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  1. Just wait for a SP or two to show up on the waiver and you should be good. Thanks for mine.
  2. I agree that Marte is the pick. Thanks for mine.
  3. QS instead of Wins, Points League Wacha Steven Wright Gsellman Norris Hammel Skaggs Kennedy Nova Bundy Snell
  4. Blackmon would give you a great OF. Them maybe a 2B to have a strong infield as well. I like Blackmon then Dozier/Pollock
  5. I wouldn't do that. I love Goldy but giving up two young stars isnt the right move.
  6. Just tell him to stop making offers if that is what he's going to offer.
  7. Backdoor Slider makes a good point. In my points league Kershaw would get around 850 points while the next best pitcher would get around 725. So he scores a much larger amount over the #2. While Betts last year scored 700 points in my league there were several OF within 100 points of him. So if Kershaw doesn't have a large gap between him and #2 compared to the gap between Betts and the next best OF then take the bats.
  8. I am in a points league too and usually follow the same strategy. But Kershaw is a different breed in points leagues. You take him and don't look back.
  9. Melky from that list if you have an open spot http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/641885-pick-2-sp-whir/
  10. Need two back end starters. Points league with quality starts instead of wins Bundy Snell Hammel Kennedy Daniel Norris Gsellman Ryu Iwakuma Chen Steven Wright
  11. If people in your league tend to keep pitchers go with Ray. If they tend to keep hitters go Schoop. If even keep Schoop.
  12. In H2H leagues you can't always wait for a waiver wire player to become good.
  13. On questions like this I always pick the highest ceiling player. Kepler
  14. So if you add a player from waivers that is an asset, say Edwin Diaz last year. But you have too many RP. Are you supposed to just let your opponents pick him up because you don't need him or do you pick him up and and try to trade a RP to fix a hole on your team. It's not like one team can patch all its holes from waivers. Other teams want those players too. So to say trading is a bad way to improve your team is simply an opinion with no factual backing. If you play in a competitive league this means you have no bad owners. These owners should only make trades that benefit their teams. Meaning a trade is beneficial for both parties. And don't forget this is a game and it's supposed to be fun no matter the money you have invested.
  15. Points league so no categories. Who you got?