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  1. Thanks for clarifying. I thought you meant it's unreasonable to expect "vintage Ross" anytime this year due to the velocity dip. As long as it's just him needing to round in to form, I'm sold on picking him up and waiting it out a bit. He certainly has a good track record (when healthy).
  2. But what are your thoughts for him long term? Any reason to think he can't eventually get back to 2014-15 form?
  3. Standard 10 team league. Hate Gausman's division but Shoemaker has been bad.
  4. Agree about Herrera too.
  5. Long term it's Bush no doubt IMO. Brach will be top 5 however long Britton is out, but that may only be 2-4 weeks. Wilson is a just a "wait and see" for me until Tigers provide more clarity.
  6. Anyone updates? I read it's either Butler or Montgomery taking Anderson's spot. Montgomery has been great out of the bullpen, is he worth picking up and holding until a decision is made?
  7. Shoe or Manaea
  8. It's a long season. He's a definite hold IMO, at least until there is a clearer timetable.
  9. Does he have a history of slow starts? This guy is killing my average and giving me nothing far. Is he a sell or hold?
  10. I would go with Ross and one of Bush or Neris. If you need a bat I'd go with Shaw
  11. Well that just about settles it, right?
  12. I read the last 3 pages and there's hardly any discussion on the Neris/Benoit situation. I think the Neris save last night may be some of the biggest closer news yet. At least on the surface, it certainly appears like this is a clear transition to Neris for the closer role: 1) Benoit blows a save the other day. 2) a poster on here said last night the manager mentioned he likes Benoit in the setup role and 3) Neris closed in a game where Benoit was available and yet pitched the 8th. Is this a 1 time deal or is Neris the new closer of the Phillies? I think he's a must own until it sorts out. Top 5 RP potential. Only at 44% owned on yahoo...
  13. Without Holds, Neris is not that valuable. I'd actually drop him for Benoit.
  14. ☝️100% agree. They've had every reason to give Neris the 9th inning two years running yet he's still a setup man. It's clear Phillies want to keep him cheap one more year
  15. My username is also my team name 👍