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  1. Not very optimist. I gave up today and dropped him (I picked Nwaba to see the next game).
  2. I still remember how I dropped Josh Richardson in 4 leagues last year after 10 games, so I will be a little more patient this year and Keep SloMo a little longer.
  3. Even if you're not punting FT, his FT volume is too low to hurt. It's better to watch the number of FT missed than the % IMO. I drafted him 2 times on 6 teams, but in late rounds though.
  4. I get Jokic on my pick 8 in a private league, pretty competitive, and tried a punt blocks strategy on my last snake draft. Here's what I made. 1. (8) Nikola Jokic (Den - F) 2. (17) Kyrie Irving (Bos - G) 3. (32) Kevin Love (Cle - F) 4. (41) Gary Harris (Den - G,F) 5. (56) Joe Ingles (Uta - G,F) 6. (65) Enes Kanter (NY - Util) 7. (80) Dario Saric (Phi - F) 8. (89) Kyle Anderson (Mem - G,F) 9. (104) Thaddeus Young (Ind - F) 10. (113) Trevor Ariza (Pho - G,F) 11. (128) Kelly Olynyk (Mia - F) 12. (137) Bobby Portis (Chi - F) 13. (152) Reggie Bullock (Det - G,F)
  5. I am surprised that no one is talking about him. After a great summer (Las Vegas), the preseason starts really well for him (14 points, three rebounds, four assists and a steal in 25 minutes) and he could start instead of KCP shortly. No love for Hart here?
  6. I still believe in. I just bought him today in one of my league (I gave Warren).
  7. I wonder, what do you guys think of his upside in dynasty leagues?
  8. I dropped Josh Richardson for him, even if he plays 10 minutes he will be more productive I'm pretty sure.
  9. Not the best place to talk about Siakam, but to answer, I think that he has more upside now than Chriss. As Nadertime said, he tries harder, and the coach seems to love him. With a bit of confidence and opportunity, he can be a good pick. if not, I will drop him and I will not repick Chriss.
  10. I have traded to add Sabonis in my roto. Kind of insurance.
  11. Same thoughts. But till now, in my keeper league (only keepers), I still hold, like I held on Jokic and on Nurkic last 2 years. It's more difficult because Willy don't play at all, but I'm still not ready to drop.