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  1. Only needed 8.6 points to win the Championship...thanks for the 8.3 pal I could have started any of the other 31 QB's and gotten suck! We are forever finished!! Hope you wake up with a stocking full of coal. peace out!
  2. 0.5 ppr…. if Gurley sits McGuire vs Packers Anderson @ Cardinals
  3. I am starting both of these guys this week and I would probably play Samuels just because he might catch a lot of screen passes if they get behind playing catchup.
  4. 0.5 ppr Nelson or Dixon for this week?
  5. I just dropped Gus for Dixon so I would say him. Dixon seemed to have more of a bust last week than Gus plus he catches some screen passes. Dixon.
  6. I have Mahomes, but we start 2 QB's....who is my 2nd QB? Carr at Bengals Driskel vs Raiders Manning vs Titans thanks
  7. wtf....anyone know if he got hurt?
  8. which starting 2nd QB Carr vs Chiefs Tannehill vs Bills Driskel vs Broncos Manning vs Bears
  9. This question was so silly I just had to click on it. Chubb ros, not even close.
  10. AP, on a short week road game with the backup QB. Looks to be a low scoring game, if he doesnt score then he probably has 50-70 yds on the day. Richard, might be Carr's #1 receiver on Sunday? Am I crazy? Gobble gobble
  11. Richard! He will be Carr's #1 receiver on Sunday.
  12. Richard and Smith. Shootout in Nola.
  13. Close, probably Reynolds just because of the system he is in.
  14. pick 2 rb's for this week 0.5 ppr Peterson @ Dallas Gus vs Oakland Richard @ Baltimore
  15. We start 2 QB's, I have Mahomes, Manning, and Carr. Start 1 TE, I have Ebron and McDonald. Should I go after Brate or a QB...Winston, or Tannehill.
  16. i like Brate, just so many options in the ATL.