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  1. Yeah it appears it was basically a salary dump and with the way Swarzak has looked, I'm on board with that decision. lol
  2. Well actually Vizcaino's contract is up in 2019. So he is a UFA next season. I guess we could resign him but who knows for sure at this point.
  3. I also got Ichiro's autograph at tonight's game but go Mallex!
  4. Hell yeah im at the game HR! wooooo!
  5. I just heard Jerry Dipoto on the radio just now. He said Mallex has been working with not only Mike Cameron but also Ichiro on both sides of the ball. They were able to zone in on a few of his various tendencies. Let's all hope he learned some good knowledge from both of them.
  6. I'm basing my decision to drop him for a power bat due to my league's scoring settings. If I was looking for steals and potential average that would be another story entirely. I do think that he will have a better second half and hopefully his fielding gets better, because that was another reason he was sent down. I hope he does well I already said that as well. Do you understand what I was saying?
  7. Not sure about you guys but I actually need some help at RP right now. This situation sort of works out perfectly for the time being. I know that Carlos has recently expressed interest with rejoining the rotation after the All-Star break. Without an injury to someone in the rotation. How realistic do you think that actually is? Who's rotation spot is in jeopardy if that is the case?
  8. It would depend on overall scoring settings for me. I would say that in my league head to head points league. He really was not doing much to start the season. I replaced him with Framil Reyes and I have not looked back once. If you are in a categories league and you need stolen bases then sure go for it.
  9. I picked him up as mainly a sp down the line stash, but his usage has been totally brutal at this point. I almost want to throw him back out there for someone who can make an impact immediately but I'm going to hold for now. He is still owned at 56% on Yahoo. Someone is bound to get injured in this rotation again eventually.
  10. I'm a Mariners fan and I cut bait weeks ago for other waiver guys. Hopefully this kid eventually figures it out but I feel like playing time will not necessarily be everyday regardless of how he does upon return. There will definitely be a log jam until Seattle trades someone soon. Bruce has been struggling but he will still get his starts in the outfield from time to time with Vogelbach at DH and Haniger back in CF. Someone in my league recently stashed him and I personally hope Mallex plays well I'm just not uber hyped personally. I know he has been working one on one with Mike Cameron while he has been at AAA Tacoma at least.
  11. Mr. Riley is getting the call today grab him before it's too late.
  12. I also picked him up. The waiver wire is super thin for starting pitchers in my league, so let's see what this kid has to offer. It sounds like he has 4 pitches including a mid 90's fastball.
  13. Very true that is understandable. I am in a points league that values power quite a lot. I will roll the dice and cut bait if I need to eventually.
  14. JP Crawford was scratched from the AAA Tacoma lineup today. How will he do this time up in the majors? That is unknown, but he did battle injuries with the Phillies last season. With the injuries to Dylan Moore and Dee Gordon tonight, we will likely see Crawford flying to meet the big club team tomorrow in Boston.
  15. Time to pick him up if you didn't already have him stashed. The stats have been impressive with a small sample size people.