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  1. Reject Trade for Tre Turner? WHIR

    Wrong placement
  2. July Closer Thread 2018

    Trading their closer has nothing to do with them getting “worse” and creating potentially less save opportunities..lolol
  3. yep gary, exact same thing
  4. anybody having trouble accessing their team on ESPN? been about 45 minutes or so now and can't access site
  5. Trading jd martinez

    He and a few other owners behind me are saying I am getting a huge advantage in the deal
  6. Trading jd martinez

    UPDATE the commish is vetoing the deal, says it is too one sided he is in 3rd place in the standings about 9 points behind me
  7. Trading jd martinez

    Thanks was hoping his uptick over Crawford would offset the slight drop from jd to Freddy
  8. Trading jd martinez

    THANKS TO ALL WHO GAVE OPINIONS Decided to try and get Mitch Haniger and threw Brandon Crawford his way and he IMMEDIATELY accepted the deal he has no shot of finishing in the money this year and wanted JD at 9th round value for next year
  9. Trading jd martinez

    Freeman will be a rest of season rental to offset losing jd’s stats..I already own Baez and he would be my one keeper for next year (9th round value)
  10. Trading jd martinez

    One stick keeper league..IF I deal JD I will end up keeping Javier Baez who also has 9th round keeper value like JD
  11. Activate Cueto?

    Can I take a look at my post?
  12. Trading jd martinez

    Thx atm
  13. Trading jd martinez

    Thx mm
  14. Keeper league - mikolas vs beuhler WHIR

    As a Mikolas owner, I prefer the dodger as a keeper can u take a look at my post TRADING JD MARTINEZ
  15. Trading jd martinez

    Thx nl