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  1. I was all-in. Really thought his pitchability + offspeed stuff would equate to a 3.50 ERA guy and nearly one K/9. Yikes. Can anyone clarify what his main issue is, beyond "he sucks" ? Is the fastball too hittable? [...]
  2. Is it just me, or does it feel like something magical is about to happen... ?
  3. Current setup - .5 PPR Active RB2 - Joe Mixon (@Bills) Flex - Josh Jacobs (@Vikings) ---------------- Benchlp Josh Gordon (@Jets) D.J. Moore (@Cardinals) Royce Freeman (@Packers) My gut says Freeman will have the best week. A radio host touted DJMoore as his player of the week. The AB news makes Josh Gordon a lot more attractive. <-- also he suddenly and sneakily comes into view as the "well behaved one" in contrast - despite past... distractions. Thanks for your help.
  4. I'm deploying him over Eric Ebron this week. Partially because he is my 4th round pick 💩 (I panic-pivoted as the clock was winding down) Godspeed.
  5. .306/.375/.577, 15 HR in 65 games. Is that good for a rookie?
  6. I was so close to dropping him... he is heating up just in time (for my H2H playoffs, anyway). Really good hitter, not enough power or speed to be a standout, but I can see him providing "slightly poor man's Jeff McNeil" kind of production next season.
  7. 35 home runs and leads the National League in stolen bases. It's helpful in roto.
  8. what kind of profile does he have? I haven't seen any pro player comps? .290-30-100 type with a few swipes?
  9. OP those double spaces are killing me 🤢 I like that Mercado comp, at least stat-wise. A lesser version of Mercado, if everything breaks perfectly. If he gets a call he can definitely contribute in NL-only leagues.
  10. this guy can really hit. I think he'll be the "Jeff McNeil" of 2019. He has dual 2B/OF eligibility in some leagues too, which is sexy.
  11. I've loved Kepler since he first came onto the minors scene, but I won't be surprised if this goes down as his career year. He is pull-heavy, like mentioned above, and I'll be trying to flip him this off-season in my keep-10 league. Surely if he reaches 40 homers this year on the most prolific power offense of all-time, a suitor will come calling. Full disclosure: I drafted him in 50% of leagues this year, have profited, and now it feels like it's time to profit some more with a sale. I think he'll continue to hover between good and very-good, but I'm hoping someone will pay for him like he'll be great. Slim difference, but that's where I'm at currently. Big fan though. It's possible we haven't seen the best of his stolen base production too.
  12. strange turn of events... dude tears up the Minors, vaulting up prospect lists and "earning" a juicy contract... completely sucks almost all of 2018 -- one of single worst hitters in the bigs -- then this season, shows significant pop and improved approach, doing a 180 on his 2018 status and again becoming a coveted dynasty asset. And then came July. He's been atrocious. Just awful. Lost like Gretel without gingerbread. so the dynasty value again begins to crater, and he probably gets dropped in a lot of redrafts. so what do we make of him from this point forward? I haven't a clue. It's anyones guess.
  13. his swing is so sexy... dude pops like Rhys Hoskins with a better hit tool. Looks polished too, like he'd fare okay off mediocre big league pitching tomorrow. Me likey likey.