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  1. Never be involved with your own Veto that in itself is grounds for quitting in my opinion Id never play in that league again Id choke someone
  2. stop it with cherry picking good days, Oh hasn't been great not saying he has, but rosie gave up a bomb yesterday, where were you then????
  3. Big showing for Oh last night, Rosenthal giving up jimmy jacks helps also. Kelley looks solid, probably holds the job until they trade for someone, kind of reminds me of the drew stores situation a year or two ago whenever they traded for papeldick while storen was doing good. Neris/benoit seem to be in a 40-60 split.
  4. Kelly looking good so far, nice to see, It says kelly wont pitch back to back, i bet he will, just not three in a row ever, or three of four
  5. Familia getting first crack since suspension in a non closing situation.
  6. Benoit dominating, Neris owners better hope he does the same. I gonna bet he doesn't.
  7. Oh unavailble today
  8. What happens in Korea.....Stays in Korea.
  10. Jeremy Jeffress returns for the eighth after a 1-2-3 seventh. Alex Claudio and Jose Leclerc are warming. Looks like Tony Barnette to close.
  11. 250
  12. 60 faab for grilli in my league 20 faab for Benoit, I have no clue why either, totally a steal.
  13. Honestly I'd veto the piss out of it
  14. I literally fell on the on the floor laughing, Benoit had the experience and all the money points to him as well, most Managers and front offices in the MLB side with experience and money over shiny new toys they'll have to overpay. No doubt neris deserves a shot a some point but all signs pointed to this.
  15. Can we please get a link to to this? Would make a great meme for future dumpster fires