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  1. I had the same question. He pitched the final out with a 3-run lead. Not mad about it. If Workman gets that save I lose the week.
  2. Did anyone see why Adalberto Mondesi was pulled in the 1st?
  3. Non-PPR league. Which two do I start today? Tyler Lockett Brandin Cooks Josh Gordon
  4. Do we suspect that Yahoo will shift him to NA? I obviously plan to hold him in my keeper league, but it will be a harsh final week if I'm one pitcher down in the League Championship.
  5. [...] With Houston only playing five games this week, though, in addition to playing time concerns, I'm not terribly optimistic about his prospects for the week upcoming.
  6. What do you think we'll see in terms of playing time this coming week vs Tex and LAA?
  7. I'm not able to make any other moves (picking up streaming pitchers, upgrading my middle relievers, etc...) with active players in my NA slots, so it ties my hands in that respect. Does anyone else have thoughts?
  8. Thanks, Charger. Both of these players have already been on my team in NA slots, though, so I wouldn't be picking them off the waiver wire. A benefit to holding them is that I would have the option to keep them both very cheap next season in the final year of the league. I should have clarified that in my original post.
  9. I have both Tucker and Lux in a daily H2H categories keeper league and their call-ups are creating a logjam for my team. It's a good problem to have, but am conflicted on what to do. Next year is the final season of the league, so though it's a keeper I'm not focused on potential past 2020. Batting categories are R, HR, RBI, SB, K, OBP. Pitching categories are S, K, HLD, ERA, WHIP, QS. My team: C - Realmuto 1B - Alonso, Olsen 2B - Mondesi, Villar 3B - Bregman, Machado SS - Turner OF - Ozuna, Rosario, Franmil SP - Morton, Corbin, Luis Castillo, Sonny Gray, Paddack, Gallen, Caleb Smith, Boyd RP - Osuna, Neris, Bummer DL - Hiura NA - Luzardo Some thoughts: 1) There are no batters I'm thrilled about throwing back. Both Lux and Tucker would figure to be Util players most of the time, and of course with Tucker in particular there are playing time concerns. I don't plan on keeping Olsen next season because his price point is too high, but since the trade deadline is over anyone I throw back will be a straight-up cut, meaning they'll hit FA right as we're entering the playoffs. 2) Of my pitchers Bummer may seem to be an easy throwback, though he is my only pitcher who pitches for Holds. (As it is, I should swap him out for a different MR who is pitching well. He hasn't been hot lately. I digress.) 3) I could see throwing back Smith and Gallen, though I would not be excited about the balance of my team. On any given full-slate day I would have three batters riding the bench, and in a league with very competitive pitching I feel I would struggle by losing two of my SPs. Even though Smith and Gallen are on a slide, depending on matchups they could be serviceable in at least contributing to Ks and QS. 4) We keep hearing that Paddack may be shut down soon. If so, does he go back on NA? It could potentially time out nicely with a Luzardo call-up, though there are too many variables here to count on. I'm currently 4th in my league going into the playoffs. I'm struggling with this decision and would be grateful if others would weigh in. Thank you!!
  10. Rank the below RBs for a non-PPR league. I can keep two of the three. Which do you throw back? James Conner Nick Chubb Dalvin Cook
  11. Franmil is killing me in my H2H league which counts OBP and negative Ks for batting. Would you drop him for Aristides Aquino? Or Jorge Soler? This is a keeper league which only lasts through the end of *next* season.
  12. Yessir. The league counts holds as a separate category, so Oberg has been rostered for most of the season.
  13. Now that Wade Davis lost the Closer role I'm trying to trade for Saves. Who would you rather have ROS: Inglesias or Neris?