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  1. 2 balls absolutely crushed. What a stud.. Can we start a thread for him and Conforto together? That'd be great 😊
  2. Don't you put that hate on us Ricky Bobby
  3. Such a sweet swing. Showing power vs lefties, reducing his k%, and full time from here on out. Sign. Me. Up.
  4. Delino batting lead off again tonight v the Angels. Take it and run with it little man.
  5. I think he fits very nicely at the top with their lineup. He should have a solid OBP, add some pop and has pretty good speed to beat out infield hits and steal 10-15 bags a year.
  6. So excited to have this guy in my dynasty. He's a special player. I really hope he shows some life at the plate in the first couple weeks and gives himself a bit of a leash. I can't imagine they plan on yo-yo'ig him between AAA and the bigs. It's not like he was brought up out of dire need... They had others to replace Pederson if needed. Start raking Cody!
  7. Top 10 outfielder in the NL.
  8. He went for Polanco in my dynasty.. Pretty nice haul.
  9. Yes and batting 4th.
  10. 12 team, h2h, 5x5 QS I was offered Polanco for my Thames and Kepler. Seems like a pretty obvious move. I do think Thames is the real deal though and it's tough to move a guy THIS hot. Thoughts? Must do?
  11. I think I'm rolling him out there tomorrow. He's his own enemy. If his command and control are there, he can shut down any lineup in baseball. The 11am EST start time I think will be a bit of a hinderance on his pre start routine, but I'm hoping for the best. 6ip, 3er, 8k tomorrow.
  12. I talked myself into starting him today.... And good results! He still struggled with command a bit but I'll take 6ip 0er 6k 4bb any day against the Indians line up. Did anyone get a chance to watch him throw today? Any check on his velo and off speed pitches?
  13. 13ip, 10:4 K:BB, 10 hits and 0 ER so far. He has had a great, albeit under the radar, start to the season vs the Mets and Pirates. His K's don't seem to be taking the next step which would make him an elite pitcher but he's continuing to throw a good amount of strikes and limiting damage. The Atlanta bullpen will not be his friend this year though so he takes a hit in leagues that count Wins. He's a great stable arm to have that allows high-upside risks elsewhere like Paxton, Bundy, Nola, etc.
  14. Edit: it was right center, sorry. I'm still learning my lefts from my rights...