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  1. He’s baaaack. After an absurd line this season at AAA he should finally get some PT to see what he can do vs MLB arms.
  2. Promoted to AAA along with Waters.
  3. Yup, agreed on that. They’re up to 7 straight though so we will see. I’m not a Mets fan so I don’t want to come off as biased or anything, I just feel that people hate them (for good reason) and it jades the realistic standpoint of the team.
  4. And always after he gets a little banged up but “plays through it.” I knew this was going to happen immediately after he left that game with his knee hurting.
  5. You’re right about Vargas, my bad. They are better than SF, Arizona and the 3 teams you mentioned behind them. They also certainly have the talent to compete with Milwaukee, Philly and St Louis for the wild card. They have the best staff of that group by a mile. I’m not saying they are going to do it but I think it’s a possible scenario with some 55 games left to go. I will add if I had to put money down, I would go Washington and Milwaukee for the WC.
  6. DeGrom, Thor (pitching well), Wheeler (pitching better), Stroman and Vargas is a really good starting 5. I’m a fairly big Mets hater but I wouldn’t be shocked to see them make a play at the Wild Card. If they can get McNeil, Conforto and Alonso to click at the top of the lineup this team has legit talent. I’m wishing the best for them but we’ll see. Defense and their bullpen have been their weakest links so far and I don’t really see those improving all that much other than Diaz who SHOULD have a much better second half.
  7. Big day for Reynaldo. Let’s see if he can keep his new found success going.
  8. Another solid start for Cal, although his command was a bit worse this time around. He seems to be a really hard guy to square up. Ive also seen his name in trade rumors for Thor.. I’m hoping he stays in SD!
  9. He’s hitting .280 with 5HR in the majors this year. Hardly “failing miserably.” Also, the Rangers are playing .500 ball and not anywhere near competing for anything other than last place in that division. Yes Choo and Pence are veterans playing decently well but that still shouldn’t mean Calhoun is on the bench. That’s fine if you disagree.
  10. Officially got the call back up. Hopefully for good this time but we know that isn’t likely with the idiotic Rangers who will give the at bats to Choo and Pence who have absolutely no impact on their future plans. Hopefully he lights it up and forces their hand.
  11. Because they retired the DL in 2018.
  12. I think his sequencing was one thing but he must have found a kink in his delivery that he fixed. He was very vocal about him being a better pitcher in the 2nd half, so whatever it is, he’s a believer too.
  13. Hitting .342 with a 1.000+ OPS in 12 games since the break. He may be finally ready to contribute what we thought he would coming into the year. Batting 3rd today with Suarez out of the lineup.
  14. He’s such a stud. I just hope he stops picking up these unlucky injuries and can put together a full season.. Top 5 might be a stretch though with Trout, Bellinger, Yelich, Acuna, Betts, etc.