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  1. 1) Not really, he's out of thenline-up more often v a lefty than not- 2) It really doesn't matter, because he's not likely to hit a lefty anyways, so he's better on the bench and being used late in game as PH
  2. Just a shame that there are an unusually large amount of lefties in the NL West. I am glad I held my 1 share, but there are so many weeks that he sees 3 lefties and it makes it difficult. Still, as long as he's mashing it's nice-
  3. Acuna just has a 'special' feel about him. I know that offers little substance, but I think we are looking at a Top5 prospect by years end.
  4. Piling up hits. I am very intrigued with what we are seeing here. Power might soon be on the way...
  5. Good stuff Stevie^ Plenty to digest from those, obv the babip is going up but plenty of gains just as a pitcher might also be a summation too? At 27 and with the consistent injury issues, he might just be arriving? The stuff is undeniable. Sitting just under 95 with a bottom out sinker. Got 7 swings and misses from a 76 mph curve that is just a nasty offering. The scary thing is that his best pitch might be that slider at 85, but he just hasn't been throwing it in order to keep stress off his elbow.
  6. When you have a potentially elite hit tool, I become much less concerned about gauging future power grades. Still, I would not be shocked if he eventually gets to the 20-25 HR range down the line. For seasonal leagues, I would really temper my expectations but in certain formats (deep) he could be very useful at MI right away and I would certainly stash right now.
  7. It feels like the Phils have little to gain from not letting this play out awhile yet. Tommy Jo has been bad, but I think he easily gets all of May to sink or swim before Hoskins can really force the issue. I do believe Hoskins is the future though.
  8. I'd hold Brach. He's really good and BAL seems to always generate opps. I am not at all convinced ZB is healthy, regardless of where the location of the soreness he was experiencing. His stuff wasn't sharp the first few weeks, now maybe that is just a blip based on firing up too soon after missing much of spring? But, maybe it is also a symptom of a larger issue?
  9. If he hits I bet he stays around. Still, I don't think he's ready but obviously if LAD do then I hope the kid crushes it. Dodgers not afraid to make a power move, I'd be a little nervous if I was A-Gon...
  10. My original thinking was Mid-to-late May, but he's done basically nothing and is headed back to have bicep re-examined mid-week. That is supposedly just a routine checkup though. I would be banking on 2nd week of June or so as a likely target, and that is totally dependent on NO setbacks throughout. He needs to go through a basic ST yet. Depending on format, etc but he's welll worth a hold imo.
  11. I am a sucker for guys with plus bat speed and above avrg hit tools. Add
  12. 7 home games this week, and at least 3 that I am seeing v lefties...break out week coming?
  13. Jenks esp-- and others would be much more informed on LAD tactics, but I am guessing they might not be afraid to shake things up in a big way?? I still very much think that Bellinger is better served by spending most, if not all year in AAA. But if higher minds (LAD FO) think he's ready then I am excited too!
  14. I am sorry but this is Col we are talking about. No logic really applies. I could see Dahl spending plenty of time in minors before he's an option. Reynolds will play as long as he continues to produce--bottom line imo. He also will cool too, but some of these gains he's made as a player may actually be for real too-
  15. His stuff is much better than I gave him credit for. It's still mostly firm, but I think he may be pretty useful in deeper leagues?