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  1. Sell high on mccaffrey on earth do you plan on selling HIGH on christian??
  2. 9/20 - GAME DAY THREAD

    would like to personally thank the dodgers bullpen for blowing my alex wood win....appreciate it boys..job well done
  3. 9/20 - GAME DAY THREAD

    UNREAL....oakland pen gonna blow my win with the gem pitched by mengden
  4. College Football Matchups and Computer Predictions the computer is picking the final score to be 13 to 4???
  5. Lamar Jackson

    barring injuries, it is a 2 horse race now between mason and baker....could come down to both undefeated going into bedlam
  6. 9/7/17 - Cowboys @ Broncos

    NOT happy at all as a mcmanus owner...just cost me 5 points!
  7. Lamar Jackson

    HUGE test tomorrow night....i know it is sooooooooo early in the season, but if he has a huge game tomorrow, and they pull off the win, we could easily be looking at back to back trophies
  8. 9/14 - GAME DAY THREAD

    your world series champs.....THE TRIBE
  9. Witten or Doyle

    thx baller
  10. Witten or Doyle

    thx floppy
  11. Witten or Doyle

    thx bucks
  12. YUCK is the best word that comes to mind
  13. Holland/Doolittle/Hand ROS

    you need to check out your surroundings......
  14. Witten or Doyle

    thx rush
  15. Witten or Doyle

    thx dylan