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  1. I would go with Ross and one of Bush or Neris. If you need a bat I'd go with Shaw
  2. Well that just about settles it, right?
  3. I read the last 3 pages and there's hardly any discussion on the Neris/Benoit situation. I think the Neris save last night may be some of the biggest closer news yet. At least on the surface, it certainly appears like this is a clear transition to Neris for the closer role: 1) Benoit blows a save the other day. 2) a poster on here said last night the manager mentioned he likes Benoit in the setup role and 3) Neris closed in a game where Benoit was available and yet pitched the 8th. Is this a 1 time deal or is Neris the new closer of the Phillies? I think he's a must own until it sorts out. Top 5 RP potential. Only at 44% owned on yahoo...
  4. Without Holds, Neris is not that valuable. I'd actually drop him for Benoit.
  5. ☝️100% agree. They've had every reason to give Neris the 9th inning two years running yet he's still a setup man. It's clear Phillies want to keep him cheap one more year
  6. My username is also my team name 👍
  7. I need pitching, he needs saves/3B upgrade. In a vacuum, which side wins? My gut says no brainer accept as Max is best player in this deal, but Frazier sure has looked amazing so far.However, Gomez is a luxury I don't really need, I have 3 more solid closers. Plus I don't know how he can keep this up (even though he continues to prove everyone wrong for 2 months straight). Btw it's 10 team H2H league
  8. I saw forecast said 29 mph wind today. Any locals know if its blowing in or out?
  9. With your closers, I'd do it.
  10. Only other guy I might let go is J. Gomez, Phillies closer. Of those 2?
  11. 10 team.Thoughts?
  12. ROS Projection?
  13. I know it's early but wow he looks awful so far. How can his talent just disappear overnight? He's swinging at garbage and looks lost in every at bat. Seems like I need to readjust my expectations for 2016 Tulo. What kind of player is he now? .245 60/12/65 about right, or is that too pessimistic?
  14. Dervish DL'd. ESPN dropping the ball. Put him on the DL already. yahoo too This may be a stupid question, but can a commissioner put a player on the DL? Yahoo really dropping the ball on Darvish.
  15. Perfect. Healthy EE and injury concern discount. Yeah, but we could see a REALLY slow April. He has struggled out of the gate in years past due to lack of ST, and it seems to be more of the same this year. Injury free is a blessing, but there is some cost here. Will he be in the OD lineup? I agree, I'm expecting a very slow start. I almost didn't draft him for this fact, but I believe the stats will be there eventually. He's pretty much the opposite of Tulo this year, where you only want to own him AFTER mid/late may. Think it will be bad enough to consider benching? Of course only if you have a viable 1B backup. Not to get too BC here, but I'd be lying if I said I haven't considered using Santana instead for the first couple weeks. No I'd start him initially, (I am) but I wouldn't wait too long to bench him if I had a solid backup. The fact is no one knows how productive he'll be. He may prove me wrong and start mashing right from the start. I'm just saying I wouldn't bet on it