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  1. OK Dwayne. Thanks anyway. I'll let your team auto draft, and either you can keep it or I'll find someone else to take it over.
  2. Me too. Looking for same thing. Please send invite to
  3. Will this be a slow draft? If so I would like an invite.
  4. Will gladly do $50, but again only if it is a slow draft. Too difficult for me to find 2-4 hours on any night to do a live draft. Please invite me if you will run a slow draft. Thank you very much.
  5. Very interested if it is a slow draft. Please email me.
  6. I'm looking to join new or established leagues that run slow drafts. With my schedule it's hard to find time to do a live draft or auction. So slow drafts are what I'm looking for. Dynasty/keeper/H2H/roto.......whatever. CBS/Yahoo/ESPN......whatever. If you're looking for a good owner please email me. I've been playing in and running leagues for over 30 years. I love still stuff!
  7. JrKelly, please clarify. Is this a draft or an auction? Is this a new league?