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  1. Tyreque Reed 1B TEX

    (in the future, is it better to post these as just a URL?)
  2. Richard Lovelady RP KC

    dis can't b real lyfe
  3. Aaron Hicks 2018 Outlook

    Steamer has him at .251-58-15-56-10 in 404 at-bats. If he can perform at that pace, but up the at-bats considerably... that's a real nice fantasy player. Also, he got jacked this offseason. Trying out for the Jets apparently.
  4. Alex Verdugo 2018 Outlook

    That's a great call. Offensively they have a lot in common: polished hitters with strong OBP skills, with questionable power that could eventually be above-average. I trust Verdugo's bat a bit more though. I think of Verdugo as a B++ prospect and Winker more as a 'B' prospect. But both could be helpful in fantasy right away.
  5. Keibert Ruiz- C Dodgers

    Will Smith is legit, too. His offense has really made strides. It's going to be interesting what the Dodgers catcher landscape looks like in a couple years.
  6. Alex Verdugo 2018 Outlook

    Fair. I see substantial skills, and don't think he needs more time in the Minors. I think in time he'll sort of become "Anthony Rendon in the outfield" with a splash of teammate Corey Seager. Floor is probably... Brandon Belt in the outfield. Maybe James Loney if you're feeling super pessimistic. This dude is definitely going to get on base, and I think we'll see 20-25 homers before long. Maybe I'm way bullish... but when you got it you got it.... and Verdugo has got it. You can see it at the plate. He's a high quality Major Leaguer being blocked by borderline 3rd outfielders. Put him in the lineup!
  7. Yoan Moncada 2018 Outlook

    Long-term upside is comically high. This season? I think he'll have infuriating cold streaks, but at the end of the season, particularly in OBP leagues, you'll look up and see the statline of a bigtime impact player. The tools are so loud the deaf can hear them. .266-94-21-74-25
  8. Alex Verdugo 2018 Outlook

    Heady player with an excellent hit tool and elite outfield arm. Not a burner, but everything else is in place - the biggest question is the power. In theory, he is competing with Pederson, Kemp, and Toles for the last outfield spot. I believe the power is emerging before our eyes. I think he is a significantly better player than Joc Pederson, right now (perhaps that isn't saying much) If this were a team like the Orioles I would hold off in redraft, and assume they'll keep their MLB-ready stud down in the minors in order to accumulate losses and deplete fan pride and interest. But I trust the Dodgers front office minds. They want to win, and surely they can see the extent of Verdugo's skills. He is polished at the plate, particularly for a 21-year old, and if he wins the starting gig from the get-go, I think he'll be an impact fantasy player in 2018. If your redraft league allows transactions during ST, I think Verdugo (and Luis Urias!) are worth a speculative add, should they land a spot.
  9. Keibert Ruiz- C Dodgers

    in grainier prospect footage I'd been thinking "homeless man's Victor Martinez, best case" but after seeing him this spring in crystal HD... woah. His offensive potential as a catcher is outstanding. I like his upside quite a bit more than Mejia... but then again, Mejia is way overhyped. landed him in a December dynasty draft in round 24... sandwiched between Jose De Leon and Brandon Drury. Currently on the run from the law.
  10. SP Rankings 2018

    drafted them both! massive per-inning upside. fairly risky. innings and role keep their ceiling limited. both have overwhelming stuff. both personal favorites!
  11. Christan Pache-OF ATL

    wait what!? he has an 80 run grade, 70 arm, and 55 power? throw in a hit tool, and that's a star. (to be honest, I overpaid for him in dynasty about 2 months ago, and this forum is helping ease the pain of that decision) I like Pache a lot. He is probably the best defensive outfielder in the minors... and with his speed, we are looking at playing time + steals. So that's a nice start off the bat. The power is tough to project. I could see it taking a big leap... or I could see him topping out at 12. It's tough to say at this point. Stay tuned!
  12. This is incredibly ambitious, mad respect and props! Most rankings are just a list, even sites with tons of writers working together. I'm honestly in awe of what you do. And as helpful as your stuff is with drafting... it's mostly just something I love to read/digest because I love baseball. So no worries about when it comes out, though I can only speak for myself. And your track record of evaluating players speaks for itself... for example you were driving the Jose Ramirez train long before he was a consensus top-25 guy. I was super skeptical, and now he's one of my absolute favorites. Anyway I'm sure you've got tons of other stuff going on, in addition to the daily grind of eating and crapping and managing relationships and working other jobs and everything else that comes with being alive. So to work this in too can't be easy. If there is a way to shoot you 10 bucks or something please let me know (unless you aren't comfortable with that). anyway can't wait to hear your radio spot later today and check out the preview of the two players you linked. Peace! EDIT: completely agree about those two players! especially the outfielder (no spoilers).
  13. Drafting Tips - Name Brand vs. Generic

    Josh Donaldson | Justin Turner Aroldis Chapman | Brad Hand Tommy Pham | Kevin Kiermaier Andrew Benintendi | Ronald Acuna!!! (the more I see of this guy, the more I think he'll be a fantasy star from the start)
  14. Austin Hays 2018 Outlook

    ughh... drafted Hays in January and thought I had 25 bombs on the cheap. now he's looking like a drop unless you have a Minors slot. bummer man.
  15. Dynasty trade - Acuna & Bryant

    Funny enough, I'm rebuilding in dynasty, and offered Kris Bryant for Acuna + some other good prospects. I was met with "not trading Acuna". "Straight up for Bryant?" (asked out of curiosity; wouldn't actually do it) "Nope." I was surprised. You've got to be super, super confident in Acuna to not flip him for Kris Bryant, who is a proven 1st round stud, and still only 25. Objectively, in dynasty, I think Bryant warrants a return of Acuna plus others.