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  1. Yes! I scooped him last year in my 20 teamer with deep benches and touted him in the minor forum on sleeper thread. He's got some stuff!
  2. Yeah, but that doesn't mean that they would not have sent him down for a few months had he not signed the deal...
  3. Yeah I tend to agree and this feels like an OK fit for both sides, mainly because: -Brewers have the cash and can offer the 9th inning -They obv prefer a 1 or 2 yr type of deal -They already forfeited the early comp pick for Grandal, so less of a penalty
  4. Have to assume it means they have no real incentive to play any service time games here and let him play daily in the bigs from jump street this year.
  5. Yeah it is ST, but he's been generally poor since his first few appearances and that fun report of him sitting 98... At least it's still pretty low cost to get him, but he's a long way from figuring out the command it appears-
  6. Will never happen. I am pretty certain I have read Wolters is an elite framer and generally regarded for his blocking and defense. I know for a fact that Marquez was crazy good when Wolters caught him. Murphy has a sliver of hope remaining but needs a new org-
  7. I am trying not to be overly seduced by his ST, but I really do like the raw stuff he's showing. The K rate--is the obv big rub here, but I feel like there is room for growth (perhaps substantially) in that area. Just with focus on spin and sequencing, plus work with Yadi. Even if he settles in around the 8 k/9 area I feel like there is room for profit with him.
  8. Looks set to begin the year as the Twins lead-off man... Kepler battled leadoff in Monday's spring training game that may have been a dress rehearsal for Opening Day, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports. "He's taken to [hitting leadoff] very well, he's had very positive comments and remarks with all of us on the idea, and it's something we're going to see going forward," said manager Rocco Baldelli.
  9. I hope the best for Thorny, but the numbers are rough...I still can't believe Stearns and the crew nabbed Shaw and Dubon, plus a few toss-ins for him!
  10. Yeah I never prescribe to that line of thinking...after April off-days and weather related's just not a factor (being a whatever number starter for a team v another)
  11. Yes, and rightfully so. Chase is just wildly inconsistent and gives up way too many dongers. Davies is a very nice #5, he should be safe. Either way with this MKE rotation, I don't thing we will know much of any order (beyond the first 3-4 slots) until May or so. April has a bunch of off-days and they can manipulate the rotation until then with openers too. I fully expect all of Burnes, Woodruff and even Peralta to throw a bunch of important (and useful) innings this year for the crew.
  12. I was quite a fan last year. Stros simply jerked him around a bunch, though he did no favors for himself either. Still, I think there's some talent here and the bat can play at 3B. He's been hitting this spring too. He might get a window to prove himself with the Mets already dealing with injuries-
  13. He's already been a stealthy, must-have late rounder for me in my points leagues. I really love the value in this MIA rotation, but really into Dr K!
  14. .290/.350/.510 with 35 jacks and lovely counting it
  15. Dude just keeps mashing in ST...up to .394/.444 with a +1.200 OPS and a crazy (mostly insignificant) 13 RBI. I read somewhere (apologies for no link) that they were leaning towards Choi at 1B and Lowe as the primary DH?