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  1. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    will be interesting if any other teams one up hosmers 7/$150M before he signs
  2. Devin Funchess 2017 Season Outlook

    Any Carolina fans have insight into the shoulder injury? Wondering if i should feel 'safe' starting him in championship week this sunday or go with some plan B option off the bench. This shoulder injury seems to be a real nagging issue and can't afford another week like last week.
  3. What this tells me is that buying low and constantly upgrading your bench / stashing the right players is where you will find a competitive advantage in fantasy football. And that the draft isn't that important.
  4. I got Bell early in the year when he had a slow start. It was a total buy low trade. Also got Keenan Allen right before he blew up over the last 5 weeks or so. Trade 1 (Week 3/4) Sent: Ajayi, Howard, Diggs, & Hopkins Received: Bell, Cooper, Cooks, & Lynch Trade 2 (Week 9): Sent: Kamara, Crabtree Received: Keenan Allen, Rob Gronkowski Started the season 2-6 and haven't lost since week 8 all the way through the playoffs. My average score has been 127 since week 8.
  5. 10 team, standard yahoo pro $100 QB1 - Phil Rivers WR1 - Brandin Cooks WR2 - Keenan Allen WR3 - Devin Funchess RB1 - Leveon Bell RB2 - Mark Ingram TE1 - Rob Gronkowski K - Chris Boswell DEF - Minnesota Vikings I have 72% chance to win vs my opponent according to Yahoo's pregame projection. Only 1 of these players (Ingram), was originally drafted by me. Everybody else came by way of trade and/or waiver wire.
  6. Keenan Allen 2017 Season Outlook

    Any chance he'll be a full go next week (week 16) ?
  7. 2017 Team Defense and Kicker thread

    anybody have any good WEEK 16 defense/kicker touts? I'm in a league where all the playoff teams have hoarded multiple defenses to prevent streaming. SO i need to look ahead a week in advance and store some possible options.
  8. Mookie Betts 2018 Outlook

    You can't use one season samples when it comes to splits .. especially since there's way fewer left handed pitchers. Most meaningful metrics don't become reliable until you hit the 500-600 plate appearance mark. exit velocity and launch angle take into account that Betts had a lot more popups last year and rightfully credits those as likely outs. STILL Betts exit velocity and launch angles on all of his contact suggested a BA closer to .300. also it still befuddles me how people haven't learned the value difference between a handful of SBs...with all else equal...a 25/20 season is far more valuable than a 25/15 season ... those 5 SBs add anywhere from $5-$10 in value difference depending on the scarcity of SBs that year. add in the age difference (6 years) and the 25 year old betts is way more likely to maintain his elite 5 cat production (he's at an age where deterioration of skills is way less likely) which adds a lot more value to his floor, and we're discussing 2 players at the part of the draft where floor is vastly more important. betts is in my top 5 in standard mixed roto leagues based on his projections.. and will be on a lot of championship winning teams next season because of some poor BA luck in 2017.
  9. Mookie Betts 2018 Outlook

    The biggest perception difference between Blackmon and Betts (one's batted ball profile added a ton of luck to his roto stats last year, and the other was on the wrong side of a lot of luck). The other big difference is that one is still on the upward swing of the age curve, while the other is already on the downward slope of it. The latter reason is HUGE, especially since a big chunk of their overall value is going to come down to SB upside. And the age curve is even way more unforgiving for base stealers.
  10. Mookie Betts 2018 Outlook

    Outside of Mike Trout, nobody is touching Betts 3 year split (2015-2017): 3 year totals: 315 R, 292 RBI, 73 SB, 73 HR, .292 BA average: 105 R, 97 RBI, 24 HR, 24 SB, .292 BA Add in the youth, durability, the red sox hitter friendly confines, that teams budget/ability to patch holes in the offense, and all of the other ancillary skills Betts brings to the table ... and nobody outside of Mike Trout is touching his floor. In the first round FLOOR is everything.
  11. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    anybody have the wevos to start him?
  12. Devin Funchess 2017 Season Outlook

    Anybody worried about the toe/him getting regular snaps/reps on Sunday?
  13. Jamison Crowder 2017 Season Outlook

    This guy is getting ~10 targets a game right now ... no way he should be on any waiver wires ... especially PPR. But even in standard he's a solid WR3.
  14. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    What isn't there to get ? TDs are random/fluky as hell ... as long as the targets and yards are there ... the TDs will follow. He'll finish with 1000+ yards and 140+ targets.
  15. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    There's no such thing as "consistent" at WR ... we are dealing with way too tiny of a sample size which is why productivity varies so widely from week to week. This isn't an Amari Cooper issue, or a Keenan Allen issue, this is a position-issue. The super elite WRs (there are maybe 2 or 3 of them) get targeted enough where they can make a consistent impact, but even they are prone to weeks of single digit performances balanced by multiple TD breakout games.