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  1. That's the hope. I was on Devers last year when he was doing similarly impressive things but his approach has regressed a lot, at least in terms of what I can tell from his OBP. Maybe scouting the stat line too much but it's something to look out for. Here's to him keeping it up.
  2. Link to some of those reports? All I've really seen are scouts gushing in chats on various websites, nothing concrete.
  3. He already has, but now is the last possible moment to maybe sneak by someone. I have him in my league and I won't trade him because I think his value can only go up from here
  4. Saw that. Something Kiley has said before is that 60 equates to a top 30 or so overall prospect. With the type of reports he's getting he's probably going to be in the top 100 even the most conservative places going into next year.
  5. He should be top 100 now with the potential for a LOT more.
  6. Thanks to your post here I was able to jump on him before the hype train really started to begin. Now with various evaluators REALLY giving him that Devers sort of treatment, I had a member of my league actually text me and say "I'm really jealous of that pickup." About 200 prospects or so rostered in this league. Thanks a bunch.
  7. Yeah. Value is value in a deep enough league. The potential here is pretty high, my league rosters around 200 prospects so he's certainly worth it as his value could skyrocket if he keeps this up.
  8. The height still scares me. I love me some extension towards the plate and downhill plane. Still have him rostered in my 16 teamer. People will be catching on soon.
  9. He won't sniff a top 100 ranking for at least a year. If he's as advanced as they say he is he could make a list like that early, maybe at 17, but realistically I can't see anyone ranking him seriously in a top 100 context until he's at least 17, more likely as an 18 year old in the back end of a top 100 somewhere. These 16 year old signings ALWAYS need to start putting up numbers, like actual organized baseball numbers, before they can really be considered for a list or anything like that.
  10. Really great post with the bolded. This is terminology we're all looking for when hearing about guys.
  11. Just piggybacking here but yeah, all indication is that this kid is a real player with an unusual amount of hype for a J2 guy. It's an awful long time to wait for fantasy purposes, but it might be completely worth it depending on format. I'll be actively monitoring his situation in the leagues I play in going forward.
  12. Love the mention here. Real under the radar type.
  13. neph27

    AJ Reed - 1B HOU

    Hitter friendly park? Have you been to Minute Maid? I guess I see him as a prospect that can get to the big leagues quick and get plugged in at DH or 1B in 2016 at some point. The book on Goldschmidt was "long swing", too. That was trumpeted so loudly, I dropped him after his first taste of the bigs, expecting him to be a two-outcome hitter. Bryant has a "long swing" too, but he has excellent pitch recognition and knows the strike zone fairly well. Reed's walk/strikeout ratio stands out, IMO. He knows how to hit and punishes mistakes. I guess that's the joy in prospecting. I think he's going to outperform expectations. Others, not so much. It'll be fun to watch which direction he heads in. I was talking about Lancaster not minute made. Lancaster is one of the big time number skewers in the whole minor leagues. Hitters heaven. I Typically want to see Astros prospects perform in AA before really really praising them
  14. neph27

    AJ Reed - 1B HOU

    Hitter friendly Park and a ton of length in his swing. Not too excited in the profile overall imo. Not my type of guy
  15. Heading to the GCL. Keep a close eye on this one folks. Anything you've seen about delivery or arm action? Is it a violent 99? He's so small it almost has to be.
  16. I made the move in my deeper dynasty. Just don't want to miss on this guy being in a sawks uni if he really is a GUY
  17. Seeing really positive reports from a bunch of places. He's got the pedigree, so why not. If he keeps this up he'll slide into at least the back end of a few top 100 lists next year
  18. .340 with 4HR and 9stls. Environment is slanted extremely towards hitters though. Very divisive prospect. Some are all in and some say he can't hit a curve. Double A will be the test. These numbers are expected for someone with his bat to ball skills in the environment he's in. Lifetime .320 hitter. But the test with be AA. Wake me up when that happens.
  19. francisco mejia, alberto tirado, amed rosario, alexander reyes, lewis thorpe, sena manaea, nick williams all look like names to watch for me right now. there's more but those would be who i would deem the big potential risers. all come with caveats though. concerns over tapia's lower half
  20. natrually, but at the same time the right people in the right places have been buzzing a bit about him. for those of us who play in deeper leagues (i have a 16 team dynasty league with the option of carrying up to 10 minor leaguers off the MLB roster) he's someone to jump on now. Everything about his profile and the buzz he's getting screams "riser" which is exactly what I've been looking for everyone in my league has read top 100 lists from BR, BA, BP, dynastyguru, faketeams, etc. We know those guys like the back of our hand at this point. Those emerging talents who have a shot to rise up lists next year are what we're all looking for. And based on the reports this spring it seems like Tapia is THE emerging talent of those emerging talent. Yes, expectations should be tempered, but all of this is relative. I'm not saying he's a lock to be a solid ML regular. But he is looking like someone who could be more then that.
  21. Reminds me of Taveras. One of the biggest things to look for in a fantasy prospect is the words "bat speed." Make no mistake, this is a guy who could explode this year. One of my favorite potential risers.