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  1. This is pretty much the ideal situation for the Reds as well. There's sure to be a playoff contender in need of SS help willing to pay up if Zack keeps on hitting like an all star on top of his always exemplary fielding.
  2. I thought pulling more was the sign of old age... Look at Pujols these days, he operates entirely on baseball IQ and pulling the ball since he no longer has a lower half.
  3. Where does he go once Forsythe is back? I am enjoying the production for now but don't expect it for long. He'll most likely be droppable once he is just filling in every third day.
  4. Don't get ahead of yourself. They might get another shot at being blown up tonight.
  5. Have a league where I didn't draft much pitching with the intent to do a good amount of streaming to supplement a few solid starters. Drafted Maeda, Sanchez, Paxton, Felix and Nola... As a Reds fan I was pretty hyped to have snagged Garrett early on, before he got demoted. Lucky enough to have drafted Bedrosian and Familia too. There is no God.
  6. I'm not sure if anything is ever gonna beat the pop up sac fly...
  7. No Zimmerman today I suppose even Gods need a little bit of rest. Guess I'll just have to slide Miggy out of his everyday Utility slot.
  8. Lucroy, Lucroy, Lucroy. Drafted high at C which I NEVER do just because I thought he'd DH/1B when not catching. So far garbage performance and garbage play time.
  9. It's a good sign that he has been getting hammered by the Yankees. I love the guy but sometimes he just doesn't have it.
  10. Last year he surrendered 5 or more runs in 6 of his 30 starts last year. He has some blow ups but in the end the numbers are there. Dropping would be unwise imo but I understand if you are in H2H and just don't want to deal with volatility but dropping in roto would be a terrible, terrible decision.
  11. Go ahead to 0:29 and have a good cry.
  12. It's always entertaining to watch a good pitcher do his thing but there were 36 CGSO last year. Sometimes good offenses go cold. I mean kudos to Tanaka for a game well pitched against a division rival but it's not like he did anything worth an explosion of comments.
  13. Didn't really expect much out of V-Mart this year but was sort of hoping he could be a decent bench guy to plug in here and there to cover rest days or postponements. Tigers scored 19 runs on 24 hits tonight and somehow Victor only nets 1-5 and a run out of the clean up spot. Bummer.
  14. I know this feeling. I do one early draft team every year to try and get more sleeper guys before the spring hype trains arrive. Among my first 10 picks are Turner, Correa, Frazier JD-Mart, Lucroy and Maeda. Rolling around with the back half of my roster as my every day players and the only reason I'm not in dead last is Thames, Zimmerman and Moose.
  15. It's crazy how one half season of could leave such an impression. Five seasons later I still have this voice in the back of my mind saying "Remember when Chase Headley was a God? He could totally do it again!"