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  1. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    he is horrendous. I think quarterbacking is really mostly legs, and Bortles and David Carr are all arm. they have the physique and "the look", but not the skills, the sharpness, or the moxy. If I'm either GM, I'm looking to sell for picks to a team desperate for a QB -- or if I'm a team with a middling QB, I'm looking to sell him to the Jags and Raiders. not quite sure how to rate Fournette ROS. obviously he's a candidate to limp off in the 2nd quarter and ruin your week... but he also can go 100+ with a TD or two. Do you guys prefer him over Mixon?
  2. Paul George 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I'm surprised to see the negative comments. I took him 2.1 (11th overall) and haven't regretted it so far (aside from knowing I could have taken Simmons or Embiid...) I dig his well-rounded game. He has been helpful. he is ranked 26th on ESPN's basketball player rater, ahead of guys like Towns, Drummond, Wall, and Simmons.
  3. $15 Dynasty Yahoo Basketball League - 1st year

    Hi I am interested. I've never played dynasty basketball. Points or Cats sounds fun... points would give it more of a DFS feel... roto more vintage. I'm happy to play either. do you have any more openings?
  4. 16 teams? sounds interesting. I'm in. Looks like a handful or so more need to join... come on folks!
  5. 2018-2019 Week 1 Discussion Thread [Wire Pickups]

    for shallow Yahoo 10-team leagues: 1. Dennis Schroder (surprised to see him unowned... but not sure his FG% and TO is worth it.) 2. Derrick Favors 3. Kevin Knox 4. Isaiah Thomas 5. Bobby Portis 6. Josh Jackson Kelly Oubre sitting there too. do you think he has decent breakout upside?
  6. Terry Rozier 2018-2018 Season Outlook

    I could be wrong, but I view him as halfway between a 5th starter and 6th man... like... Dwyane Wade had a baby with Kings-era Bobby Jackson. I want to keep expectations tempered though, because Kyrie/Tatum/Hayward/Horford/Jaylen are a lot of mouths to feed. Man... what a team, gotta be the favorite for LeaguePass MVP. And by that I mean /r/NBAstreams MVP.
  7. Jimmy Butler 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    darn. I rolled with him in tonight because I figured he'd play with something to prove. Hope "shorter segments" means "35+ total minutes" somehow.
  8. DeAndre Ayton 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    dangit. yes. thanks.
  9. Terry Rozier 2018-2018 Season Outlook

    I'm pretty much into owning any Celtics rotation player... I think Brown and Rozier will chip in across-the-board regularly, and far outperform their ADP. In daily leagues with large rosters, their contributions will make a big difference for a fantasy team. Rozier looks super explosive. My only gripe is I want him to use that explosiveness/athleticism to get to the rim more, and take fewer step-back jumpers - even though he creates space with ease. There's something about him that is a liiiiiiitle bit Dwyane Wade-y. I'm not sayin'... but I'm just sayin'.
  10. DeAndre Ayton 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I've been watching his preseason footage. the hype is swelling a little out of hand imo. I snagged him in round 5, one pick after DeAndre with a capital A. Putting him on the block to see what kind of return he can fetch. If nothing speaks to me, I'm fine hoping he turns into Drummond-of-the-East. <--- wouldn't be the worst name for Ayton in Game of Zones
  11. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    Henry's player comparison on PlayerProfile is... interesting:
  12. Does the Draft really even matter anymore?

    agreed. I play in a limited keeper league -- one team has had Trout/Scherzer/Cole as keepers for years, another has Machado/Lindor/Blackmon. Neither sniffed the playoffs. On the other hand, a new manager taking over a horribly-managed team nearly snuck into the playoffs, despite having a considerable keeper disadvantage. He completely outmanaged those other managers in every possible way. As for me, I focused on building a potent offense and punted pitching (aside from Kluber as the horse) and piecemealed together a staff throughout the season. I don't endorse this strategy in Roto... but in H2H, by the time playoffs rolled around, my rotation/pen was above-average. In fact, it was the ERA+WHIP cats that ultimately decided the championship matchup. To respond to Joffrey... yeah, the draft matters. Just ask people who got discounted Gerrit Cole's and 14th round Blake Snell's. But unlike fantasy football, in-season management is paramount. In baseball, there are enough Muncy-type breakouts that you can survive a total bust of a 2nd or 3rd round pick. In football, if your Leonard Fournette goes down, you better hope to h*** you snagged a James Connor late... or you're pretty much screwed.
  13. 4-1 Keeper League Trade Advice WHIR

    I like Michel, and losing the keep option is tough, but I think I'd swing for the fences with Julio. Thomas/Hill/Julio is a digusting receiver trio... add that to DJ + CMC at running back, and you'd have to be the championship favorite, unless another team is ridiculously stacked. That said... I understand if you don't make the deal. I'm like 55-45 on it, not feeling super comfortable either way. John Brown has also looked really good... I'm playing him in a ton of DFS lineups this week. As for trade 2... Hopkins is my favorite player, but CMC for him feels like more of a lateral move, and I think your receivers are dynamic enough as it
  14. I'd make that trade all day. personally I'd probably trade Fuller/Davis for either one of Hilton or Drake, nonetheless both.
  15. Pick my FLEX! WHIR always

    I'd rank them: 1. Coutee 2. Enunwa 3. Davis 4. Mack 5. Kirk I really like Coutee this week