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  1. Looks like will smith will be traded by himself. If Watson was not traded would it still be dyson?
  2. Who will close in San Fran when the fresh prince is traded?
  3. Gee elite toe > Maddox change my mind
  4. Freaking stud. Absolutely demolished Kansas City today.
  5. I’m trotting him out. YOLO he hasn’t done anything for me to not warrant a start. If he can get around yelich he will have a great game.
  6. Looks like the white Sox are about to sell Colome to a contender. First off who is the immediate add? And secondly could he move I to a setup role after departure? Might be a good time to be selling.
  7. Movin down in the order will really reduce those stolen bases as well. Complete bust.
  8. My Rhys Hoskins and Luis castillo his javy Baez and Domingo German pretty sure im gonna pull the trigger. What do y’all think. Simple yes or no will help alot
  9. Sent Rhys Hoskins/ Luis castillo recieved javy Baez/ Domingo German