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  1. Cam or Ryan ROS?

    Not sure why it matters, but it’s: Hopkins Hogan Bell Kamara DJ (on IR) Rudolph Gostkowski Balt D Bench of Parker, Josh Gordon and Ryan/Cam. I’d be dropping a QB for Perine.
  2. Cam or Ryan ROS?

    1 QB league Cam was dropped for his bye and I scooped him up. I can only carry one of them for the playoffs though and on the fence of who it should be... thoughts? Cam has had some huge games while Ryan still hasn’t, but Ryan seems to be in a better position to succeed moving forward.
  3. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    You must not have known 11 year old Josh Gordon.
  4. Jordan Reed 2017 Season Outlook

    I’m really wondering what to do with Reed down the stretch. Do you hold or pick up if you have playoff ambitions? He could easily be a top 3 TE in the playoffs if he’s back on the field. Tough call with this guys upside... but man, he just can NOT stay on the field.
  5. In PPR who do you like between these 3? i currently have Abdullah but considering using my waiver for Collins or Morris. Is it worth it?
  6. Corey Davis Season Outlook 2017

    Do we know if he was limited again today?
  7. Corey Davis Season Outlook 2017

    He got 10 targets Week 1 and 3 early targets before getting hurt again. I don’t think the Titans will have any training wheels on him. However, things very well may be different now he’s missed so many weeks. We shall see.
  8. Corey Davis Season Outlook 2017

    Good post. I do personally disagree with the “locker room presence” theory though. Do you think that’s how guys get the ball? By screaming in the locker room? The Titans are desperate for a play maker and picked him 5th overall to be just that. As shown in Week 1 they are going to hammer him with targets because he’s the most talented player on the roster not named Mariota. I don’t think his “locker room presence” will mean a thing. If the Titans want to move the ball they will throw to Davis.
  9. 2017 WR Rankings

    I think Dez has the biggest opportunity to jump up this list while Zeke is out. They’re going to throw 5-10 times more a game and Dez should be even more involved than before. Also, Corey Davis will be top 20
  10. 2017 WR Rankings

    Hogan should be ok coming out of the bye. Even without him, I don’t think Cooks will have the consistency to be top 5. With Evans, I think he could certainly be swapped in for Thomas or Jones but I just don’t trust Winston right now health wise or performance wise. A lot of Evans upside this year was banking on Winston taking a step forward, when in actuality he has taken a step back. He will still force feed Evans though so he would be my number 6 guy on my list.
  11. 2017 WR Rankings

    1 Hopkins 2 Brown 3 AJ 4 Thomas 5 Julio
  12. I’m trying to debate on who to add.. who has the better ROS outlook in full PPR? The Patriots backfield is a mess but I feel one of those 2 guys (Lewis or White) will ball. Smallwood is also available and looked decent when healthy.
  13. Dion Lewis 2017 Season Outlook

    Would you rather own Lewis than White in PPR at this point? It is consistently changing, but it seems at the moment Lewis has the highest upside of any back for the Pats..
  14. In PPR, how do you rank these 3 TE’s for ROS?
  15. Help on the wire...