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  1. offer corey straight up, and if he declines and counters, get back with us at that point
  2. even better then....
  3. the beaver
  4. you play to win NOW....make this deal without question
  5. as long as you can pick up someone off the wire who is serviceable to play short, i would offer seager straight up and see if he bites.....if it were me, it would take more than that, but you never know.
  6. the beaver
  7. no deal...and he was wanting gardner as well? he was attempting to bend you over
  8. that the betts owner who is dealing him has no business playing fantasy baseball.....
  9. never saw the alternate did it go?
  10. an absolute joke of a deal - easy veto
  11. sell high?....that time has wayyy since come and gone over the last month he has 2 saves total, and has given up 6 runs in 9 innings
  12. it his him so hard in the hand that it broke his leg in half.....
  13. not even close to a veto
  14. notta
  15. you are confused to say the least