yahoo has suspended paid fantasy contests in Indiana due to legislation requiring a license to operate in the state. Contests already registered and already underway will be allowed to finish. Hopefully Yahoo will deem their profits vs the cost of license to be worth paying up. I always enter in a couple public leagues but the money leagues are the only ones that promise actual roto competition the entire season. I really don't want to start using another site to find public leagues next year. Screw you Indiana.
  15. Statistics and player value algorithms? Just more FAKE NEWS.