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  1. Yonder Alonso 2018 Outlook

    anybody else get the feeling that this guy is about to go off?
  2. Jose Altuve 2018 Outlook

    Tough last 7 days: batting close to .200 with 2 R, and 1 RBI
  3. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    It's a really long season -- i wouldn't be changing your outlook too much in regards to any player after just a few weeks.
  4. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    Anybody else notice his BABIP is .229 ? Harper is essentially batting an unlucky .300/.480/.740 right now
  5. Jose Quintana 2018 Outlook

    if you are ready to cut a player that you paid a top 75 pick price for -- after a few bad starts in April -- then you are doing it wrong.
  6. Dansby Swanson 2018 Outlook

    The projection systems are just a 'flash' look at the combination of the players last several seasons. Those are the numbers swanson typically puts up, even translating his minor league numbers.
  7. Eric Hosmer 2018 Outlook

    I've owned the undervalued eric hosmer for years .. this has to be one of the first times i remember him taking time off for any physical ailment ever.
  8. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    A lot of the names being mentioned are in no way comparable to Jose Martinez. Jose Martinez is less than 2 years removed from a mediocre AAA season as a 27 year old. He didn't make his major league debut until age 26. His first potential full major league season is coming at age 29 *this year*. This is "late bloomer" on a whole other level. This career arch is super rare (as in it doesn't ever happen -- which just adds to the skepticism). There's no precedent for someone like this succeeding this late -- this is probably the equivalent of "linsanity". In any case, i don't think there's much disagreement here. I think what Jose Martinez is doing is exciting and he's an interesting/volatile stock that can go in either direction going forward (really high or crash or fall somewhere in between) where others might feel there's a higher degree of certainty with him succeeding going forward. I put a lot of stock in exit velocity/launch angles and Jose Martinez has been crushing the ball since he became a major league regular last year so there's a lot to like here. For his sake, it's a great story, and i hope he keeps it up.
  9. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    This is a guy who spent 10 YEARS in the minor leagues (from ages 18-28) and amassed 3,400+ plate appearances with a career minor league line of .295/.350/.412 and a minor league career ISO of .112. Is it possible that he woke up one day at age 28/29 and materialized into a star major league slugger? Sure, it's certainly possible, but it's going to require more than ~332 major league plate appearances to prove it. Most key metrics as it relates to hitters do not become "reliable" until 500-600 plate appearances. If we take a look at Jose Martinez last 500-600 plate appearances (even dating back to his minor league numbers) there's certainly A LOT to be positive about. I guess the point i'm trying to drive home here is that despite some really good recent data on Jose Martinez we all need to tap the break a little as there's all sorts of variation in possible outcomes going forward. He could be who he was for most of his pro career (minor league fodder), or he could be a star slugger who woke up one day and learned to hit a baseball better than most of his peers. What usually tends to be the case in these situations as the plate appearances accrue is that he falls somewhere in between.
  10. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    Still way too much ridiculous overhyping going on for a guy who is in the middle of a 2.5 week hot streak. I struggle with a way to word this type of post that doesn't make me come off as a negative nancy -- but at the same time, as a member of the community, i feel like i'm doing a disservice to it to not share my opinion on the matter. Jose Martinez is better than most people thought 350 plate appearances ago; that's for sure, but the sample size is still way too small. A savvy fantasy baseball manager will take advantage of this situation and try to sell while the stock is hot and trade in someone like Martinez for a more established player even if the upside isn't as great on the return. You can't just ignore Jose Martinez track record prior to his last ~350 major league plate appearances. His plate appearances prior to his major league success matter as well. Jose Martinez is the 2015, 2016, 2017, & 2018 version of himself all wrapped up into one. You weigh the most recent performance, but it ALL matters. There's a lot to be excited about here; especially given Martinez's draft day cost. But the verdict is still out on Jose Martinez. Despite his superstar numbers over his last ~350 plate appearances, there's still A LOT to prove. And ignoring Jose Martinez's career prior to his very recent success is bad fantasy baseball managing.
  11. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    Yes, this is what I said back in November. After a hot couple of weeks, continued good battled ball profile, and an everyday job seemingly on lock, his stock has definitely risen from that point. I would upgrade him from a "watchlist" to "must-add" status at this point (everyday players in the middle of solid lineups don't grow on trees). But he's still a major leaguer with a very mixed track record, and 350 PAs is still a tiny sample size. "Depth Charts" (Steamer & Zips projection with manual edit for playing time) have him finishing the season batting .285/.350/.445 with 15 HR, 5 SB, and good R/RBI per PA numbers based on his position in the batting order. Those who took a late rounder flier, congrats!
  12. Injury Trends and HBP

    I can only imagine a left handed hitter stepping into the batters box vs a 6'5 230 lb aroldis chapman and listening to the sound of a 100 mph fastball whiffing by and the loud pop of the glove (that sound could be the loud splattering of the bones being crushed in my hand (or head)). Especially now, the modern game is ALL ABOUT velocity. Exit velocity off the bat, pitcher velocity, max effort/max velocity pitches, etc. There is human flesh in between 100+ mph hardballs flying all over a baseball field. It's a dangerous game out there and i have a ton of respect for the courage these athletes show, who put their bodies on the line to entertain us.
  13. Injury Trends and HBP

    Another point is that pitchers are throwing the ball faster than at any point before. Faster velocity means that the balls are harder to 'dodge' and when they make an impact they are more likely to break bones.
  14. 4/12 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Am I the only one that gets annoyed when people use nicknames/abbreviations on discussion boards and just assume people know what they are talking about?
  15. Mar/April Closer Thread 2018

    How many consistent/elite closers are there these days anyway? Maybe 2-3? Then you have an additional 3-6 closers who have good job security and good track record. With 12 fantasy teams there's at most 9 good-bet closers. I don't think anybody who plays fantasy baseball can avoid playing the game of saves anymore. There's just way too much volatility at the position now.