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  1. Where does he log in keeper SS ranks. Seems like most were hesitant to fully buy in last years resurgence but now it's seeming like he's a legit top 5-6 SS. Is he in the same tier as Seager, Correa, Turner, Lindor, Bogaerts?
  2. I think it's only the keeper league owners who were never panicking. I can see how redrafters who never owned him before would be frustrated. I basically bench him all of April and May the last few years I've owned him. Just build your team with depth to cover that time. Not that complicated.
  3. Seek out those owners in your keeper leagues that love upside and youth or that are rebuilding. I just used him in a package to get Darvish. CSB but it could be relevant in terms of his market value currently.
  4. clean 1st inning!
  5. Sometimes even too prospects stay under the radar until they are promoted and show something. Then they fly up the mainstream rankings the next year. That's all I was getting at. Not saying that these couple games jump him up but more that he is now on everyone's radar and not just the dynasty people. So if he stays up all year and is solid where do we see him next year. Hope that makes sense.
  6. How high does he move up keeper league rankings next year?
  7. Yeah, sorry. I thought those were standard. Probably because I'm only in keeper leagues.
  8. No downside to pick him up. If he goes back down just throw him in your NA spot.
  9. Arizona fans should pray they turn him into Phil Hughes by going back and forth between SP-RP-SP too many times.
  10. Sell now, he's now actually taking BP with those one handed swingy things!!!
  11. That's my league type with K/9 He's number 9 overall.
  12. Must be nerve wracking for Neris knowing that one bad outing and your manager will lose faith in you.
  13. There's probably a lot of hormones in the meat over in Korea , not sure if they are into the organic, no hormone, antibiotic, non-GMO, gluten free, etc. diet or not. (Sarcasm post)
  14. The real question is what keeper league/dynasty owners are doing. Bigger leagues obviously it's easier to burn a roster spot over some prospect or fringe guy. Shallower leagues have tougher choices. That's one less spec closer we get to add!!