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  1. it doesn't matter, if that is really your team in a 12 team keeper league, the league is already a joke to begin with.....time for a redraft
  2. he has the same shot as being closer as hitting runner runner flush.....
  3. well, since only 1 of them is an actual closer, i would pick him up
  4. ahh yes, exactly like claudio did to clean up KK's mess last
  5. my buckeyes are walking away with the 2 million this year.....
  6. nobody cares
  7. and for the 2nd time in 2 outings in the 9th for the nats, doolittle struggling mightly.......lolol dusty being dusty......
  8. DEAR no way shape or form do you give up that for
  9. where ya at sport?......embarrassed by your lack of knowledge would be my guess.....lololol
  10. claudio coming in for 4 out save, trying to clean up kelas mess
  11. DEAR GOD.....not even in the ballpark
  12. the wolverine
  13. send him 2 offers right now for each one individually, and see if he accepts either one.......IF he declines both, then just ask him what it would take to get yu and go from there
  14. you cant afford to move an outfielder, you can really only afford to move logan or mike, but if i were the yu owner that would not get it done.
  15. we are all aware that you did not actually make this chart