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  1. Yep. I bet if it wasn't a doubleheader he would have removed him. He's trying to save arms in the pen I guess. SO FRUSTRATING UGH
  2. There's no valid reason left as to why Acuna is not up yet, or at minimum, up in September.
  3. I'd say Acuna and Senzel are the top bats that will see considerable time in the majors next year.
  4. Yep I finally made the drop in my dynasty.. I'd rather have a spot to stream or add a younger player than deal with his s---.
  5. Um, it doesn't. Especially in this short of a time frame. It's not like he just stopped taking steroids and it deflated his muscles or something. People are so naive about how PED's affect the body and performance. The gains he made and muscular growth will retain as he continues to work out, especially within a few months of stopping. It's also not like he's hitting a bunch of warning track shots that would have been out of the park with a little bit more strength lol. I don't understand why you're being rude to him when you're in the wrong...
  6. Since @osb_tensor already put it perfectly, I'll restate his previous post. "i absolutely hate that the current cba allows/forces teams to worry more about service time (money) than actually getting the best players on the field in the majors. it hinders the league from moving forward by putting an artificial cap on the amount of talent in the league. it also prevents players, acuna in this specific topic, from getting experience that could assist them in being more prepared next season for a full-time role. to be honest, it seems like everyone loses.. the major league team loses, the fans lose, and the upcoming players lose."
  7. Reasons to keep this kid down are growing more invalid by the day. It's a shame the CBA is set up to allow this to happen. There's no developmental reason he's still in AAA.
  8. Do it! He's going to be huge for the Yanks down the stretch. He said he expects to be back with the club next week.
  9. Best prospect since Carlos Correa 🙌🏼
  10. He has been performing much better with more rest. Remember, he hasn't thrown that many innings the past 3 or so years while battling injuries. When he has 6+ days of rest he has a 2.52 era. I expect him to get some extra rest down the stretch but should be full strength next year.
  11. Unbelievable. Every time I bring up MILB he's either homered or hit a double it seems like. Such an amazing hitter at 19!! Call the kid up to the show. He deserves it.
  12. I'd say between him and Trea Turner for that number 1 slot (probably lean Trea 1 Conforto 2 Nola 3). Conforto has been doing big things. His scouting report said upside of 20-25 HR
  13. Bregs starting at SS and batting second! Let's goooooo
  14. Willy Adames and Austin Meadows above Nick Senzel and Brendan Rodgers..... Uhh, what?
  15. Rodon Has now shut down Cleveland Boston Houston and Dodgers in his last 4 starts..... 4 of best teams and offenses in baseball. He's a must start from here on out its looking like. *unless Acuna gets called up. Then don't start him v the Braves. **shameless Acuna plug