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  1. Is it the first one or second one?
  2. I would do that
  3. Id try Odor first. Balls fly in that stadium when it warms up. But hes not exactly reliable.
  4. This is basically impossible to answer without seeing the rosters of the other teams in your league. And your are in a tough spot with all your underperforming hitters (Kinsler, Cargo, Hanley, Turner) so you won't get anything of fair value for them. What are some SP you can target and what are that teams needs? And your SP looks decent with Verlander, Cole, Hendricks as your top 3.
  5. Lester, Cobb, Cueto
  6. I thought you said in a previous post you couldn't roster more than 7 SP. If you can then Russel is easily the drop. I would do this now.
  7. Best Bats: Mazara, Peralta, Smoak, Nunez, Belt, Alonso Best SP: Feldman (yes he is the highest scoring SP), Hahn, Andriese, Nolasco, Miranda, Jimmy Nelson. So there are at least hitting options on the wire. SP is brutal and streaming is tough. Pick a bad streamer and you can get -20 points. And when you score an average of 350 points a week a couple -20's can hurt.
  8. I'd do that all day long
  9. What makes you think Cozart will be relevant all year. He has no track record to prove he can sustain this. I would rather have Correa and E5.
  10. The wire is thin. The league tends to hoard pitchers. I am in first place currently but when my pitching is bad I have no shot. The best pitchers on the wire per our settings are: Feldman (yes he is the highest scoring SP), Hahn, Andriese, Nolasco, Miranda, Jimmy Nelson.
  11. Happ. He's going to be in the middle of a very good lineup.
  12. I am playing bundy tonight but I am scared. I'd still roll Duffy out there. I think I'd start Lynn too.
  13. I'd hold. McCullers will be good all year.
  14. Get Bedrosian, do the Polanco move and I'd go for Maybin (to not use your waiver) and use the waiver on Tanaka. Lynn would be my drop (but it's tough with how Tanaka is going)