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  1. Big HR off of A Reed, also a 2B. Batted leadoff v a lefty.
  2. Just hope they are careful here. Give it a few weeks and try to be right for Sept
  3. Perine is gonna be lucky to see the field at this point. RK is gonna dominate the workload-
  4. His slam today was off of Brad Hand...just saying is all
  5. Yep! Back in that cozy 2 hole Before his injury it sure seemed like Giradi made a commitment on him basically being an everyday guy near the top of the lineup. I know Judge has cooled but hopefully Hicks gels again quickly and that whole line-up gets going for the stretch run.
  6. I freaking love AR15 the WR, he is a total package of greatness. That said I am setting him free in my 16 team PPR (have to keep one as your 1sr Rd and up to 3 total). I just can't stomach Bortles coupled with a mega shift in offense and better D. I just hope he can get free after this year and go to a team that can allow him to be the star he can be.
  7. AND He's back. No doubt looking at every day ab's and possibly near the top of the lineup. Could be a league-changer for many teams, I was fortunate to add him in my 16 teamer a few days ago.
  8. A 3B and GS HR (27) hitting .340 in AA thus far. Still, largely invisible...
  9. Please email commish for details, Stephen, at
  10. Another team may be opening, as we have not heard from the owner....? Contact commish if you might be interested...
  11. Putting this up for the commish. Long running keeper (Up to 4 keepers based on draft position from year prior, no more than 2 keepers at a single position) has 1 opening. Leaguesafe to collect dues. Scoring is cool, full PPR and bonus points for yardage of TDs. The available team have plenty of good options to use as keepers: Rivers-9th D Freeman-3rd D Adams- 14th D Parker- 10th Ebron- 15th Marvin Jones- 7th Sproles- 12th League has already been renewed through CBS but is waiting on opening until we get new owner on board. Please email him, Stephen, at THANKS!
  12. HRs 18 and 19 the last few days. He keeps getting better.
  13. Idk guys, I think he's got the goods to be a really good SP in the league.
  14. Top 5 ROS...