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  1. This guy owes us tonight, got me to the finals now killing me in them!
  2. Sato, Portis and Stephenson went a combined 2/22 last night, I picked up Lance thinking with LeBron out and him playing on the odd days he would help.... FML Still got a week left in the finals but my opponent had 5 less guys playing and completely outperformed me. Now Murray, Kuzma and Bagley are DTD too.
  3. In my league we keep 3 players annually, Harden and KAT are locked in but I have a tough decision on the 3rd; LMA - best player but getting older Bagley III - looks like a double double machine in the making Jamal Murray - still very young and PG of the future but efficiency can be an issue Kuzma - similar to Murray, young and shows alot of potential but inconsistent The 2 below are on the wire as they are out for the year Ingram - looked amazing this year but the clotting injury is a worry JJJ - again one for the future Thanks guys
  4. I think it will depend on DSJ, he is being reevaluated this week. I went to the garden on Sunday and he was straight balling, was impressed with his all round game (fantasy and real life). If DSJ remains out hes a great option, would want to see how the minutes were split otherwise.
  5. I took the PR15 from ESPN. If you factor in percentages it's a wash. The overall point is the fact they are even remotely close is a problem.
  6. Look at the game logs, either way the point is Wiggins is a scrub in 9 cat who is not worth owning and the fact someone like Bradley even comes close says it all.
  7. What are you talking about, past 2 weeks; Wiggins - 15.6pts, 4rbs, 1ast, 1blk .436fg .444ft Bradley - 15.8pts, 2rbs, 4ast, 1stl .451fg .900ft In a 9 cat give me Bradley all day which is embarrassing considering their ADP
  8. It really doesn't, the fact we are comparing Wiggins to a waiver scrub says it all.
  9. Over the past 30 days he has averaged 4 assists to Wiggins 2.5, more 3pt, better FG and FT %, 1 less rebound and the same points..... One was drafted in the top 70 and one undrafted, you are kidding yourself here. Wiggins has all the potential in the world but he is garbage in 9 cat.
  10. Would love to see what he could do with real minutes. Dude looks like AD lite