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  1. Sorry, I thought I was just going along with your joke about Mack owners complaining..... I will sit back and enjoy owning Wilkin's if he continues to perform well.
  2. Likely true. But as you know coaches love to play horrible RBs. So good chance he gets reps this week - due to terrible coaching.
  3. I'm hoping for a big game from Henry but I'm likely rolling out the Jags D. So as long as Mariota throws a couple INTs and gets sacked I'm good lol. Keep the game close and Henry can keep pounding. Love what this train is finally doing. I've kept this guy in 2 keeper leagues for 3 years, believing in him and drinking the Cleats koolaid. I believe!
  4. Calf injuries suck, similar to groin and hammy's. Just when you think you are feeling better... tweak and back to square 1.
  5. I agree. 43 out of 76 is about right I'd say. Good chance he scores points this week. Having said that he's bench stash in case Mack misses time. If Mack doesn't go this is likely a committee with Hines and a chance Wilkins could be used as a desperation Flex play. These type of flyers I like to keep around just in case they end up getting more consistent usage. Guys like Howard and Drake pop up every year that end up being decent plays down the stretch. Never know who might be next.
  6. As a Miami fan and Drake fan there is so much going on here... Might have to be my FF team logo...
  7. I own Jones in 3 leagues so obviously I'm hoping for something here but I can't start him yet. Not until I see some regular usage. I don't understand some coaches - I know they aren't playing fantasy football but when the kid looks good in game 1 and then they barely use him in game 2 it doesn't make sense. Arians being Arians....
  8. Because Jones has been given a starters role before? Jones has been in the league 4 years already? Please go on. I have no idea if Jones is going to be a star but he averaged 5.8ypc in game 1 and looked great. He deserved a lot more than 4 carries in game 2. Barber sucks, time to move on. Maybe Jones sucks too but we don't have enough information yet. Barber getting 23 carries a game is a waste.
  9. Here's the reality, we are only in week 2. He has 17 TDs total the past 2 years. As the season goes on I think Diggs will be fine. He had another play where he got behind his defender but the QB put a little too much on it and sailed it high. A little better pass and that's a TD. I'm buying as I believe in Diggs talent. His an amazing route runner and easily get separation against his defender.
  10. I'm buying wherever I can. Sending trade offers out for the keeper leagues where I don't already own this guy. Yes MIN offense will be based around the run but Diggs is too good to not get his. He will get his TDs this year.
  11. Oh yeah he's still on my bench. But he's a good of a lottery ticket as any bench stash, especially with what we saw in week 1. I do believe he just needs more consistent reps. How can anyone be productive with 4 carriers (outside of Nick Chubb last year lol).
  12. TB desperately wants to find a good RB and i wouldn't be surprised if they end up trading for one. Having said that Barber is not going to cut it. 4 year in the NFL and his career YPC is 3.8. He's just not a good RB. I'm holding Jones in hopes that he starts to get more touches. 23 carries for Peyton and he plods out at a 3.6ypc. If Jones can get half of those and back to 13-15 carries with a catch or two he could be flex-able going forward. They gave him 14 touches game 1 and last game only 4.... I'm obviously holding this kid as TB can't keep going with Barber at this rate.
  13. I'm well aware of meniscus issues with players in all sports. Generally it does not end their seasons nor their careers. There are studies dating back 10+ years on this and most athletes come back to play the same season, unless it happens to be the end of season. Many other athletes decide to play through it and go for a scope at the end of the season and come back to play the following year.
  14. I agree on trusting what he says but it is more than zero! I'm in the same boat, that I will believe it when I see it. But what I did see from his touches last week was some good stuff. Maybe he caught the Derrick Henry bug and things started to click. Not everyone can hit the ground running in their rookie year and be a star. Some WRs take 3-4 years to hit their groove. Everyone always wants instant success and if they don't get it they write-off said player, never to draft/own them again.
  15. No, this is incorrect. Did Russell Westbrook's career end when he had his knee surgeries for his meniscus? You don't know what you are talking about quite frankly. Having said that, in my keeper league I'm holding in my IR spot and look forward to him coming back later this year. Does this suck? For sure it does and is not ideal but his career is not over and neither is this season. Talk about going off the deep end. This kid is only 22 years old and I bet eventually ends up doing OK. For those in re-draft and no IR spots I could see why you might need to drop him. Hard to hang on to dead weight at this point. If though in dynasty/keeper leagues I would be trying to acquire for cheap.