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  1. 2019 Draft Day Targets (Reaches)

    I think aggressive Victor Robles drafters will look conservative at years end. I don't think he's as far away as folks think, from being an absolute fantasy beast. I felt similarly about Moncada and Devers last year, so I am exercising caution, but Robles' combination of approach / blazing speed / fantastic defense should secure him playing time, steals, and steal opportunities. I think he finishes with something like .277/.338/.446 with 13 jacks and 33 swipes... and upside for plenty more. I also think we are yet to see the best of Hyun-Jin Ryu... he has a superb understanding of how to pitch, and I think he is hungry and getting slept on. In deepish leagues I like Keston Hiura as a speculative draft pick. The Brewers aren't exactly a greenhouse of talent up the middle, and Hiura is more than ready to mash Big League pitching. I have this funny inkling that Brewers management will take note of the Vladdy Jr. news and declare - somewhat as a statement - "we promote our players when they are ready", and name Hiura the starting second baseman. Not sure if history supports that the Brewers promote aggressively. My #1 target might be Josh Donaldson. I predict he shows up motivated and in killer shape, and has a vintage "3rd round worthy" season with loads of power in slick lineup. It's a risky pick... but I don't think he is done mashing yet, and could provide 35 HR 100RBI. He is going around pick 95, roughly 20 spots after Andujar, 15 spots after Castellanos, and 30 spots after Matt Carpenter.
  2. Ramon Laureano 2019 Outlook

    Laureano is going to squash ADP. I can see him and Harrison Bader having similar years with some nice pop and speed. Unfortunately, other managers seem fairly clued into Laureano. The dude is super athletic and I really like his swing and wheels. Definite draft target, but the Oakland-Coupon-Code doesn't seem to be working... Ten years ago he would have been an amazing 'sleeper'... but there is so much information, everyone knows. If you got it, you can't hide.
  3. Bryce Harper 2019 Outlook

    I love the Giants but I just don't see a bright future for them with Bryce. Their farm is pedestrian-at-best, their big league club doesn't inspire much optimism, and if Harper signs I foresee a situation not unlike Trout 'wasting away' on talent-devoid Angels teams. Except with far inferior stats, since ATT Park (Oracle now, FYI) suppresses power like no other with its fog-laden air and bayside conditions. The Bay Area is a great place to live though, and I can see the appeal of a rich city, a massive contract, and an unofficial leap into regal Lordship over the area with Steph Curry and Jimmy G. The Three Kings. If I'm Harper, I'm going to San Diego without a doubt. INSANELY loaded farm that will mostly be on cheap contracts as they mature -- impressive stadium and beautiful city with arguably the best Mexican food in the U.S. Gorgeous white sand beaches.... mostly-perfect weather... and Harper would get to play out his prime as the 'veteran' Leader / Superstar / Face-of-the-Franchise... while guys like Paddack, Tatis, Urias, Gore, Mejia, Michel, Patino, Edwards, Munoz mature... ya know, on second glance, it's not quite as loaded as I thought. They aren't the Tampa Bay Rays or anything. New plan: sign one-year contracts with the Rays through completion of career, with the first contract containing a clause that Harper receives .01% of all Rays ownership revenue for eternity, which they'd be happy to grant, in all likelihood.
  4. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    In a win-now sense I probably got worse... I already feel the loss of Olson, Gennett, and Musgrove. I'm sort of taking a cue from the Houston Astros.... just because things are good in the Bigs, doesn't mean you should stop flushing the farm with talent. I want to create a factory of talent... so I went after guys I love... Reyes, India, Hayes, Valera. It's sort of a... modest sacrifices in the short-term, for (hopefully) a richer future. But as always... we'll see....
  5. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    woah! deGrom is amazing and Apostel is rising, but that's a helluva haul. Hiura/Kieboom/Gore would completely revamp any system. I love it!
  6. Fantrax Keeper League - 12 Teams - H2H Categories Keepers are 8(+1) each year with 1 Minor League slot Team owners sign 3-year contracts for $150 ($50/year) + $6.66 fees for Fantrax Premium Features™ Yearly Prize payouts: $350 $200 $50 Hi all - This league has been going strong since 2013... It's a H2H each-category league with no divisions. We have a rare opening which includes this roster: Each season we add one more keeper slot... for the 2019 season, you have 8 Majors slots and 1 Minors slot to work with. Please message me here if interested Here is our League Handbook. I highly recommend glossing over the Keepers section. It's a bit unconventional and complicated, but it works remarkably well maintaining relative parody, and preventing the best and worst teams from being so far apart talent-wise that it's beyond repair. P.S. Here are some important keeper values to note: J.D. Martinez (round 2) Joey Votto (round 3) Freddie Freeman (round 6) Brian Dozier (round 6) Andrew Benintendi (9∞) Travis Shaw (11∞) The ∞ symbol indicates that the player will continue to move 'up' one round each year - as is the case with all waiver wire keepers, or players drafted in round 12 or beyond. In a similar vein, most all of the elibible keepers would default to round∞, with the exception of A.J. Pollock, who was a first-round draft pick last year. I hope this isn't too much to digest.... please reach out if interested. We are hoping to begin our slow draft sometime this coming week. We appreciate your interest, Tim
  7. A.J. Pollock 2019 Outlook

