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  1. got a feeling romo...although conley from what i hear has looked impressive this spring and could be in the mix
  2. woke up and it was on the table..havent had my coffee
  3. 6x6 roto - 13 team....4 outfielder and 2 utility spots
  4. i would pass and look for a more sure fire save situation
  5. i get.....villar, bieber i give....jackie bradley jr, sergio romo i am lacking speed and have this offer on the table...owner needs saves bad team below for those you cant see sig c - grandal 1b - freeman 2b - javy baez ss - segura 3b - justin turner ci - eduardo escobar mi - andrelton simmons of - stanton of - mazara of - markakis of - braun ut - bradley junior ut - ryan zimmerman bench - boar, bruce, lowrie, starters - kluber, paxton, happ, hendricks, kyle gibson, matthew boyd, caleb smith bullpen - ken jansen, yates, giles, chad green, romo, adam conley
  6. he cleared waivers today, would you drop caleb smith or matthew boyd for him as a back end starter with upside? team in sig... 13 team roto - 6x6 (k/9)
  7. their consensus ADP is as follows.. 80........puig 115.....eloy 121......vctor
  8. given you have dozier, this is a solid deal for you
  9. your outfield is fine for now your closer situation is good and i would not want to lose one of those starters looking at your staff
  10. how strong is your outfield already? what does your bullpen look like at the moment? how strong is your starting pitching staff? see what i am getting at need details when asking questions like this
  11. what does colorado have anything to do with this question?
  12. its a risk for sure, with some question marks there.. and it all depends on what haniger will bring in return to even truley answer this question
  13. if you are relying on your leagues (sites) draft rankings to draft players, then you have no reason to complain about anything....
  14. sure, why not but if you are looking for opinions on this deal, why would you post it now after you already accepted it? in the future it would be a good idea IF you are questioning a potential offer to post it BEFORE you accept it
  15. Even so, it is still an area that has to be addressed..not addressing it and taking a (1) in roto is hard to overcome if you want to win the league
  16. Only having one closer in roto is a big issue that needs to be addressed one way or another
  17. Is having only 1 for sure closer worth 20% of your budget at the 1 week mark into the season?