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  1. Trade help! Whir

    Will help in return
  2. Trade help! Whir

    Anyone else you can swap in for Rondo? Not sure how much value he has on his own as his minutes have been so erratic. I love Embiid so like the deal overall but Lavine looks good and he's still on a minutes restriction so I would see what else he has other than Rondo
  3. Trade help WHIR

    Thanks guys. I accepted, my league plays 2 week playoff matchups so DeRozans week 23 won't hurt me as much as some leagues
  4. Embiid is a beast, and Blake is just as injury prone. If he does start playing B2Bs he will be huge
  5. Take Kawhi Leonard? Help!

    Agree with other, Kawhi may not play again and if he does it will be minute restrictions and he may not get back to where he should be.
  6. Am I too impulsive? WHIR

    I would do It, Kawhi is out indefinitely and probably won't get back to his normal production this season. Harden is arguably the best fantasy player out there and any time you get a chance at him grab it. My only worry is Saric who may lose time when Embiid starts playing B2Bs. Is there anyone else you could swap out for him on his roster?
  7. Otto Porter Jr. 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Somebody needs to make up for Wall bricking shots all night!
  8. Otto Porter Jr. 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    This is more like it. 11 points, 3 threes, 4 rebounds and 3 steals on 67% shooting in 8 minutes so far
  9. What to do with curry? Whir.

    I like that trade, Gobert can't stay healthy and Jrue is balling. KAT and AD on the same squad is tempting. Could you then flip Jrue and a big for a upgrade at guard?
  10. Getting 'Dipo [WHIR]

    Good move for you but not sure they will accept at this stage in the season
  11. Trade help WHIR

    Worried about Tyreke getting traded and losing value so trying go sell high. Offered him and Markieff Morris for Derozan and Mirotic. Don't think it will be accepted but who else can I package with Tyreke - Ingles, Saric, Porter, Ellington.... 9 cat H2H Edit - he countered with Saric and Tyreke for Derozan and Mirotic - if Tyreke stays in Memphis I wouldn't do this but I have a feeling he goes to Cleveland or Boston Thoughts
  12. Who wins this trade WHIR

    I suppose that's the point, how likely is Tyreke to be traded - I think it's pretty likely which is making me lean towards shipping him for DeRozan but Rondo is definitely trending down.
  13. I would stay put you have enough firepower already and the depth will be more valuable
  14. Team A sends DeRozan Rondo Team B sends Teague Tyreke Evans 9 cat H2H with off and def rebounds