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  1. I know this feeling. I do one early draft team every year to try and get more sleeper guys before the spring hype trains arrive. Among my first 10 picks are Turner, Correa, Frazier JD-Mart, Lucroy and Maeda. Rolling around with the back half of my roster as my every day players and the only reason I'm not in dead last is Thames, Zimmerman and Moose.
  2. It's crazy how one half season of could leave such an impression. Five seasons later I still have this voice in the back of my mind saying "Remember when Chase Headley was a God? He could totally do it again!"
  3. Agreed. There was a lot of Winker doubt going on in the Schebler thread when people were talking him up as a sneaky fantasy power play. The guy had a wrist injury, it is completely understandable that his power would be sapped, but as long as he continues to hit for average and maintain an elite walk rate he will have plenty of fantasy value in that park if given play time. He's still young and the fundamentals are there, the power will come.
  4. You're definitely thinking of Miguel with that second round pick... I don't think anything has changed with Melky though. "Solid" is one way to describe him but another couple words I would use are "underwhelming" and "meh". 70-80 Runs, 70-80 RBI, 10-15 HR, .285 BA and a few steals. Not a bad OF4 but not winning any leagues.
  5. Any time people bring up Morgan's terrible announcing and complete inability to understand the usefulness of statistical analysis I have to go back and read some of the gems from the amazing but short lived blog Fire Joe Morgan ( Fun fact: Fire Joe Morgan was run by a few of the writers from Parks and Recreation and the reason the mock law firm on the show is baseball themed.
  6. There is just so much to love about Bronson Arroyo. Those terrible braids in Boston. The fact that the Reds got a solid inning eater for 8 years out of Wily Mo Pena. He's a sort of a sleaze but in a lovable sort of way. Here he is posing with a few of the lucky ladies that get to party on his yacht... which he named the Nasty Hook. Then there is the Rockette leg kick delivery. It's just so unique and dramatic that I don't really mind if he gets hit around like a red headed stepchild. He's just fun to watch pitch. Since the Reds are not competing this year I am all for this nostalgic roster decision. It's gonna be bittersweet when Bailey gets back and Bronson Arroyo will be no more.
  7. If he throws strikes he's great. Will he throw strikes consistently all season? Probably not. I think he will most likely improve from last year but expect a few very ineffective shellings mixed in with the good.
  8. I don't think Gennett will ever be full time starter material. I like him as a strong side platoon guy but he has been utterly pathetic vs LHP.
  9. It seems pretty simple to me. If you are a team with a 52 million payroll and commit a 15 million 3 year contract to a guy he is going to at least be given a shot as a full time player until he falls on his face (in real baseball games, not ST) and becomes an expensive bench bat. Good for Aguilar for playing well and earning a spot on the roster but the Brewers have an obligation to their fans to at least give a fair shot to the guys their tickets are paying for.
  10. He is doing just fine on prospect lists as far as fantasy concerns go. He doesn't rank very highly on non fantasy prospect lists because he is just a bad fielder, but that doesn't matter much when they stick you in LF at the Great American Bandbox and Billy Hamilton is to your left. He is still ranked 67 by MLB, 100 by FanGraphs (FanGraphs Fantasy "Mid 60's"), 48 on Baseball Prospectus Fantasy, 54 by CBS Fantasy, 39 by RotoWire Fantasy. So yeah the guys not gonna win any gold gloves but he can flat out rake. He doesn't need organizational political support. Offensively he basically profiles as Christian Yelich without the speed and a better walk rate. Time will tell with the power but before his wrist troubles he displayed 15 HR power at a very young age.
  11. Where has he fallen short? His SLG dropped following a wrist injury, shouldn't be an issue in the long run. Everything else has been aces.
  12. Schebler might be a decent source of power but I am inclined to believe he will either do well and get traded or fall flat and get benched. Winker is the future and he is looming. This is a team in rebuild, if another team needs a LH bat off the bench or Schebs starts peaking in value he is gone.
  13. Ugh, let's not start this one up again. He hired an escort, everything past that is conjecture. No charges filed, no police action taken. Hold it against his character that he is a sleazy alcoholic (as I am sure many ballplayers are) but let's not make a mountain of a molehill.
  14. I see no reason to believe he can't return to form but the main problem as far as I see is the location of his injury and the grinding physicality of his position. Tucker Barnhart is an excellent defensive catcher and proved to be a manageable bat last season. It reminds me a lot of the Reds catching situation back in 2010 where they had a less durable, better hitting guy in Ramon Hernandez and the light hitting, glove wiz in Ryan Hanigan. That platoon ended up with Hernandez starting 85 games behind the plate and Hanigan starting 58 and I could see something close to that happening. Health permitting I would predict something like a 3/2 split with Mesoraco getting AL park DH starts, so that is about 100 starts. I would definitely take the under on 110. If you don't mind rostering two catchers, go for it. I typically stick to AL guys or the few super durable NL ones.
  15. During the time that Billy Hamilton was not injured Peraza started predominantly at 2nd and 7th. Depending on his ST performance it should be one or the other. I would definitely put my money on the #2 spot based on his hitting .323 while at the top spots of the lineup last year. The Reds organization also just took a PR hit from the average fan that cares more about players visiting local little league games than the team saving 2 million dollars so they will want something tangible to justify "giving away" Phillips.