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  1. Now leading the NL in runs and SB's. Has a chance to make the NL MVP a three horse race...
  2. In CBS leagues he only needs one more start/appearance at 2nd to qualify (currently at 4) He already has OF, SS, and 3B
  3. His dad also happens to be the D-Backs AAA Manager. Pure conjecture obviously but I think this makes him less likely to be yanked around. Hope I'm right and he plays.
  4. he will be utility at first but keep an eye on 2nd base
  5. The last post on this guy was almost 3 years ago so previous thread was archived. Why is no one talking about this guy? Weird. Top 100. Close to the majors/not much in front of him. Not much power but good hit tool. Seems like Luis Urias but more SB's.
  6. Anyone else find it interesting that both Reyes and Renfroe have been rested for "fatigue" in the past week, coincidentally around the same time of the Kluber trade rumors? I think one of these guys is trade bait. Possibly sooner rather than later and it would provide the opportunity for both to get full-time at bats.
  7. Hampson has been out for a week hurt. Plays for the 1st time today and starts in.....LF. (Valaika was at 2nd so McMahon could have a day off) Reading between the lines this is McMahon's job. If Hampson had a shot they would have played him at 2nd today. This is solely my opinion. My keepers are due tonight and I am acting accordingly...
  8. With Manny wanting this guy in the lineup and the Pads experimenting with Myers in center, things are looking very good for Franmil this year. If he is still going after pick 200 this is the bargain of the year IMO...Oh, and he hit another bomb last night...
  9. The "Dahli Lambas" are hoping for a peaceful baseball season.
  10. Here's something that hasn't been discussed. This is a quote from an article posted in the Philly Enquirer on 3/2. You can view the full article on Kingery's thread in the Minors section. We don't know how Kapler is going to be as a Manager but if he is as aggressive as Kingery seems to feel he is below...I think 15 home runs is reasonable but I'm EXPECTING 25-30 steals. Thats where the value is. They introduced advanced stats, using terms Kingery knew little about. This was the new Phillies. The group talked to him about his baserunning and encouraged him to steal more bases. Kingery thought he has been a bit tentative and was told to take chances this spring and be aggressive. Kingery left the meeting feeling as if he could steal 45 bases this season.
  11. The mad wizard Madden is pulling out all stops this year. I just checked my teams eligibility on CBS. As of today, Rizzo has 2 appearances at 2nd base (I believe he had one all of last year) and one OF appearance. Also interesting, Schwarber, Baez, and Zobrist each have an appearance at 1st (but Schwarber has none at catcher). At this rate, Rizzo may be my starting MI by mid-June...