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  1. Joey Votto 2018 Outlook

    Did you read the end of my post? I said that I think "Votto is elite in standard roto, slightly less valuable in H2H and a god in OBP/OPS leagues." This is the Votto 2018 thread and I'm sorry that I can't predict the next 5 years of Joey Votto's health, I'm not a freaking wizard. My opinion? If he is healthy he will be great, but none of us are future tellers or his personal physician so where is the discussion?
  2. Joey Votto 2018 Outlook

    Haha, looking back at the 2017 thread... At least last year he waited til March 31 for "Any other Votto owners panicking a bit? He just had his worst Spring ever, by far, and in the offseason said he was much more focused on defense (not hitting) unlike in years past. I am worried." Fast forward to April 11: "What the hell is going on this year? Votto is swinging at everything he sees" and 5 other similar play by play calls when he had a few bad games messing with mechanics over the next couple days. Votto then plays like a stone cold stud and he didn't say a word for like 6 weeks til JV had a couple bad games so it's right back to the boards on May 28 to chip in that he's "really struggling now". Once he goes back to crushing all the posts are about how 34 is old and compiling numbers is the only way to prove a player is Hall worthy. No comments about him being an AMAZING fantasy asset... He has a bad week in July and it's right back to "This clown has no idea what he's doing up at the dish right now." followed by another period of Joey taking the league by storm til a couple bad games in August and he give the sage advice that "If your trade deadline hasn't passed, I would at least consider dealing." and one last jab about how "ice cold" he is before disappearing the rest of the season while Joey had a great final month. I just don't get it DoTheRoar... why do you hate Joey Votto so much? Did he do something to personally offend you? Does he need to put up Bondsian numbers to meet your expectations? If you don't like that he has cold stretches and you think he is a H2H liability why not just come out and say that? No one is going to strongly disagree and you can just stop wasting your time talking trash about an amazing player. The bottom line is that Votto is elite in standard roto, slightly less valuable in H2H and a god in OBP/OPS leagues. What more is there to say?
  3. Randal Grichuk 2018 Outlook

    Didn't the Cards dump Rasmus on the Jays and he never amounted to much aside from a couple hot streaks and long cold streaks? They seem like basically the same player to me, useful but limited with major down sides. I'm not a big fan of this one mainly because I want Alford up and full time as soon as possible but I can't say I have ever been too optimistic about Grichuk, just too aggressive at the plates for my taste.
  4. Robert Stephenson 2018 Outlook

    Eh, Finnegan has proven time and again he doesn’t have the durability to stick to starting and I don’t see Mahle’s stuff working all that well at the major league level unless he finds a way to channel his inner Kyle Hendricks. It’s tough to be a pinpoint control guy that calls GABP home.
  5. Jesse Winker 2018 Outlook

    I really like him hitting in the 2 hole. Although he does struggle against lefties I don't think he's doomed to platoon, he's still young enough to figure out improvement on that front. Pretty much Shin-Soo Choo without the steals and that worked out extremely well for the Reds back in 2013. Could very well be Robin to Votto's Batman for the next few year. I think 280/370/450 is reasonable with a possibility of 290+ if he can figure out lefties a bit. RBI will of course be pretty scarce if the Reds keep B-Ham but with Votto right behind him and a combo of Suarez/Duvall/Schebler in the 4/5 I could see 90+ runs. For fantasy purposes I think a good late round OF 4/5 and maybe I'd say OF 3 in an OBP league.
  6. Robert Stephenson 2018 Outlook

    He reminds me a lot of Tony Cingrani. Sure he can put together a few good starts and has solid strikeout potential but in the end he has too many hiccups and control problems as a starter in a hitters park. I feel like he could probably be a 4th or 5th guy on a rotation in a pitchers park but eventually he'll probably just be converted in to a high end set up man. I have followed Bob Steve pretty closely throughout his career and even squeezed him in to a deal a few years ago in my dynasty league but my high hopes are starting to dim. I hope I'm wrong.
  7. The Worst Franchise in Baseball

    Yeah 2 ships in 20 years isn't nearly as depressing as the Browns big picture tale of misery but they are definitely looking at a pretty loooong, sad rebuild and don't even have any real blue chip pieces in the farm. Not a single top 100 prospect is pretty scary. I mean, shouldn't we consider Seattle to be pretty terrible? As for naming the Reds that is pretty silly, while not run exceptionally well 3 playoff appearances in 4 years between 2010-2013 is better than a lot of teams over the last decade. The Bailey and Mesoroco signings were real short term albatrosses but the franchise isn't staring in to a pit of despair.
  8. Just need 2 more points from Drake. As a Buffalo D owner it looks like the most improbable difference maker if I lose will be Vinatieri kicking a 43 yard extra point in a blizzard.
  9. Morris and Trammell

    An occasional case of the Hall of Great guy getting in purely because of postseason immortality. I mean Mazeroski was a great fielder and all but certainly not a Hall of Famer in my mind. Pitching a 10 inning complete game shutout in game 7 is probably on par with hitting a game 7 WS winning HR.
  10. Needed 21 pts from him. Game over, man. Game over.
  11. 12-10-17 Gameday Thread Eagles @ Rams

    This game is the exact opposite of the Colts/Bills strugglefest. Good football this week.
  12. 12/10/17 Colts vs Bills Game Day Thread

    Yeah no way he stops at 100, just starting to get in the groove.
  13. LeSean McCoy 2017 Season Outlook Looks like McCoy all day long. Snow bowl 2.0
  14. Frank Gore 2017 Season Outlook

    Starting in FLEX. Tempering expectations but a solid floor with crummy weather combined with the Bills lacking a QB and shaky run defense makes for a pretty safe play with some upside in my opinion.
  15. 2017 Team Defense and Kicker thread

    I seem to remember Shady loves running in the snow. The Bills might not even need to pass the ball, so I think playing up the Peterman angle might be fools gold.