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  1. I think this is the lineup v lefties to start, but not against RHP. They're paying him to be their first baseman and a spring when he hits .300 and a no name tears it up will change that before a real game is even played. If Aguilar continue this into the season though things could get interesting.
  2. Yeah he definitely was. They said he has been working on switching up his timing this spring to keep hitters off balance. It seemed to work pretty well actually. The way he starts on the mound is condusive to this quick pitch because he can forego the wind up and he's in his stretch already with his positioning. I think if he does this to change up the pace and attacks higher in the zone every so often he will really benefit from these changes.
  3. Trumbo is back with the Orioles. I do hope he can get 12-15 steals though!
  4. In 2015 he hit 22 on the road and 20 at home, which I was referencing. Should have read - "Arenado hit more home runs on the road than at home in 2015." When he hit 42 total bombs. Thanks for the catch.
  5. Well good thing he plays in Coors then... "If Bryant played for the A's he wouldn't be ahead of Arenado and Machado." Wow hard hitting insight! Arenado hit more home runs on the road than at home. This conversation has been beat to death on this forum already. 1) He does play in Coors and will for the foreseeable future, just like Bryant on the Cubs, so why is this a discussion 2) He had great stats and power on the road 3) Coors Hangover Effect. You can't directly extrapolate what he does on the road and say that would be him out of Coors (which would still be a solid player)
  6. Really encouraging start today. 1.2 innings and 10 earned runs. That's what I like to see, picking up where he left off last season.
  7. That pitch Manny Machado struck out on was LAUGHABLE. A curveball that started off the plate and broke even further off of it and below the zone. But I agree, great game.
  8. Thames got a single off Anderson and a HR off Montgomery vs the Cubs yesterday. Good to see him with some success against LHP. Also his first spring HR.
  9. Bronchitis according to Terry Collins.
  10. 3ip 2h 1bb 6k's so far. His velocity looked the same as previous starts, 93-96 from what I've seen.
  11. All aboard!!! The one today was an absolute laser to deep LF over the hill behind and across the walkway. It was off Iwakuma too, so a solid vet, not some minor league arm. Ever since he made that swing change he has been a machine. Also, encouraging to see he is hitting for power after the wrist injury and limiting his K's so far this spring. He needs to work on SB efficiency tho
  12. Profar starts the year in ESPN with only 3B elg and will get LF soon enough I guess. Definitely makes him less valuable since he won't be the Swiss Army knife like above. He also jammed his middle finger in the WBC this week, but has looked pretty good at the plate. I'm somewhat interested in him in dynasty/keeper still but probably wouldn't be in a redraft just because I think his upside is less than other lottery ticket type players and his PT may be sporadic over the year.
  13. You don't think he's improved at all in his time in KBO? At the least in his confidence? Not to mention just typical advancement with experience and age? He he has an updated approach and swing from his time in the MLB and he's a more mature player. Kang and Park have both shown that the power from Korea translates and Thames had better KBO stats than both of them. Not to mention he won't have the cultural hurdles and stressors those guys had. I dont think that he will go .280/30/15 like some people, but I think he will be better than a lot of the doubters do too. What makes you think he will just revert back to the same player as he was years ago? You don't think he's a changed player at all?
  14. They need to move Braun this year. An outfield of Broxton, Brinson and Santana is exciting. A lot of potential and a lot of K's. Otherwise, I see either Santana or Broxton out of a job at the ASB as Brinson comes up. I think there's a better than 50% chance in this scenario that this will be Santana because he has much worse D and less speed than Broxton. However, if he is hitting poor enough to lose his spot to Brinson at the ASB, he's probably not on anyone's roster any longer anyway. I think he's yet another lottery ticket on this Brewers squad.
  15. Late picks; Broxton Kiermaier Thames Joc Pederson eRod Bundy I'll also be targeting: Stroman Arenado (top 3) Cole