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  1. I doubt anyone in a keeper league built there team around him as their ace. If he's your SP4 or 5 and you can combine his stats with whatever bench orWW replacement when he's hurt, that's well worth it. People focus on players in a bubble too much.
  2. Andrew Miller on the DL. Haven't seen it mentioned here yet.
  3. Over of underpaying has only to do with the market value of the players involved at the time. Not the end result. The motivation to want to overpay has to do with the desire for the end result. That motivation and ultimate outcome doesn't change whether or not something was an overpay at the time. All it does is confirm that it was worth it and strategy paid off. Process over product always.
  4. Yes usually repeats the games the next day. Maybe record it and then fast forward to the post game interview?
  5. He did the same thing against Texas last time. Had a studly performance. Needs to string a few games like this together.
  6. He needs to pitch every 6th day for the rest of the season.
  7. Keeper league. Same principle though. I don't want someone else to grab him. So every time I need a roster space I make a 2:1 or 3:2 type deal or just drop someone I like less. This year though it's often just putting someone on the DL.
  8. just visualize waking up, opening you league app, and seeing that Marte has been added by someone. Whatever feeling you get is the answer to "when to pick him up" questions. If you are angry over it then pick him up now, just figure out a way. If you're indifferent over it then keep playing chicken with your league. I've been holding this whole time.
  9. Couldn't Fedde be the answer for the Nats? They'd probably want to bring him up soon to see if that's a possibility though. Not sure what his timeline is.
  10. These guys are chess pieces. Just because you sell doesn't mean someone is scared. Could simply be playing the 2-3 moves ahead game. I used Thames in a package to get Murphy, who I then flipped in another package to get Bryant. Now this is a keeper league so different perspectives. At the surfuace though I gave up a ton in two moves (in addition to Thames) but it landed me Bryant and so I'm happy. So I technically sold low but it's process over product. Just keep working the process with these types as you're playing with house money. Just as in FF I always flip my successful waiver adds or late round lottery tickets while they have any tyke of value. I'll risk losing out the next superstar as long as I turn it into something rock solid that is more of a liquid asset.
  11. Will he be ready for the start of next season or more mid season?
  12. I know he has more currently, but does he have more speed potential than Robles? I thought I saw some 70 grades for Robles speed.
  13. What is his speed profile? How many SB would we project if healthy?
  14. One of the best buys in keeper leagues. Super cheap right now.
  15. How does he profile compared to Khris Davis? Just for a player comp, wondering if he'll have similar value.