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  1. Greg Holland 2018 outlook

    I’m hearing reports of Dbacks and Braves are interested, which is somewhat surprising. I still think the Angels or Cardinals would the best fit for him given the immediate chance to close and both should be contending teams. I really hope as a dynasty league owner that he doesn’t go somewhere to be a setup man... When will the anticipation end!!!
  2. I’d make this deal to get Severino. He’s a top 5 arm dynasty/keeper wise and I don’t think Lamet is even worth consideration in this deal. There’s going to be many more similar arms throughout the year you can take a shot on. Get Severino. Edit: I own Lamet in my dynasty too so it’s not like I hate the guy. But I’d be all over this deal in my league. (Albeit not 18 team)
  3. 12 team h2h QS 5x5 Keep forever at no cost. I was offered Willie Calhoun for my Aaron Sanchez. Thoughts? I do believe in Sanchez and think that he has a chance to turn it around big time this year, but also love Willie (went to HS with him) and think he will be an impact bat. What would you do? C- Posey 1B- Goldy 2b - Moncada SS - Lindor 3B - Bryant MI - Bregman CI - Machado LF - Bellinger CF - Blackmon RF - Cutch UTL - Marte UTL - Murphy UTL - Ozuna Bench - Villar Bench - Bird SP - Scherzer, Strasburg, deGrom, Keuchel, Stroman, Nola, Sanchez, Bundy RP - Giles, Treinen, Neris
  4. Avisail Garcia 2018 Outlook

    Wow that’s a bold prediction. I do think that Garcia is more for real than many would like to think though. You don’t just luck your way into a batting title conversation at 25/26. I think he’s a true .280+ hitter and could get to 20hr though which can play in a 12 teamer. The ceiling is more questionable though. Can he unlock that power that we think he “should” have given his stature? Remember coming up he was Miggy Jr. and was expected to do big things. This is a make or break year for him.
  5. I don’t see why you can’t publish your google doc here like last year? It’s not linking out to MLFS so it should be fine. Anyway, thanks again on the great rankings. Ive had my eye on Scott Schebler as a late round roster filler. What are your thoughts on him? It looks like he will be in a OF rotation but getting some time in CF. Let’s just think of what he could do in full years AB. His BABIP was too low, driving down his AVG, and he battled a shoulder injury which put him through a miserable stretch before his DL stint. I think he could easily be a top 200 player with his easy 30HR+ Power and what should be improved BA and counting stats in 2018. Given playing time, what do you see in him?
  6. Scott Schebler 2018 Outlook

    Schebler is looking good this spring but still unsure about his PT with the 4 man rotation. I think he could put up some big numbers though if he gets the ABs. He's a better athlete than most realize and will see some time in RF and CF which should hopefully help him get more action. In 2017 he hit 30 bombs and had some stretches where he was on fire. I really think he would have hit 40+ if he was healthy all year with a higher avg and we would be talking about drafting him in the middle rounds. He went 2 for 45 while delaying a necessary trip to the DL. He also hit .263 on the road while only hitting .198 at home which makes no sense given the friendly hitting confines of GABP. He also had a .207 BABIP so that's going to see some positive regression to the mean even as he faces the shift. I think he can be a .265 hitter with 35+ HR this year as Duvall, Hamilton or Winker take a more reserve role and he's a primary starter in RF. We'll see how the PT shakes out but having a good spring is the right first step.
  7. Luiz Gohara 2018 Outlook

    Yeah getting kind of ridiculous at this point. Like get in shape so you’re not hurting yourself doing basic physical exertion.
  8. Jordan Montgomery 2018 Outlook

    Interesting arm this year. Seems prone for some regression but could also improve his skill set and break the top 25-30. He has pretty solid movement and moderate splits with a good SwStr%. How does he compare to some of the other AL East arms long term? Like Bundy, Sanchez, etc. now that he has locked up a rotation spot? I’ve seen some rankings have him top 40, others much lower. Pitcherlist has him at 48 (Bundy at 49 for reference.)
  9. Paul Goldschmidt 2018 Outlook

    He ran a lot less once they got JD hitting behind him. I do expect him to keep gradually declining in the steals department though.
  10. 12 team H2H 5x5 Give: Acuna & Mazara Get: Kris Bryant and Austin Hays Thoughts??
  11. Josh Donaldson 2018 Outlook

    I definitely like all those guys in front of him.
  12. Logan Morrison 2018 Outlook

    Easily? With those numbers he should be going 10+ rounds higher. I’m not sure how easy he’s going to hit .260 or sustain that power, but I agree the lineup is a def plus. I think he’s a good value at ADP but could also hit .210 and not get full time at bats.
  13. I missed the redraft as well. Vlad is not in the equation for redraft in my opinion. This is a similar thread to others that have been posted. This link is helpful. https://www.rotoballer.com/2018-mlb-prospect-rankings-for-fantasy-baseball/444904
  14. If you mean outside of the players that will probably be drafted and stashed outside of MiLB slots, I would look at Vlad Jr and Tatis Jr.