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  1. 1st game in AAA - 0/3 3k lol unreal
  2. I would be insulted if I received this trade for Lindor.
  3. I own Bellinger in a similar dynasty league. I would have a very hard time trading him for Sale, although by the book you probably should. What it looks like is you're wanting someone to tell you not to make the trade. If people are giving good advice they will say to trade him for Sale because Bellinger is an unknown commodity. However, fantasy baseball is supposed to be fun and transcends always making the precise move based on value. Having and watching Bellinger is lots of fun. Keep him and have fun. If you're worried about maximizing value in every transaction, take sale.
  4. I would do that for Yu if you need pitching. Cespedes has had a hard time staying healthy and if they keep slipping they have less incentive to play him through injury. Help me out
  5. I'd rather do this and get JD. He's the best player in the deal and you will have another roster spot to add a player. help out on mine please
  6. Yep id take that too.
  7. I would drop him for Snell if he's available. If not, then Ross. You could also use it to stream based on weekly match ups with much better results than Roark is giving you. Help me out?
  8. Mallex and he's got a more clear path to playing time for the foreseeable future. He's getting on base 40% of the time and steals will come.
  9. Why hasn't he already been is my question. He had a decent year last year but it's not like he has some track record or pedigree. The league adjusted and he's getting shelled. Drop him.
  10. What do you think in my estimate was cocky? The average at .260? I can see maybe a bit lower but I think his HR and SB were already on trend with my estimate and he was doing awful.
  11. Excited. I think the time off will really help him and he's literally fighting for his job now. I think .260 10hr 25sb the rest of the way can be expected! Let's go Johnnie!!
  12. Acuna is now hitting .307 with a .360obp, 8 home runs and 30 steals between A and AA this year. What's the outlook for his ETA? Moved up to next year (2018) and possibly September?
  13. What do we think of his value right now in a dynasty? He's gotta be top 25 at the moment. .260 with 45hr 100rbi and 12sb looks like a very approachable line for him this year. As a 21 year old!!!!!