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  1. 2017 Team Defense and Kicker thread

    Jaguars or Seattle D ROS? Jags schedule is real enticing but Hawks isn’t bad either.. thoughts?
  2. Ryan, Newton, Cousins - Choose one

    Ryan for sure. I moved Cousins for him and dropped Winston.
  3. PPR league We have 3 men benches, so the wire has some good talent still. I’m mainly interested between 4 guys. Who is the one to own ROS? Shepherd Funchess Crowder Maclin
  4. Sterling Shepard 2017 Season Outlook

    Surprised there’s not much talk about him today. I think after McKinnon he’s the second best waiver add this week. They are absolutely depleted at WR and he’s the only one left with a good connection with Eli. ”Even though Shepard will likely miss time, he needs to be owned in 100 percent of leagues. Odell Beckham is done for the year, and Brandon Marshallwill miss significant time. Shepard fills the OBJ role, and while he’s not as amazing as Beckham, Shepard is plenty talented and will be the team’s No. 1 receiver once back.FAB Dollars: $30-35”
  5. Cobb or Parker

  6. Cobb or Parker

    PPR league I’ve been stuck on these 2 all week. Parker v Tenn and Cobb v Dal are both juicy matchups and I probably can’t go wrong either way. Parker has been solid so far even with the Dolphins offense struggling to move the ball, which should hopefully change today at home vs a weak Tenn pass D. Cobb has been averaging 8+ targets per game and should feast v Dallas especially with Ty out. To add a layer to this, i’m playing against Rodgers this week. I feel like if I bench Cobb and he goes off, it’s even worse because my opponent gets all those stats with Rodgers.... Help?!?
  7. 12 team 6pt TD I have a chance to swap Cousins for Ryan during their bye weeks this week. Which side do you have? They both have new coordinators and some growing pains early this season, but should be top 7ish QBs. Stuck on which one I prefer since Ryan has started off poorly..
  8. Matt Ryan 2017 Season Outlook

    I think this is a goood time to buy low or even add him for waivers for those leagues where he was dropped for his bye. Their schedule gets real nice fast and he’s going to play better. He’s getting used to life without Shanahan and they’ve had some tough matchups and injuries to deal with. I think id still put him as a QB5... How does he stack up to his fellow QB on a bye, Kirk Cousins? I wonder how people are gauging their values.
  9. Will Fuller 2017 Season Outlook

    I actually think Peters will spend a lot of time on Fuller. He doesn’t shadow #1’s, he stays on one side of the field. The Texans will be mixing up Nuk and Fuller in the slot and on each side of the field to draw different coverages.
  10. 6 point TD’s Debating between Cousins v KC and Winston v NYG. All the experts are saying Cousins but Winston has higher projected points and is in a better matchup... Wentz did just shred KC last week though so I’m struggling with this one. Who would you start?
  11. Kirk Cousins 2017 Outlook

    To be fair, he did both. He said he's still going to have a big year, AND it starts this week in Oakland. He's focused on crushing it this week to get it started.
  12. Joe Mixon 2017 Outlook

    Usage: Mixon <<<< Abdullah
  13. Randall Cobb 2017 Season Outlook

    Cobb - "I'm in a lot of pain right now. I'm just trying to manage the pain & figure out how I can play with it." Didnt practice today. Fire down your Cobbs...
  14. DeVante Parker 2017 Outlook

    Parker was limited at practice Tuesday (ankle). Not before the Jets game!!!! Don't do this to us....
  15. Kirk Cousins 2017 Outlook

    I think Cousins and co are in for a big week against Oakland. They have a couple of weeks under their belt now as they continue to gel together the new players on offense, the Jets threw the ball decently well v Oakland, and they'll be at home in Washington. Pryor came out today and said that he is going to still have a huge year and that starts this weekend v Oakland. Let's go!