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  1. 18 of 20 teams paid in for 2018. Both teams unpaid are eligible to be replaced. The rosters are esp solid for open teams in a 20 teamer-
  2. Alex Jackson - OF/C ATL

    Very interesting player and situation. I thought I'd check up on his thread after seeing he did not place in the Pipeline top 10 catchers. As far as fantasy goes, I'd have him in the top 5 of prospect catchers. He finished up last year on a nice heater (in AA). His numbers across HighA and AA were generally quite positive--esp considering where his career was and that he spent a great majority of last year in a pitchers park/league (.835 OPS in FSL). 2017- .267/.328/.480 with 19 HR Plate discipline remains a sore spot, but it wasn't in unacceptable range (esp for catchers) 26BB with 106K It has also been reported that his defense was solid and got better enough throughout the year for him to be thought of as a guy who could catch in the majors--even if it would never be considered a plus. Bottom line is he has a pedigree and got his career back on track. ATL has 2 good vet catchers on the roster but he could certainly get a little MLB experience this year and establish himself as the catcher of the future for ATL. In what looks to be a very up and coming line-up/team and nice park for his power. I think he's an underrated asset in deep dynasty leagues.
  3. RotoBaller Top 100 Prospect Rankings

    ETAs is an exercise in futility, plain and simple.
  4. CBS 2018 Fantasy Baseball Top Prospects List

    White does a decent job balancing the immediacy of impact and future upside- As far as fantasy lists go, he seems to get better by the year...
  5. top 10 RHP list

    He will be top 10 on the Klaw list-
  6. The two-way player issue...

    Never ceases to amaze me how many players refuse to cough up a few bucks to utilize a vastly superior platform. I see them complaining all the time, which is ironic- I just assume they are free/low stakes, because I only see one other explanation...
  7. Carlos Asuaje 2018 Outlook

    He's possibly relevant in 20+ team leagues with MI spots. Good stick with very zone control and fast wrists. Not much punch or speed though. Will help him get ABs if he can move around but he's pretty limited defensively. Probably a bench guy in the long term. I don't think he's 'penciled in' for any regular role fwiw.
  8. Gerrit Cole 2018 Outlook

    It's is a solid move for Cole. Forecast- 205 IP, 200K, 20 W, 3.75 ERA
  9. Which prospects are you higher on than most people, and why?

    A couple slightly more obscure, but talented touts: -Agree with the Gatewood stuff that was discussed early on, he's got some nice traits and now he can actually SEE - Mauricio Dubon (2B/SS/UT) Brewers have a great movable piece with Dubon, he has a solid hit tool and speed to burn. Also some pretty outstanding reports on his BP at various all-star type exhibitions (mainly Futures Game) his power could come yet with more refinement, the raw elements exist at least. -Marcos Molina (SP) He has been largely forgotten because of injury, but he returned last year and displayed all of his old stuff. Mets will be careful but could see a jump to the bigs if needs arise. He has the arsenal to thrive and a good frame to handle the workload.
  10. Julio Urias 2018 outlook

    Um no. He suffered what is likely the most catastrophic injury a pitcher can. He had surgery the end of June and was given a rough 12-16 month POSSIBILITY of a timeline- He has a long road ahead and will likely need years to build back up.
  11. Shoot my commish an email: He runs a 20 teamer on CBS, going into Yr 4 and we have a couple slow to pay owners that might be replaced? Dynasty auction, 50 bucks on leaguesafe, great scoring, h2h with multiple weekly matches
  12. Acuna's Trade Value

    I drafted him and had a winning bid for him last year and I basically would not deal him. Even with hype levels approaching nuclear. I guess it depends on the keeper format but that offer is total garbage to me. For 'expert' reference, I just saw an article somewhere with a bunch of industry guys doing a dynasty start-up and he was taken around 13th overall and the expert tried trading up to the 5 spot to select him. Just one guy, but for me he's definitely top 20 overall value.
  13. Amed Rosario 2018 Outlook

    FouLLine= Terry Collins? I mean jeez, I thought the mets were trying to move away from that backwards stuff. I with you on the under 600 ABs, but that is just to not overextend him in his first real big league season. It'll be barely beneath that, though.
  14. Amed Rosario 2018 Outlook

    He's going to be really good. Was some obvious 'prospect fatigue' with him but that swing is great and will generate power. It might take a bit to tap into (ala Lindor) but I see a 25 HR +.300 guy after he makes adjustments.
  15. Fangraphs: Exploiting Middle Infield Bias

    Good stuff to chew on guys- I think -as with all leagues- it comes down to amount of teams and starting roster spaces. It's relative to that first and foremost. In my 20 team leagues with MI spots the hot-shot SS/2B guys are most always gonna command most value-