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  1. Na I wouldn't. Sexton will be guaranteed big minutes on a terrible team where as Jah is fighting with Randle, AD and Kenrich for minutes. If AD is shutdown it changes slightly but until then it's a risk.
  2. Jabari or Raab?? WHIR!

    Parker for me. He looked good tonight and can see the wiz playing him to see what they have. Rabb would have been great without JV going there but don't think he will get the run now. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/742096-roster-help-whir/
  3. Too Many Grizzlies!!! WHIR!

    I would drop Rabb for Kleber. If JV hadn't gone there Rabb would be a great option but they will take minutes from each other and for me JV is the better player. The grizz play-off schedule is tough but I would hold Delon to see how the minutes are as Conley could always be shutdown.
  4. Booker or Kawhi ROS?

    In a keeper 100% Kawhi, remember this is the first season after the big injury and yes he is being rested alot but he has been healthy and should only get stronger. He is just a an overall better player than Booker and neither are 100% trustworthy injury wise
  5. Rank these guys ROS? WHIR 100

    Tobey nailed it, both Portis and Parker looked good tonight. Kenrich just won't play unless AD is shutdown but even then Oka and Randle will go ahead of him.
  6. Roster help WHIR

    I have Levert in IR currently, might leave him there for now to see how minutes progress but he looked good tonight. Who should I drop to activate him? Roster below; Collison Harden Murray Wiggins Gay LMA Kuzma Jabari Bagley Portis Nance Jr KAT Zubac Porter and Parker looked good tonight in the low 20 minutes so struggling to see who the drop is. Shai and Satoransky were both dropped in my league so are they an upgrade on anyone on my roster? Play in a 9 cat H2H with off and def rebounds (keep 3 players). I am currently 3rd and should comfortably make the playoffs so trying to get roster as strong as possible.
  7. NBA Trade Season 2018-2019

    Minutes outlook for wright? He average 18 in Toronto and put up average numbers, will it be a big hike?
  8. Jeff Green 2018-2019 Outlook

    Not saying he will lose minutes but it's not party time lol
  9. Jeff Green 2018-2019 Outlook

    You do know they brought in Parker and Portis?
  10. Rank These Injured Players WHIR

    Porz is a drop as he won't play. Otherwise I would rank warren, levert, miro, Payton Don't make moves on those 4 until the deadline as any Pels move could change things.
  11. Should i drop?

    Wait until the AD situation is resolved either way. If nothing happens I would drop but he could get some extra run depending on what they do http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/741317-help-with-some-roster-changes-whir/
  12. WHIR!

    Don't think you did anything wrong at all. Who cares if there was a glitch, still went through the waiver process. At the very least you need your waiver position reinstated and your extra move but I would be pushing for him to give you Gay back. The guy dropped him fair and square so why should he get him back
  13. AD trade. WHIR 100%

    This is tough but given Westbrook is so consistent i would take it as AD is such an unknown at the moment. Try a straight swap though http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/741317-help-with-some-roster-changes-whir/
  14. Currently have Levert stashed in IR but Murray's ankle injury not looking good. Isaac is on the wire and seems to finally be putting good lines together. I am also holding Portis and Jabari Parker ahead of the trade deadline to see what happens. I will comfortably win this week's matchup so can hold an injured Murray but should I pickup Isaac by dropping Parker or Levert and putting Murray on IR? Levert should be back post ASB
  15. Jamal Murray 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Ruled out Friday too, hope this isn't serious