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  1. I mean hes averaging 10k/9 his slider and change have also both been phenomenal at generating weak, ground ball contact, so that's possibly limiting his K upside. Looking at his FIP he seems due for some regression here, he's not going to maintain a 0.5 ERA for the rest of the year here at the same time his fastball is plus plus, his change and slider are plus, and he's been absolutely dominant all season. To me, there's reason to think he's the next guy in the miller/Chapman lineage. hard throwing lefty with wipeout stuff
  2. I think fangraphs already said he'd be in their top 50. I could be misremembering tho.
  3. If he can ever get this average turned around, he'll be extremely valuable.
  4. Best sources to get scouting info from extended spring? Kinda hard to find reports all the time
  5. Keith law really threw a bucket of ice water on the hype in his article about Robert
  6. Easily the most important thing of the last couple pages
  7. Visually he reminds me of Addison Russell. Got that high waist. Nice young prospect. Buy now or pay more later.
  8. I've picked up Robles, Devers, Espinoza, Soto as a result of this forum helping me identify young talents on here. Kudos to all.
  9. Forgive me if there's a thread, but I think this could be one of the big movers of the year. Two really interesting tidbits I picked up recently The above is from Keith Law. Lotta boxes checked there. That's a description of a 70/80 level fastball with velocity and explosive movement. Pair that with a 60 breaker and 50 change, with easy velocity and minimal effort, and we have ourselves a solid starting pitcher prospect with a higher ceiling then mid rotation. The fastball speed represents a jump from previous years as well. Next up is Derrick Gould of Baseball America. Aside from praising Hicks as a prospect to dream on and be in the cardinals top 10 next year, he says another scout referred to his curve as a 70. at this point, seeing as we have multiple scouts praising the breakout potential, and descriptions of plus plus pitches, I'm really ocnvicned Hicks is a top 100 prospect as of right now, with potential to be way higher. If these velocity gains are true, you're looks at the same skill set that had guys like Alex Reyes shoot up prospect lists a few years ago. Based on the early reports from this year and his age/level, this could be one of the big breakouts of the year.
  10. Isan Diaz, Brewers 2b Desmond Lindsey, Mets OF
  11. I put Vlad firmly in the Kirriloff, Lindsey, Diaz, type of place. He's one of the most intriguing full season debuts for sure, there's tons of upside, but it's gonna take a year for him to really ascend lists, and to prove the initial reports were off a little. Farnsworth threw a 45 on his hit tool. Longerhagen says he's not sold on him yet hitting upper minors pitching in the future. No actual scout has really gone in on him without trepidation yet. No reason for us to do otherwise.
  12. Eloy Robles Yoan Rodgers Devers Senzel Frazier Brinson Rutherford Benintendi Gallo Meadows Gleyber Matian Swanson Happ Not even counting guys like Diaz, Lewis, Collins, Moniak, etc And you wanna rank him number 1 overall hitter?? Huh? He's a young impressive hitter who is in the next tier of risers, and has that type of ability to impress and climb lists in the future, maybe starting 2018 I can see him as a top 5/10 type hitter with a great season next year as well, but saying he's the top hitter right NOW, that's far overstating his value when almost everyone above has just as much pedigree/tools as him.
  13. There should be 20 or so hitters ranked ahead of him at absolute minimum. I understand the desire to find that "next guy up" in dynasty leagues. I play in one and have made a habit of that exact practice. But "best hitting prospect" is lunacity for this stage of his development. You can't ignore proximity THAT much and be taken seriously. We have no idea how he's going to react to advanced sequencing, better arms, better stuff, guys who can really spin it, etc. He doesn't exactly have a quick twitch type body over here either. I get wanting to like him and plant that flag early, but you need to be more reasonable.
  14. This is insanely overrating him in a number of ways.
  15. He's got the arm. It's about refinement of the other actions. I don't think they'll rush him and they'll give him every shot. parks was huge on him a few years ago
  16. He's one of the better 1b prospects especially with fielder clearing the way in Texas, but I'm not completely sold on the power. He's made some big time positive adjustments this season and has the long levers and pedigree, but scouts seem lukewarm on his future projections HR wise
  17. I think Leodys Taveras took his spot, tho.
  18. He has really risen in the minds of evaluators. Might be the pop up guy this year. I missed out already, shucks.
  19. He was a late first pick in my 16 team league minors/j2 draft. I had the opportunity to take him twice and ended up with Senzel and Rutherford instead. no regrets, but I like kirriloff even with the extended proximity
  20. I also think Eloy hits more HR. I'll still take Robles over him long term
  21. I can see turning down Gleyber. He's not as fantasy friendly potential wise as Eloy. but ROBLES? Thaaaaats a stretch for me. 5 cats vs 4. Similar timeframes, more consensus around Victor. To me he's easily the top A ball guy right now, any position. With him it's not just the tools, but also the mature approach for such a young player. He may get hit some but he's also more disciplined then 99% of players his age regardless.
  22. You're too hype. Lot of love for him right now, and also a wide range of outcomes. He's got a .407 BABIP. The average is a mirage, it will come down. His discipline leaves plenty to be desired. in terms of tools he's an exciting young player. But he's not all of a sudden over all the known quantities in the high minors, and even then, Robles, Devers, Gleyber, Rodgers, Espinoza, these are the Lo or Hi A guys who alone could be ranked ahead of Eloy.