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  1. Trade offer help

    I am in a H2H AL only 10 team / 10 keeper format. I've been offered several different versions of the same basic deal. I have been offered 3B Jose Ramirez and either OF Castellanos or Zimmer for Either Benintendi or Buxton and Devers. My other OF are Judge and Kiermaier. I also have Candelario on my roster as a backup 3B if I did the deal and Ramirez winds up at 2B. My 2B currently is Merrifield. Thoughts? My initial reaction is that I don't need to do this, but I wanted to get some other perspectives.
  2. Trade Help

    if I got JBJ, probably Kiermaier?
  3. Trade Help

    Ok I am in a H2H AL only 10 team / 10 keeper format. I have been offered Bogaerts, Merrifield, Candelario and either Jackie Bradley, James McCann, or Michael Brantley for Mazara, Cano, and Alex Cobb. Cobb may not even be in the AL next year, who knows. My current SS is Andrelton Simmons, 3B is Devers, and I have Judge, Buxton, Haniger, and Kiermaier. I love Mazara and think big things are in store for him and am reluctant to deal him. Merrifield makes me younger at 2B and Bogaerts is an upgrade at SS. Please help.
  4. Tough Choice

    I would go Bregman. I just see Torres as a bit risky.
  5. Who should be my final keeper?

    I would say Carrasco due to your offensive lineup already being very good.
  6. Mookie or Harper for keeper?

    Harper all the way!
  7. While I love both players, I think you have to go Contreras due to the scarcity of quality at the catcher position. It is a no doubter to me.
  8. Zimmer or Brinson?

    I like both players, but I think that I would lean Brinson due to him having the assured at bats. I also like his long term upside.
  9. Jacob Faria or Alex Reyes?

    Reyes, no doubt about it.
  10. 1 more keeper

    I would say Bregman.
  11. Which arm to own?

    For this year, I would say Faria and then Buehler a close second.
  12. Yelich or Sano

    I would go Yelich. I am not a fan of Sano. Yelich's value only goes up in Milwaukee.
  13. Seager or Bellinger

    It is tough as it is close. I would lean Bellinger. I am glad I own both!