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  1. In deeper circles he makes for a nice speculative grab. If he continues to hit, draw walks and steal bases--like he has throughout the minors, then he can easily carve out regular ab's. Dude can play 3B/SS/2B and all over the OF, and I am sure he can play 1B if need be. I know it's cliche, but he could be a Zobrist type for the yanks.
  2. Just my .02 but he's the kinda guy that will or could get better with a step up. A special talent. No comp needed, really. Just a guy that will hit and the power will come forward eventually imo. Plus a heck of a good fielding SS. Maybe Arcia is kind of a comp at present level, but Rosario has a much better idea at the dish and a way better swing to tap into power--eventually.
  3. Really not sure I'd rather have more than 4-5 other SP's in the minors. He's a K machine, and it will translate-
  4. He was held (Mostly by me!) in my leagues, but I am expecting a very useful pitcher down the stretch.
  5. Yes it's where I primarily operate. But he's seen MLB time so here we are. I think it's mostly just aging and understanding what is asked of him by coaches, etc. We just assume these players come from other countries and it all clicks, sometimes the culture shock affects them on the field too. But he did get winter ball ab's I believe and then a ton of action in ST this year. That along with a few months in AAA have aided him immensely.
  6. Why would it not be 'a thing'? It's a place to discuss one of the best prospects in baseball that is on the cusp of coming up -likely for good- and being a very nice fantasy asset.
  7. Sounds fine, cramp issue. Threw today and expects to make next start on Wed.
  8. The 5 walks were very odd for him, and upon further inspection he was not missing his spots by very much. Got zero help from the ump. The stuff was very good. I expect he's up to stay, at least for awhile.
  9. Welcome back big man! Just hoping he gets in 5 to 6 games a week via DH and C duties.
  10. He's grown his game a lot since the stint with BOS. The game was clearly too big for him then. I could really care less if he makes a lot of his outs via the K...he can do so many things to contribute to a fantasy team. He will certainly take some lumps when he arrives, but the ceiling in that park and at that position is monstrous.
  11. Lightening meet bottle! Worth a looksee in deep leagues.
  12. Johan was never the same--though in fairness he was much older. This is as close to a 'death sentence' for a pitcher as it gets though. Such a shame for the game of baseball.
  13. Just wish they could get him to trust his stuff and stop all the nibbling. Probably a pipe-dream. Guys come from Japan and are just so used to throwing tons of pitches. If he could be efficient he'd be an easy top 5 pitcher in baseball. The rangers are pretty bad, but I doubt they trade him, as I am sure they want to re-sign him next year and he might not like uprooting mid-year?
  14. Solid list, unless I missed him -Ian Anderson- seems like an oversight to not be included?
  15. Filthy FB/SL combo and impressive command of both. No clue how the 3rd pitch is coming but this guy has some potential. Very tough 1st assignment v Nats but he is one to watch. I'd scoop in Dyna/Keeps quick.