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  1. Been an Eloy fan for awhile. Hardlined an owner Ina dynasty league trade saying it MUST include him last year. Good thread, the potential is big.
  2. Then why are you on a Fantasy Baseball discussion forum?I think those comparisons are fair as far as comparing an outcome for tool potential. Does it mean they will become clones of those players? No, and I think that is common sense when making these comparisons. I'm not sure you know what irresponsible means. Irresponsible is when you drink and drive. Irresponsible is when you aren't doing what's suppose to be done. Comparing two baseball players isn't irresponsible. Like I said, that makes no damn sense. Putting unrealistic expectations on a players doesn't make you irresponsible. You understand the difference now? So before you try to check someone, at least try to understand the English language first. That's irresponsible. Actually it's not, it just makes you look dumb. I can't believe someone actually liked your post. What are you so mad about? Relax.
  3. Have any of you actually seen his hitting lines? He's not hitting over here. His stats look good in a small sample this year but he hit .202 last year. Maybe if he's projectable? Who knows. I doubt it.
  4. Sounds like a poorly written joke The guy isnt hitting here
  5. Comps sort of irresponsible even tho we've all done it But dude is looking like a top 10 prospect in baseball by midseason if he already isnt
  6. Less power then Betts. Mookie has that pulls side loft that plays perfectly at Fenway. I really see Starling Marte with 10-15 and 40-45. With better OBP. That's a game changer.
  7. hahah, classic Thanks for the constructive response. I thought this was an information thread. I guess it's just snarky response after snarky response, except for Brock, thanks for the info. Scouting, for both real life and fantasy, is built on both stats as well as the eye test. One piece only tells part of the story. When that part of the story is 11 innings in sample size, it tends to get discounted, especially when there's an entire career of solid numbers and scouts saying "he looks like a true ace" Truthfully, when it comes to fantasy, what scouts say tends to take precedence for me over what the numbers say. It wasn't long ago Syndergaard was posting ERA's north of 4.5 in AAA. Scouts didn't waver much. TLDR: Take the small sample size with a grain of salt, because all of the underlying reports have been overwhelmingly positive for years.
  8. BP put a 70 on his hit tool in a report last year.
  9. This is a guy who is years away. Struggled out the gate but has come back a bit lately. Lot of people forecasting big things for him long term. However, he doesn't have a ton of power or a ton of speed, so fantasy wise I would expect him to be a solid regular rather then all star. I say this as a Torres owner. If he can keep hitting I expect to see him as a top 20 or so prospect next year,
  10. Needs more time. Need to see him do it in Potomac. If he does there, you can expect him to be in the 10-15 range as a lock.What I'm looking for isn't the numbers, it's the scouting report. I want to see a real write up. THAT + High A numbers will determine trajectory, I can imagine what the scouting report will say... Robles has managed to luck into an OBP of over .500. He looks slow but somehow steal 7 bases and hit 3 triples in 14 games. He's walked more than he's K'd all while being one of the youngest players in a pitcher dominated league. Scouting report: he's a bum! He's dominated Lo-A. That's for sure. After what he did last year, that much was expected. I want to see him do it in high A before fully anointing him to top 10. Then we're talking. He'll have a shot at that this year.
  11. Needs more time. Need to see him do it in Potomac. If he does there, you can expect him to be in the 10-15 range as a lock.What I'm looking for isn't the numbers, it's the scouting report. I want to see a real write up. THAT + High A numbers will determine trajectory,
  12. If he has the half seasons Buxton had in A ball, he's a no doubt top 5/10 prospect in baseball going into next year. Keep it up kid.
  13. best two way player in that draft is probably Bradley zimmer But regardless, verdugo likely caps out at 15hr 20 ab as a ceiling, his swing doesn't create a ton of leverage players can always surprise but to me he's a "better in real life" guy
  14. I'm just saying what a potential upside could be based on tool grades I've read from various places. I'm aware of the irresponsibility on projecting 18 year olds but I'm just having fun outchea
  15. The OBP is a mirage. He's got something insane like 21 HBP in 200AB's and its doubled his potential gains in that category. I think he's got a lot of bad speed and decent leverage in his swing, so power can always develop, but I'm not sure he's a big contributor there. BP threw a 7 on his hit tool though so I think a best case scenario type would be AJ Pollack.
  16. He didn't have a thread yet? He had to have a thread. One of the big time breakout prospects of the year
  17. I saw some other people saying "inverted W" in regards to espinoza I'm no expert and I would need some obvious stills but I couldn't see it in the video from BA
  18. The hype is reminiscent of Bundy.
  19. Yeah. Cooper and the BA crew love him. Love love love him.
  20. Most likely they hold him down to start the year for an extra year of team control.
  21. Today's outing jsut as dominant as the rest These are like, Bundy first exposure type numbers. This is crazy.
  22. Ironically enough the scouting concern for both of those players was that they had a lot of swing and miss in their game and while they had power speed and plenty of other tools, Jocs minor league average of .302 and George's of .301 were not likely to translate well in the majors due to effort and length in their swing....lo and behold George has a lifetime average of .245 and Joc has hit .210...many other facets to their game Joc was a top 50 guy pre 2014 and a top 20 guy pre 2015 George was top 60 or so pre 2013 and top 20 or so pre 2014 I think you underrate the ability of evaluators to make adjustments to their rankings as a player progresses as well as their ability to evaluate talent...
  23. On a pure numbers basis you can make the argument that they have posted two of the best seasons. But you can't leave out the facets of the game that comes from actually scouting a player, their bat speed, their approach, their swing path and how that creates leverage, etc This is not me saying "eye test over numbers" either...this is saying those two things have to mesh and agree with each other, the numbers need to be confirmed by the eye test and vice versa in order to be able to say "best fantasy prospects in the minors" Both have done a good deal for their respective stocks this year. I'd place both firmly in the top 50 overall fantasy prospects, but not sure I'd be willing to say top 20, let alone top two overall, for either at this point. Both have a chance to be great hitters but plenty remains to be seen as they both try to shake some of the stigmas associated with them before this season.