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  1. 2018 Favorable Schedule Targets

    Yep @Jets next week and @ Miami in wk14, plus that title game match at home in wk16 v Bills...they are not all that talented of a bunch but have to take those match-ups and BB getting the right schemes. I am glad I was able to scoop them in my 16 teamer off secondary wavier run. Little things like that can be game changers.
  2. Alex Collins 2018 Outlook

    It's so silly, but likely pretty much true and does complicate matters... I really don't get where the whole Collins=JAG stuff is based in? Dude runs really aggressive and has killer jump cuts/change of direction for a bigger back. Quick feet too and can catch fine. Bottom line is that he has had an awfully difficult schedule (see the Scott Barrett tweet from last night) and still managed rb2 production...also does not help that he has faced 8 man boxes more than almost any other RB. Play calling has not done him any favors this year, but with the schedule coming up and the QB change, we might still have time for quite the stretch run here.
  3. TE Help - Burton/Doyle...PPR

    I have this choice in a few leagues, playing Jack--both have solid floors and nice ceilings for TEs...also have teams with their QBs rolling and a lot of weaponry/mouths to feed. Ten is not as good as their rank v TEs and I think Jack gets back into the endzone this week.
  4. Alex Collins 2018 Outlook

    Not imo, he's not even a lock to be active--and if he is, it's likely to be at the expensive of Buck's packages/playing time.
  5. Kenneth Dixon 2018 Outlook

    Yeah he's always had an affinity for Dixon...and I think he's good enough in all facets to be a productive NFL back--he's simply not been reliable in any way- I still believe Monty is not a real running back, but we don't have a real feel yet for what their plans are for him.
  6. Alex Collins 2018 Outlook

    Flacco very this is it?? Is this the springboard they need to finally get back to the ground and pound feat. Collins? I know I am too optimistic, but man are the pins set up perfect for Collins right now!
  7. D.J. Moore 2018 Outlook

    Well Torrey Smith is OUT again. This DET secondary got vaporized last week, though Slay may return--which obv helps. Moore is a legit sleeper play imo.
  8. D.J. Moore 2018 Outlook

    I am still hanging on in a few 14 team/start 3 WR leagues. Torrey Smith still not back at practice. Been some odd game scripts, but he's always on the field.
  9. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    Had to sit Conner just to get him in there! Literally the only thing that can screw this up is McCarthy--oh boy, we might be in trouble.
  10. Saeed Blacknall 2018 Outlook

    I'd be L O S T with out this thread-
  11. Jack Doyle 2018 Outlook

    I think it gonna be a big week for him...everyone chasing those Ebron points but it's a Jack week!
  12. Alex Collins 2018 Outlook

    The floor is semi-scary but it also should be boosted by an amazing schedule and decent volume. With the QB room all kinds of unsettled, just have to hope the staff (likely coaching for their jobs if reports are right) commits to Collins as the center-piece. He's been running against stacked boxes and given the ball in far too many obv run situations.
  13. Gerald Everett 2018 Outlook

    It's kinda hard to even begin to trust him, despite his obv talents...This team lines up 3WR/1TE/1RB like 95% of the time. Higbee is the starting TE and playing 80+% of those snaps. Just basically have to hope they incorporate some different formations--unlikely, why mess with great success OR more likely they give him a chunk of the slot WR reps that Kupp was taking.
  14. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    It's a seldom reported fact, but this Packers line is blowing defenders off the line and opening huge holes. They are also just athletic enough to get to second level down field and get on smaller guys too. Just finally took that dunce McCarthy so long to utilize the back that could continually get to the second level.
  15. Julian Edelman 2018 Outlook

    Apologies if this is too AC, but I have the opportunity to acquire him and not sure where to really place him in the ROS ranks... Brady looking pretty meh, Gronk coming back, Gordon emerging and White operating so much in the short/intermediate area... I would not need him to be anymore than a WR2/Flex option (16 teamer)...I'd give up an emerging MVS and mostly useless depth piece like P Barber to get him...?