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  1. you are missing the clear cut rules of the "save" for one thing
  2. are dazed and confused for sure dude
  3. didn't look good...anyone see any updates for him in this last week of the season?
  4. There was NO save opp for Workman today people...smh
  5. Would like to thank the idiot Mets manager who pulled lugo when I need saves..hope the moron doesn’t make the playoffs
  6. you even realize you shouldn’t be mad at him..he pitched great did he pull himself out of the game..SMH
  7. See starling absolutely no reason for either one to play
  8. Last week of regular season and with teams vying for playoff spots, will any game of importance be cancelled this week?
  9. and of course i snagged kela who had only given up 1 run over his last 19 innings in desparate need for saves and he is getting smacked around as we
  10. and of course liriano takes care of any possible save opp for
  11. no saying kela will be the closer, but rodriguez pitching in the 6th today and struggling
  12. madden says there is a strong possibility kimbrel is activated today....would love to know for sure before the noon hour games kick off here on the east coast, will have to drop someone to move him into my active roster
  13. anyone see any word on kimbrel or stantons updated status of possibly being activated today?
  14. Perfect, Julio Daniel leaves game with groin injury
  15. finally...but a TOUGH matchup tonight since paddock is on a roll
  16. nobody here knows for sure until we see and actual save chance in pittsburgh who it is gonna be....there are many different opinions on all the sites with closer charts on who was the next in line behind chris hansens new best friend kela has very solid numbers and closer experience FWIW though
  17. from what i remember he has handled the o's pretty well this season, streaming him myself today, praying for the
  18. Guess wick isn’t the closer in Chicago until kimbrel comes back
  19. personally have never seen any reports from the manager saying keston would be in the starting lineup again starting on monday 16th.....would like to see those reports where the manager said this
  20. who on earth would have expected him to be??
  21. REALLY leaning that was as well, LOVED having him this year, he has been a big part of why i am in line for a nice chunk of change, but with all the uncertainty around him right now and only 2 weeks left, i need the counting stats potentially on a daily basis.