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  1. I imagine there will still be a home plate umpire, I think the only difference would be that he is told whether the pitch was a ball or strike. He would still occupy the same space and signal the outcomes.
  2. There have been plenty of players who adopted weird batting stances to minimize the strike zone and umpires definitely went along with those "shenanigans". I mean maybe setting the high low parameters would be part of the home plate umps job in the automated zone era. Once the hitter is in his stance as determined by the ump he hits a clicker each pitch and the tracking technology establishes the zone at the moment. I don't think the tech is there yet but once it is I don't see a problem with using computers that have been proven to be accurate. As for the "Everyone trusts the Fox-trax" thing, I agree that a casual fan probably does but not anyone who is a hardcore baseball fan or a part of making these decisions. Basically it seems to me that unless a mathematician, physicist, engineer computer programmer comes in here spewing a massive amounts of data-mining research, algorithms and equations to prove the accuracy of the system you can't be swayed. Ironically unless you are yourself a multiple PhD holding scientist all the math would probably go way over your head anyway. I certainly know I wouldn't understand the deep math and science but I do understand that when I do trust a computerized tracking system it's not the machine I am trusting it is all the intense science done by the humans that designed it. Science denial at it's finest.
  3. Dustin Pedroia 2017 Outlook

    Just seems to have broken his nose by hitting ball of the plate in to his own face. Poor guy just can't get a break.
  4. Seriously, Siri and Alexa are going to be the end of us all.
  5. The stance and height of the hitter definitely has to be taken in to consideration but I don't see any reason the tracking system can't be programmed to make that happen.
  6. Yeah sorry double that for both teams totals. 5 minutes, God forbid.
  7. There is an average of 146 pitches in a baseball game. I don't think any significant number of people are going to notice a game running two minutes longer...
  8. Why? If they gave the home plate umpire an ear piece, how would you even know?
  9. This is pretty much all I need to see to make my decision about the role of the home plate umpire.
  10. The game is played by the players... Not meaning to get super deep or anything but human beings are biological, sentient robots basically. Umpires are there to help with pace of the game and to allow spectators to follow events within the game, not decide what is and what is not a strike.
  11. Yeah, there is no legitimate objection to a refined robo ump system, so long as the science of the tracking is proven to be 99.5 percent correct. You can still have a home plate umpire, he makes some judgement calls on check swings, tag plays at the plate and relays the balls and strikes calls as he is fed through an ear piece. Seems simple enough to me. There is virtually no difference and no one would even be able to tell. It seems pretty silly to consider officials as variables. In this day and age the role of an umpire is to be a convenience to the fans, not a part of the game.
  12. Albert Pujols 2017 Outlook

    Have teams been using special shifts against Pujols lately? The Stros are playing a deep left side shift against Albert. Correa just threw him out on a ground ball from shallow left field pop up territory. First time I can recall ever seeing that and holy hell is it sad. Poor guy only has 35 XBH this season. I really hope he decides to retire soon but there's no way he gives up so close to 3000 hits and 2000 rbi even if it drops him below a .300 career avg.
  13. Rhys Hoskins 2017 Outlook

    So let's say he keeps this up and hits another 6 or 7 HR in the last couple weeks, where is he going in drafts next year?
  14. Luke Weaver 2017 Outlook

    It's pretty shocking. Too bad the Cards didn't call him up much earlier in the season. They'd probably have that wild card locked down. Super jealous I did 't get this guy on in my keeper league
  15. Max Scherzer 2017 Outlook

    Just walked the last two batters to load the bases with no outs @ 115 pitches... Time for the dice!