    Joc is the ideal platoon 4th outfielder... not sure what his contract situation is off hand, or his numbers off Brad Hand. I think Verdugo is a superior overall player though (already) and I want to see what he can do with close to a regular gig. His lack of jaw-dropping tools (but don't sleep on his arm) have suppressed his hype... both in fantasy and in real baseball... but he is good at pretty much everything that baseball asks, and the power could play up in the bigs. As for Pollock... what a tease. He is the milder, off-brand Mookie Betts when at his best (in fantasy).. but his career to this point has been frustrating to say the least. Gut feeling? The Dodgers work some magic and keep him healthy -- he enjoys a couple of the best (and most healthy) years of his career. If he can get in shape though... we are talking about one of the better daily 'Combo Meal' bets in the league. Note: "Combo Meal" refers to a HR and SB in the same game
  8. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    reasonable deal. I like the side getting Swanson - not a future ace or anything, but since it's a deep league, and he'll likely pitch in the bigs this year (at Safeco) I dig it... As for Kramer... the Orioles were smart to acquire him too. Real athletic, with good velo potential, and enough polish at this point to believe he'll one day be a big-league with a sneaky amount of upside.
  9. Fantrax top 250

    I just flipped Matt Olson for 1.1 + 2.2. I was super geeked on Jonathan India... but now with India-to-Marlins rumors I am close to visiting Regretsville excited to look at the list. Fantrax puts out solid content, and it's always improving.
  10. Eloy Jimenez - OF CWS

    he's not Gyarados yet but I think he'll be good from the start. Confident he'll go from a big name to a legitimate star in the league very quickly. let's say he gets sort of a "rookie's" full season... I'd peg him for something like .269/.336/.503 with 25 yacks
  11. Big Keeper League Trade

    let's flesh this out as a few separate trades: Lindor for Bryant+Cease Abreu for Rizzo Posey for Contreras I dunno... does any of that seem too bad? Statistically Abreu and Rizzo aren't that far off are they? BUT WAIT we forgot George Springer. George Springer, powerful leadoff hitter for the most potent offense in baseball. so perhaps it becomes: Lindor for Bryant+Cease Abreu for Rizzo Posey for Contreras for Springer it's not veto-worthy, but the person who accepted it clearly doesn't understand value. and if the team who got the three stars was my rival, or a competitive team, I'd probably be pretty frustrated as another owner.
  12. Bryant for Dahl & Robles WHIR

    Dahl / Robles. Riskier perhaps... but two birds in the bush are better than one bird in the brush. or something. Two years ago there would be very few things I would'fe flipped KB for in dynasty... but his value has really dipped. Hope he rebounds this year with like .290 and 35+ yacks and quiets the doubters. But uhh... I don't trust Dahl to stay healthy at all, and his hitting style is a bit unconventional, still trying to figure him out totally. But Robles... pretty confident that's a total gem right there. We're talking an annual difference of 35+ steals between him and Bryant. I'll take that all day at the expense of a few homers and RBI.
  13. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    I was a bit on-edge earlier, apologies. I know the 4-for-1 (quarter+nickel+dime+penny) are insulting, but they've worked wonders for me. it's not true to my real personality to do stuff like that, but I treat fantasy purely as a game with the objective to win... and if someone wants to accept one of my 'packages', then I'm pumped. I reject atrocious offers every single day. Insta-declines I call them. Trade offers where you know the answer is '"no" the second you see the offer. Awful, awful ones. All the time. This morning I was offered Xander Bogaerts+Eddie Rosario for Ronald Acuna in a keep-8-forever league. I clicked 'decline' and haven't thought about it again until now. EDITORS NOTE: this first paragraph will have become ironic by the end of paragraph 3 Sometimes I get a little sloppy... a little reckless (stoned) and fire off some bad ones. And for that I apologize. I overvalue my guys, and talk myself out of yours. I sling trade offers at midnight like that sleazy guy at the bar... "you'll do!" But it's just fantasy. Not to mention, sometimes teams need depth, and losing one stud for four solid pieces can be a truly advantageous move. In deep leagues, you can win with depth as well as superstars. That's certainly not to say I'm endorsing trading away Vladdy Guerrero. No way. I own him in one dynasty, and I can't really think of any scenario where I'd trade him. Even if someone was like "here is Lindor + Arenado", I'd be reluctant... because owning Vladdy for his whole career is way more fun. It's like having a young Charizard. Rare and holographic. I won't bore you with all my 'package' offers that have been accepted (thereby pushing me to offer more of them)... but of note: early last year in dynasty I flipped Kris Bryant for Alex Bregman+Xander Bogaerts, and a "package" of AJ Pollock, Ian Anderson, Mike Clevinger, and Jose Martinez for Ronald Acuna. Awful in retrospect... but sometimes you can get in there and snag a great talent pre-blowup. That said... the GM of that team should be fired. And both team owners in each respective dynasty league quit at the end of the season. So maybe that's a downside. That my trades make people quit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'll get off this stool now and get things off league-specific material, which is roughly the equivalent of early-80's 'communism' speak in America. Regards, Boof Bonser
  14. howdy, do you work for Prospects Live?   I'm on that site all day. love it! 

    1. Meastoftheeast


      Unfortunately I do not.  I love it their work as well though.  I followed the majority of the founders on twitter prior to them getting together and creating Prospects Live.  Great content!  

  15. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    Vladdy is a legit 80-65+ hit tool and power. It's rarer than rare. And he is young yet polished. But I think 'atrocious' is a bit strong imo. Especially since it would have significantly improved his title chances. George Springer - 29-years old. powerful, athletic leadoff hitter in arguably the best lineup in the league. probably 50-60-50 tools. Luis Robert - even more Tooled Up than Springer. a video game body. Andrew Heaney - Immediate SP3/SP4 potential? Aaron Hicks - 27 jacks, 11 steals in only 480 ab's Akil Baddoo - If you like to bet on approach + athleticism, check him out Cavan Biggio - B- level prospect with sneaky power that should play up in the bigs. Bleh. Now that I'm really fleshing this out, it seems even worse. Sorry for injecting this trade into this forum. You deserve better, Vladdy.