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  1. Thanks, all. In looking to sell off my Voit for a SP I targeted teams who could use an upgrade at 1B and these are the interesting names that popped up. Some are reaches and some I would be overpaying for, but where would you start? Which of the following would you reasonably offer Voit for? Nola Buehler Berrios Morton Paxton Castillo Glasnow Tanaka Folty Paddack Mikolas Fried Weaver Soroka
  2. It's my first year in a 14-team, daily H2H category league with counts R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS / W, K, ERA, WHIP, QS, SVH. Each manager kept one batter and one pitcher, but since two of us were essentially "expansion teams" (there were only 12 teams in the league last year), we didn't get keepers but got picks #1 and #2 instead. I, personally, was #2. My team has been just awful, and I'm currently sitting in 14th at 22-37-1. Blech. My bats have started to turn things around lately, as I've had a number of dudes who started crazy slow and/or were bit by the injury bug early. I've also picked up Hunter Dozier and Michael Chavis, who are some of my lone bright spots. I'm 4th in both HRs and SBs. My pitching is where things are dire. I have 6,000 Dodgers pitchers and all of the mysteries that come with them. My ratios are typically good, but I'm not getting enough Ws, QSs, or SVHs. I feel like half my pitchers are in this weird limbo where I can't drop them, no one is buying them, and they're not delivering. And since it's a competitive 14-team league, there's very little pitching on the WW. What do you do here? What trade packages you'd suggest I offer? Do I sit and wait? Prospects coming up that I buy early on? Batters to sell high on? I've never been this bad, or at such a loss on what to do to improve my team. I'm in top three in all my others leagues. C - Zunino 1B - Rizzo 2B - Murphy 3B - Suarez SS - Peraza OF - JD Martinez, Franmil, Marte Util - Hunter Dozier, Chavis BN - Voit, Victor Robles, Puig, McMahon SP - Flaherty, Maeda, Musgrove, Caleb Smith, Chirinos, RP - Urias, Miller, Stripling, Stammen, Watson, Vazquez
  3. Should anyone here be dropped for Chavis? 12-Team H2H Keeper, with *next* season as the final season. [6x6: R, HR, RBI, SB, K, OBP // S, K, HLD, ERA, WHIP, QS] C- JT Realmuto 1B - Pete Alonso 2B - Adalberto Mondesi 3B - Manny Machado SS - Alex Bregman OF - Marcell Ozuna, Eddie Rosario, Franmil Reyes Util - Alex Bregman, Jonathan Villar BN - David Peralta, Ryan McMahon, Nate Lowe IL - Trea Turner, Matt Olson,
  4. Would you drop any of these players for Michael Chavis or Cole Tucker? 14-Team H2H (R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS, W, K, ERA, WHIP, QS, SVH) Hunter Dozier Ryan McMahon Renato Nunez Garret Hampson Freddy Galvis Jose Peraza
  5. Yes, I'm super into trading Mondesi and/or Villar for a SP, and am also into moving Machado. These are the three pieces I'm planning to dangle to see who bites. Also, Garrett Hampson is on waivers right now, so if someone is into either Mondesi or Villar I'm hoping to scoop him up quickly. I do have five players eligible as Shortstop (Yahoo league), including Villar and Mondesi, so I'm going to start by targeting the folks who are weak in that position. Thanks all!!
  6. Ack! Wrong thread. Sorry, y'all. Can a mod move it to Bench Coach Help Forum? I tried to delete but was too late.
  7. 12-Team H2H Keeper. Categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, K, OBP, S, K, HLD, ERA, WHIP, QS My pitching is weak as hell (most of the top 25 SPs were kept), so my strategy was to grab a ton of high-upside guys and trade speed for 1-2 foundational SPs. What do you all think? C- Realmuto 1B - M. Olson 2B - A. Mondesi 3B - M. Machado SS - T. Turner OF - Ozuna, Rosario, Peralta, F. Reyes Util - Bregman, Villar SP - Corbin, L. Castillo, Mikolas, Morton, Pivetta, Paddack, J. James RP - Osuna, W. Davis NA - Luzardo, Alonso
  8. I snagged him with the final round of my keeper draft, so all is well. The league counts holds, but for that price I'm fine with the Ks and ratio help until he joins the rotation.
  9. Drafting now. Does he figure to get some holds at this point when he's not in the rotation?
  10. Coming off a great draft last night, tonight I put up this tater. I felt like everyone I was targeting got scooped up one pick before I pulled the trigger. Tell it to me straight, doc. How bad is it? 12-Team H2H (R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBP / W, K, ERA, WHIP, QS, H+S) C - D. Jansen 1B - F. Freeman 2B - J. Baez 3B - M. Moustakas SS - X. Bogearts OF - JD. Martinez OF - M. Conforto OF - S. Piscotty Util - J. Segura Util - G. Hampson BN - J. Bradley Jr. BN - R. McMahon SP - Paxton, Price, Morton, Darvish, Bieber, Musgrove, Luzardo RP - Jansen, Alvarado
  11. Anyone worry that the back stiffness will be an impactful situation throughout the season?
  12. Fun fact I heard on a Yankees broadcast last year: Luke Voit's grandmother gives him $25 for every home run he hits. Not fantasy relevant, but I love it.
  13. How do you rank these three potential keepers? Marcell Ozuna (Round 11) David Dahl (Round 12) Eddie Rosario (Round 15)
  14. What's a reasonable projection for the season?