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  1. Added! Let's go DC, give em 8 targets and let's ride.
  2. Richards will start Monday in Milwaukee.
  3. Yeah I think Stills and Coutee kinda cancel each other out, no viable TE. Duke handling underneath stuff. Ramsey battling Nuke and no Bouye to cover Fuller. IF the mustached rookie Gardener can keep slinging the ball it should create at least a neutral game script. I get that it was disappointing last week, but the O-line got worked and a lot of that had to do with the dome field advantage for Saints too. Another week of practice for new LT and a home crowd should help give Watson time to find Fuller downfield, and Fuller played practically every down last week and should be fed a lot more going forward.
  4. Did you watch Thurs @Sternes? Just curious, as you did a great job charting last year. Felt like the O-line was opening up better lanes for Barber...some of the run calls still seemed a bit telegraphed though. Still, I think anyone calling Barber a jag simply is painting with a broad brush. He isn't a back that can create on his own, but he has solid vision, burst and enough tackle breaking ability to be an asset in this offense--if it can get going as the season moves along.
  5. For sure, big blow-up game could be headed his way. His ceiling is huge this week.
  6. I am seeing some steady volume this week, with a heck of a good chance he breaks free for a long one? Norman locked up on Amari will allow Gallup to operate on weak DBs most of the afternoon and Desean got loose last week. I am sorta amazed there is such little chatter on this break-out WR?!
  7. One of my longest running (and highest stakes) leagues we use an IDP from the D/ST that we start that week. Really adds a fun strategy wrinkle to the draft/weekly lineup decisions.
  8. Prob not, because Min is so committed to the run and he'd have to really stink to not be valuable. Harris is a better back imo, but certainly has far more obstructing him at this point. Pats have really run the ball effectively the last year+ and it really looks like a juggernaut kind of offense. Harris will need some good fortune, but I don't think there are many other better roster stashes for deep leagues...if he gets an opportunity, he is absolutely a league tilter.
  9. Should prob get some run this week. After what Sony looked like last week, I think Harris is gonna really matter at some point.
  10. Considering taking a flyer in my 16 teamer...talent meets opportunity situation? It seems he is technically a back-up to TY, but I doubt that depth chart is actually accurate?
  11. Hmmmmm, it seems his demise was greatly exaggerated...looked quite good last night and appears he is the clear-cut lead dog in this backfield.
  12. Def appears to be getting lost in the WK1 rookie explosion, but a look under the hood leads me to think he could have quite a bit of impact moving forward? -2nd Rd pick and was pretty close to the a consensus top 2 overall WR (lauded for speed, hands, tackle-breaking physicality and precision route running) -huge college production, in the SEC... -tested quite well at the combine: 4.49 forty time with 77 percentile athleticism -hype train never really got rolling, as he was out all camp and most of preseason with hammy strain -it is early, but it's getting harder to see Corey Davis as a #1 alpha type of WR and certainly can't see Sharpe being in his way -yes Delanie is gonna be heavily involved, but there seems to be a pretty solid path to regular and increasing targets -negative would be the offense itself (more run-orientated) and QB play leaves something to be desired, but definite deep league add imo.
  13. In the ESPN+ re-rankings, Karabell has rocketed Waller up to his #26 best TE rest of season. High praise. Honestly wonder how these guys actually make a living putting this wildly inaccurate info out there in the public sector. Unreal.