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  1. Still looking for owners, email me at
  2. Devy Forever - 2 open team, Pittsburgh and Jacksonville. There will be a 4 team dispersal draft once filled. $50 NFL Forever - Multiple open teams. Will be a dispersal auction once filled. $25
  3. I have openings in both of my 32 team devy leagues. They are both $52.50 The 1st one is a contract league going into its 3rd year. It has a max of 4 devy per team. Open teams are Cleveland, Indianapolis, Carolina. The 2nd is a forever/full keeper league. Its going into its 2nd year. Has a max of 10 devy players. Open teams New England, Pittsburgh, New Orleans. If your interested or have questions, email me at
  4. If you are still looking, i have 3 openings in both of my 32 team devy leagues.
  5. I have 3 openings in my 32 team league. Email me if interested.
  6. Are there still openings? Would be interested, just have a few questions
  7. Cincinnati Tennessee Jacksonville Oakland New Orleans NYG Seattle
  8. Cincinnati Tennessee Jacksonville LAC Denver Oakland Philadelphia NYG Detroit New Orleans Arizona Seattle
  9. Ive got a 32 team devy league im starting up and looking for owners. Its on MFL. - 32 NFL teams - Up to 10 Devy players - 40 man rosters + 10 taxi - IDP - Full keeper/Forever - Auction to set rosters and a 5 round. devy draft after auction - Annual devy/rookie/vet draft - $50 league fee + 2.50 site fee Email me at if interested Open Teams Buffalo Pittsburgh Cincinnati Tennessee Jacksonville Houston Indianapolis LAC Oakland Philadelphia NYG Detroit Minnesota Atlanta Arizona Seattle