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  1. 2019 Sleepers

    Yeah 90 IP last I could see 4-5 abbreviated starts to begin year in AAA and then if it goes well a jump to bigs? But no doubt, like you stated, we are looking at a pretty hard cap of 125-130 MAX prob a better investment in dynasty but quite usable in redraft for when he's pitching too...
  2. 2019 Sleepers

    Yeah he was absurdly good last year--esp with his command/control coming off TJS! I am not sure how much good it will do him to deal with the PCL, being that it is so hitter friendly, but maybe some adversity would not be the worst? My concerns --like most-- is the development of the secondaries beyond that ultimate FB/CH combo...the CU does flash from time to time, but needs more consistency...he can still be plenty successful as a 2 pitch guy (because they are both 65 to70's).
  3. Jose Suarez - SP LAA

    A legit #3 type of ceiling here. So young and was pushed aggressively. Stuff can still tick up yet at his age.
  4. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Right?! Lol @ Boras...
  5. Rams/Saints - NFC Championship

    Die-hard Saints fan as well...and I still haven't decided on a pick for this game yet. I saw a post by Silva on twitter that stated in repeat playoff match-ups from reg season, 62% of time the team that won the first match wins the rematch. These teams are a bit different than that first match: Saints down Rankins but Apple playing way better ball and O-line is much more banged up but still intact- Rams down Kupp but found another run-game weapon in CJ, plus Talib is back and I guess will shadow Thomas- This game (imo) will rest on whether Goff can 'overcome' road woes and not make mistakes...Saints D is playing at a very high level, and much better than when they met in wk9...Rankins will sting but moreso about his pocket collapsing pass rush skills than his run D. Saints can still shut-down the run effectively and funneling it to the pass game and Goff. It sounds awkward to say, but Kamara is the X factor here. Payton needs to feature him early, esp as a receiver and some other WR (hopefully Ginn) needs to step it up and make plays downfield. It gonna be a good chess match, for sure!
  6. Corbin Burnes 2019 Outlook

    1) He only pitched out of the pen for Brewers last year (RP eligibility only) 2) Both Stearns and CC never wavered once and repeatedly stated he is a starter and will be handled as such this season/moving forward 3) Doesn't appear to be a carved out spot for him in rotation at the moment 4) They like him a ton and would not part with him for Machado or any other players 5) He's really quite good and will pitch important innings for MKE
  7. Kyler Murray OF OAK

    Absolutely...HE has the right to do whatever he deems best for his future- Oh well, the A's very much understood this at the time and allowed him to play ball at OU. He didn't sign some blood oath here, if he wants to play football instead of baseball that's his prerogative! It's not like he's stealing $ from the A's here, he will forfeit whatever bonus money he was to be owed--and it wasn't ALL paid upfront anyway. Why anyone begrudges players from maximizing their $ when they can is seriously beyond me??
  8. CBS- 2019 TOP 100 Prospects

    From knowing how Scott White rolls, 2019 possible impact does factor in...but he balances that with future value too. I don't really expect Kirilloff to sniff the bigs this year, we are after all talking about a HS draftee that has only 1 full year of minors time under his belt...they can slow play it a bit and let him marinate...prob just react to how he handles the jump to AA pitching. His lefty hit tool/power combo is really nice, and his ability to handle same handed pitching and utilize then entire field is pretty uncanny for a hitter his age. I've seen it speculated that he will 'win' batting titles.
  9. 2019 Sleepers

    I think IKF could be OK as a cheap streamer, there is just little punch in his bat...even if the threshold is minimal for C I have been rolling with Chirinos for a couple years (keeper in a 20 teamer and super cheap auction price)...I am a little bummed that he loses that home park, but at least that HOU line-up is a big improvement...he hits the ball hard and in the air a good amount (esp pull side) so those Crawford boxes could be in play for him a bunch...I like him (as long as JTR is obv not there) as a solid top 10 option, that is usually priced cheaper.
  10. CBS- 2019 TOP 100 Prospects

    Debating the placement of a few spots after the first 5 or so is kinda picking nits anyways...Some slight surprises for me were: -Kirilloff at #9, I like it...I might even push him higher but I am bully on that hit tool/power combo -Reyes at #8, I am more in the 30s on him, maybe it's general spect fatigue but I see him in the pen - Urias at #29 ahead of way too many guys imo...Kieboom, Madrigal, Lowe, Lux and India (as far as MI's) are ahead for me
  11. CBS- 2019 TOP 100 Prospects

    Yeah, I agree there...for fantasy, the scarcity of MI is just more well as their hitting environments
  12. CBS- 2019 TOP 100 Prospects

    Yeah I agree with that, even if they are more in the 50-75 range for me. Paredes is pretty much underrated everywhere and Pearson might have slipped a bit due to health stuff, but his arm is so damn enticing.
  13. CBS- 2019 TOP 100 Prospects

    Scott White always has a hard to quantify fantasy list--balancing dynasty v immediate returns... Still, it's a fantasy list and that can at least spark some discussion (maybe):
  14. Jacoby Brissett 2018 Outlook

    Yeah I agree, feels like the standard GM speak. Ballard really had an incredible year as the GM, and seems very smart...he knows how bad this QB landscape is--in terms of supply v demand... I really think some team out there will pony up and make him an offer that he simply can not refuse... IF Bridgewater was worth a 3rd--as a simple 1 yr insurance policy, I have to think that Brissett will fetch a 2nd and 4th type of package
  15. Kyler Murray OF OAK

    He's not all that much shorter than Wilson or Brees. NFL game has changed a lot and even if there are still pockets of GMs/coaches who want tall statues that stay in the pocket, there are plenty of coaches that can work around the height 'limitations'...He has an NFL arm for sure. The huge thing in his favor is the very poor draft class of QBs...He will easily be a 1st Rd pick as long as he gives a team full assurances his future lies in football.