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  1. Im also wondering the same. Very intrigued by the bullpen news as he was dropped in my 10 teamer.
  2. Jon Gray or Carlos Rodon? Standard 10 team h2h
  3. "Upside" I guess, idk
  4. 4 game suspension per ESPN
  5. Except Bautista has been an all star for many, many years. Schwarber had one good year. There's a big difference in track record.
  6. Wow I don't even think Lucroy gets this much talk in his own thread... Buy low pitchers: Manea, Matt Bush, Quintana, Alex Wood.
  7. I was thinking of buying low, then the owner dropped him. After further review I don't even think I want to waste a waiver on this guy lol. Read they want to start platooning thanks.
  8. Could they just be trying to snap him out of this funk? I'm tempted to hold in hopes that he turns things around and gets his starting role back soon. There certainly aren't any waiver wire guys with his upside...
  9. Thanks for clarifying. I thought you meant it's unreasonable to expect "vintage Ross" anytime this year due to the velocity dip. As long as it's just him needing to round in to form, I'm sold on picking him up and waiting it out a bit. He certainly has a good track record (when healthy).
  10. But what are your thoughts for him long term? Any reason to think he can't eventually get back to 2014-15 form?
  11. Standard 10 team league. Hate Gausman's division but Shoemaker has been bad.
  12. Agree about Herrera too.
  13. Long term it's Bush no doubt IMO. Brach will be top 5 however long Britton is out, but that may only be 2-4 weeks. Wilson is a just a "wait and see" for me until Tigers provide more clarity.
  14. Anyone updates? I read it's either Butler or Montgomery taking Anderson's spot. Montgomery has been great out of the bullpen, is he worth picking up and holding until a decision is made?
  15. Shoe or Manaea