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  1. As of yesterday, the 27th, he is fielding ground balls “standing up.” Apparently before he was taking grounders on his knees so this is a step forward.
  2. How would a hitch in his windup help control the run game? He’s doing it out of the windup in order to hopefully slow his motion and gain more consistency/control.
  3. Probably the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard.
  4. Wonder what the plans are with him in 2019. At the moment, he is supposedly competing with Joc for the LF spot. It seems like Verdugo would have to have a hell of a spring to break camp with the spot, but surely could be possible. I think he would be a great addition to that lineup and could bat near the top since they lack a true leadoff or even #2 hitter. Verdugo, Turner, Seager, Pollock, Bellinger, Muncy is a pretty formidable top 6 of a lineup and then throw in Taylor, etc.
  5. I actually love hearing that. Exactly what he should be doing to stay flexible and nimble with his big body at SS. I still think the Astros should swap him and Bregman though.
  6. Glasnow pumping 98.7MPH in his bullpens so far. He was at 96.5MPH so looks like he’s got a bit of an uptick in velo so far. Cash said he’s very impressed with him so far. Sleeper alert validation!
  7. Is this blasphemy? I really have some concerns about JoRam and would love to have Vlad. In a 5x5 league though I know this prob isn’t the smartest because of the steals. Im also #1/#2 in the league and trading with the other top player. Thoughts?
  8. I mean Sixto is there too, but I added him for JA Happ.
  9. Wondering the same thing. He’s available in my keeper as the only top pitching prospect available. Seems like most people are down on him which is interesting considering his minor league success and MLB proximity.
  10. Thank you for this. For those who didn’t care to read the article, it states that the injury was a bone bruise caused by a slide into first base against the Reds and he needed rest in order for it to heal. To our knowledge and from what he’s said, it’s nothing labrum or rotator cuff related and should be full strength for 2019 - so buy at his discounted price.
  11. This helps you then. His value may be down a tad from an impatient owner.
  12. Calf Strain - out 7 to 9 weeks. Ouch.
  13. I love Carlos Correa. Please be good this year.
  14. https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/cubs/cubs-expect-kris-bryant-rebound-monster-season-2019-theo-epstein-cubs-offense Same.
  15. He’ll swing at the one strike thrown and crush it.
  16. Sigh... if you want to go against the reality of his existing production and do not feel “personally” confident in his skill set that he’s consistently shown then there’s nothing that will change that. And of course, you’re completely entitled to that opinion. I agree to an extent that a higher rate of variability does exist in Baez and he could very well lose up to 30 points from his BA this year. However, I vehemently disagree that we see a fall from grace in the mold of Odor and Schoop that you referenced. I have no issue taking Baez from late second round on this year and I think owners wary of his possible regression will make him a good value as he slides down drafts. Just remember, Votto has possibly the best eye TOOL in the game and metrics in the sport and put up a .284/12hr/2sb line at 1B last year. Regression is possible in every player but so is improvement. I would recommend against discounting Baez too greatly.
  17. He’s a career .274 hitter. To project him to possibly hit .220 and also not have any hope of improvement is illogical. Especially for a player with his physical tools and pedigree. He’s a better talent than Odor and Schoop. Just because they regressed does not immediately mean that Baez will suffer a similar fate. The logic you apply to him improving (with over exaggerated comparisons) could also be made for your proposed downfall. “I’m not drafting Acuna because he could hit .220 this year.” What good does that do? Like you said - how can you not apply a similar logic to anyone? The case for improvement is that he is growing into his prime at 26 and has been a better player every season in his professional career. Look at his ISO trajectory. It’s not just randomly saying that a guy who went from an unpredictable player to MVP runner up has a possible next level. You’re digging too far into the comparisons of Odor and Schoop.
  18. Austin Meadows He’s still slated to start in RF for the Rays according to Roster Resource. Steamer projects .265/13hr/12sb but in only 389 at bats. I think he easily exceeds that number considering the health concerns of their other outfielders and that he projects as an every day player entering the season. I think he has a real shot at a 20/20 season with a .270+ avg. Not bad at his current ADP and I’d be targeting in keeper leagues. He was impressive in his small sample last year.
  19. Our valuation of him isn’t even that far off - maybe about a round? And I agree with some of your points and the logic to get there. From my perspective, even if he hits .260 this year, his power, speed, lineup, and lineup positioning will make him a hugely valuable asset. Worth a second rounder? Possibly not, but certainly within the top 50 as you mentioned. I just don’t see this epic fall from grace where he suddenly becomes a .210 hitter like Odor and Schoop. He’s simply too talented of a hitter and has been for his entire career. What if he becomes a bit more selective this year and chooses more GOOD pitches to hit? I think he even has upside on what he did last year like I mentioned above. Anywho, he figures to be a polarizing player in 2019. I guess my stance is there’s no way he’s slipping to the 4th round in any of my leagues and he’s a slight risk worth taking.
  20. What sample size are you needing to see? He’s been solid his entire professional career with thousands of at bats. Not every hitter must have the same approach as Votto to be successful. Does it *typically* lend to better results? Yes, 100%. However, Baez happens to be an anomaly. He’s improved his ISO every year in the majors and has maintained his agrressive approach without fail. I understand if people are taking Machado, Bregman, etc over him and I would too. But passing on him until the 4th round is laughable to me. He’s a near lock for 45+ HR/SB with room for much more. Even Steamer is projecting him to hit near .270 and they’re as conservative as they come. A 2B hitting .270 with 30+hr and 15+Sb in one of the best lineups in baseball is an elite asset. And I think that’s his floor this year.
  21. Why would you not take him in the 2nd or 3rd? Even if his AVG falls to .270 or so he’s putting up elite HR + SB at 2B, SS, 3B in most leagues. I feel like people are over reacting to some of these articles that people are posting screaming for regression in his average.
  22. I’ve been seeing quite a bit of hate for Javy lately. Reading these old posts from the Fall are refreshing. He once again threw common analytics to the waste side and performed at an MVP level while posting horrendous chase rates and seeing about 3 pitches per AB. Does anyone see him really regressing that badly this year? I could certainly see him posting a Lindor-esque season of .275/38hr/25sb which would bring back easy 1st round returns.
  23. Anywho, here is a cool article from a Rays fan perspective on my boy Austin. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjtlYzy7JbgAhWNHnwKHSfnBgwQzPwBegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.draysbay.com%2F2018%2F12%2F23%2F18152872%2Ftampa-bay-rays-austin-meadows-may-be-the-swing-vote-for-2019&psig=AOvVaw3YlpgZnVVwWapieaS37rnl&ust=1548983916466221
  24. It was an odd move to see the Rays, as such a highly analytical org, go after him. I’m thinking they must see something that they can unlock. I wouldn’t imagine that he takes away any at bats for Pham or Meadows this year other than vs the occasional lefty for Meadows or KK. Meadows actually had reverse splits last year interestingly. I really think Meadows has a chance to slightly break out this year and put up some solid numbers. I’ve always been a big fan of his hit tool and felt that he was going to be a stud once he got healthy and matured. I could see a .278/22hr/16sb or so line from him.