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  1. Ramirez. Provides you everything and is still young. He is only like 5 homers behind Sano at this point and hitting 50 points higher. I think he is a lot better than Sano.
  2. The Trout owner would be stupid to do that
  3. He will not unseat Chapman unless there is an injury. At best he will be the 8th inning guy. Looks like you have plenty of better options.
  4. Drop Berrios. I like consistency in a SP and Godley has been that. But definitely take that deal.
  5. Id go Kingery
  6. Guess I'd go the Felix side but it all depends on needs. Those are all pretty blah players unless Pham keeps doing what he is doing.
  7. Nope. Elite arms are harder to find than those 3 guys. All of those guys have been meh or worse this year.
  8. I would hope he clears. Thanks for mine.
  9. Thames was also just dropped.
  10. Points league with quality starts instead of wins Roark Lamet Folty Wacha Kennedy Odorizzi Bundy
  11. Yes. This week and next are combined.