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  1. Forgive me if there isn't one already.


    18 year old Padres RHP striking lots of guys out throwing in the high 90s. BaseballAmerica just called him one of the breakouts of the year and Baseball prospectus just compared him favorably to McKenzie Gore


    Interestingly enough, his mechanics have drastically changed on video this year. He now looks like a spitting image of McKenzie Gore's form, a little like Kershaw, but from the right side.


    Expect this name to slide in some top 100s this off-season on the back end with room for growth because of his age. If he has a late growth spurt and gets a little taller, the hype will get real.

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  2. Love the early rseults and frame. 6'3 with tons of room to add good weight. Swings from both sides which you love to see in today's shift burdened game.


    This is one to watch. Potential for a premium talent. Badler name dropping Tatito is the beginning of the hype train. Hop aboard now.

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  3. They generally play in instructs and everything to start next year, and report to the DSL or similar leagues later in the year. Scouts get a look at them in instructs, they just don't keep stats. Mid year next year is when you'll see these guys have actual numbers associated with them.


    The big guys from the 2017 class are gone in deeper leagues. Franco, K. Robinson, Mauricio, J. Rodriguez, Peiriea, Deveaux, and Pardinho are the guys probably getting the most pub so far. Those are the super high risk high reward names so far that have emerged. I'd put them in that order at this point.

  4. 13 hours ago, SuperJoint said:

    He pitched a decent game but CeeSuck blew his W before recording an out.


    Aside from that I would categorize this outing as 'fair'. 


    Got to love the Ks but he was very inefficient w/91 pitches through 5.2.


    Has no one to blame but himself for the blown save. If he'd been more efficient he'd likely have a W/QS.


    What? 91 is alright through 5.2. if you can get out of 7 with like 105 that's a rock solid start. Not unusual at all. Just watched Kluber throw more than that the other night and he was in control the whole time

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  5. Any serious prospect hound really shouldn't be batting an eye. Undersized lefty with a 45 fastball and no plus secondaries?


    People who scout the stat line are excited. This is the type of guy who will disappoint if you're thinking it'll be anywhere near his AAA numbers.

  6. Man. I aquired him in my keeper in early 2016. I followed him as a prospect since his draft. I never saw this power coming. Some of these balls, if you look at video of some of the ones he's hit in Cleveland to his pull side....they're crushed. 435+ type crushed. Outfielder not bothering crushed. Even his opposite field bombs, he's got the strength to take that all fields approach and go over the fence with it. Extremely impressive.


    He went through his BABIP struggles last year when he tailored his approach to hitting more balls in the air and unlocking more power. Turned it around by seasons end. This season he's got the best of both worlds, the fly ball approach AND the babip support. Hard contact to all fields. This seems like the evolution. True superstardom. 


    He might be a top 5 type pick next year if he keeps this up.

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  7. Homered the other night for the first time professionally. Impressed by what the Braves have done with his mechanics.


    BP says he looks like a future top 20 prospect if he can sustain a bit of power in games. Couple evals have said he has the raw for it.


    I'd love to see him be more selective. He's got plenty of time though.


    This is probably one of the biggest risers of the year so far. Expect a lot more places to have him in line with Fangraphs, who had him mid 30s I believe.

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  8. The big thing, as always with a lot of guys like this, is the development of the hit tool


    I've seen some positive stuff since his hot start, but it's hard to shake some evaluators saying.he needs to completely retool his swing in order to succeed at higher levels


    Reed was seen as a top 10 MLB draft talent at one point, but those concerns really dropped him


    Nice to see he's off to a hot start....let's see what happens from here. Cautions optimism

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  9. Lots of good signs here, and quality co signs. I think that's an underrated part of this process for us as fantasy owners. When the guys who get all their reporting info from the scouts seem to be saying good things (law, longenhagen, etc) that's the real time to take notice.

  10. 26 minutes ago, brockpapersizer said:

    This guy is doing great things as a teenager in a ball.


    I think he's going to be within the top 75.


    I think fangraphs already said he'd be in their top 50. I could be misremembering tho.

  11. I put Vlad firmly in the Kirriloff, Lindsey, Diaz, type of place. He's one of the most intriguing full season debuts for sure, there's tons of upside, but it's gonna take a year for him to really ascend lists, and to prove the initial reports were off a little. Farnsworth threw a 45 on his hit tool. Longerhagen says he's not sold on him yet hitting upper minors pitching in the future. No actual scout has really gone in on him without trepidation yet. No reason for us to do otherwise.

  12. 13 minutes ago, brockpapersizer said:

    Reports have said that Rutherford has looked like a GUY since getting to pro ball. Graded out as a few evaluators top HS bat available, fell due to signability concerns not talent to the yanks at 18, and has flat out raked since getting to play pro ball. The track record and numbers are aligning for him, quickly.

  13. Eloy


















    Not even counting guys like Diaz, Lewis, Collins, Moniak, etc


    And you wanna rank him number 1 overall hitter?? Huh?


    He's a young impressive hitter who is in the next tier of risers, and has that type of ability to impress and climb lists in the future, maybe starting 2018 I can see him as a top 5/10 type hitter with a great season next year as well, but saying he's the top hitter right NOW, that's far overstating his value when almost everyone above has just as much pedigree/tools as him.


  14. 1 hour ago, FouLLine said:


    You can say that ... I say it's foresight looking ahead of the mainstream.  The kid has a better pedigree than anyone in the minors right now ontop of being as young as he is doing what he's doing... I think it's pretty safe to say outside of Moncada there's not a hitting prospect I'd rather mess with and like I said even Moncada I think I'd take Vlad Jr over him.


    There should be 20 or so hitters ranked ahead of him at absolute minimum. I understand the desire to find that "next guy up" in dynasty leagues. I play in one and have made a habit of that exact practice. But "best hitting prospect" is lunacity for this stage of his development. You can't ignore proximity THAT much and be taken seriously. We have no idea how he's going to react to advanced sequencing, better arms, better stuff, guys who can really spin it, etc. He doesn't exactly have a quick twitch type body over here either. 


    I get wanting to like him and plant that flag early, but you need to be more reasonable.