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  1. anyone see any word on kimbrel or stantons updated status of possibly being activated today?
  2. Perfect, Julio Daniel leaves game with groin injury
  3. finally...but a TOUGH matchup tonight since paddock is on a roll
  4. nobody here knows for sure until we see and actual save chance in pittsburgh who it is gonna be....there are many different opinions on all the sites with closer charts on who was the next in line behind chris hansens new best friend kela has very solid numbers and closer experience FWIW though
  5. from what i remember he has handled the o's pretty well this season, streaming him myself today, praying for the
  6. Guess wick isn’t the closer in Chicago until kimbrel comes back
  7. personally have never seen any reports from the manager saying keston would be in the starting lineup again starting on monday 16th.....would like to see those reports where the manager said this
  8. who on earth would have expected him to be??
  9. REALLY leaning that was as well, LOVED having him this year, he has been a big part of why i am in line for a nice chunk of change, but with all the uncertainty around him right now and only 2 weeks left, i need the counting stats potentially on a daily basis.
  10. Sure enough I drop him and then he is miraculously back in the lineup on Wednesday and puts up his normal numbers over the last 10 days of the season from that point
  11. Actually dropped Aquino for the “toddfather” who has been hot and has a great schedule this week.. still wanting to pick up Lewis but would have to drop hiura or starling marte right now to do it
  12. Real tough spot for me in roto league in a tight race for 1st place and a big chunk of change on the line..only 2 weeks left in season and want to drop him in my very deep 13 team league..a couple guys on the wire worth a pickup, wish they would make a decision on
  13. YAWNNNN..Ho hum....will draft yet again next year if given the right opportunity yet another very solid year
  14. Yet another brutal night kyle lewis is calling my