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  1. Thing is there is no reason he should have even been in there. Now he's wasted for tomorrow's game because he will need rest. Plain stupid managing
  2. Why would colome be pitchin for up for. My God managers are so dumb not a save situation/ hes not cold nor does he need work. Just stupid managing. Why not put a lesser reliever in that situation
  3. In a vacuum who'd you rather own from her on out?
  4. Two good spec adds for people huring to replace familia in my opinion.... joakim soria (looking more possible that Herrera gets traded) solid ratios and a hx of high pressure situations. kyle barraclough(excuse the spelling) was obliterated the other night but besides that he's been solid. Personally I've never been huge on ramos, seems like he's always on the ledge.
  5. Not a deal thats worth a crap, awful trade, team 8 got raped, Saying that its not collusion just dumb.
  6. I feel as if his beard is the source of all his power, Im really hoping he doesn't pull an Andrew McCutchen and chop it off. This Beards for you!
  7. I blame this on wilmer Flores With Love, Familia
  8. I hope he continues to mash not really interested in SB. However, I can see what you mean , just dont get greedy
  9. I'm glad to see him doing what he should be doing against teams he should dominate. All signs pointing up at this point
  10. I go with super marte lite. Hitting at the bottom of colorodo lineup he wont have many runs. He doesnt hit for much power at all, and isnt a speedster. But can steal bases. He can hit avg. Having a plus hit tool and playing in coors I could see in his prime. 70runs 6homers 70rbi 12 sb batting .300
  11. he's at 70 something pitches tho surely he could go 90-100
  12. do you really take urias out even if he's throwing a no hitter?
  13. you mean 6 no hit innings?
  14. neither your keep yelich