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  1. That's my league type with K/9 He's number 9 overall.
  2. Must be nerve wracking for Neris knowing that one bad outing and your manager will lose faith in you.
  3. There's probably a lot of hormones in the meat over in Korea , not sure if they are into the organic, no hormone, antibiotic, non-GMO, gluten free, etc. diet or not. (Sarcasm post)
  4. The real question is what keeper league/dynasty owners are doing. Bigger leagues obviously it's easier to burn a roster spot over some prospect or fringe guy. Shallower leagues have tougher choices. That's one less spec closer we get to add!!
  5. Regarding Rosenthal: Guys there is this thing call trading. Don't have to roster these guys all year, just scoop them up and use them as throw ins or other trade options when they take over if your concerned about whip or other perhiperals.
  6. MLB cleared his delivery as legal.
  7. Would the fake ones cause a failed test though is what we'd need to know.
  8. Just google search nandrolone (deca durabolin) pills and you'll find tons of options. Many are probably not the real thing but he could potentially be telling the truth if he thought it was just a specialty supplement (if your an optimist type).
  9. Thames for Villiar would be a perfect sell high, buy low
  10. Being off steroids won't effect ones speed. It might effect ones overall attempts if they are more sore over the course of a season because they don't have the drug to help them recover. It won't effect his natural baseline speed though. So unless he's been in them his whole career it shouldn't effect his SBs too much. We have a much longer career baseline with him than we did with Gordon.
  11. How do hosting sites handle that? Will he get a NA designation?
  12. I think the Story comp is less about peripherals and more about an out of nowhere guy who took April by storm and became a legit high end fantasy asset.
  13. Wasn't he the one of the hottest hitters in the minors a few days ago? I could be misremembering.
  14. Probably just working on something specific like in spring training. Maybe he's focusing on just perfecting his delivery so he doesn't get flagged by MLB's new rule.