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  1. He wasn't going to get a second start. Rangers have been using a 6 man rotation for weeks now, a bullpen game being the 6th man
  2. according to rotogrinders the NYY @ DET game has a good chance to be PPD any reliable news on this before first pitch would be greatly appreciated by the owners of Yankees players
  3. No. His 1st phantom TD was clearly the result of #44 illegally clearing out Kittle's defender. It was the right call.No phantom flag here. The 2nd phantom TD was on a call that a lineman was not on the LOS.. It is not in the video but it is very easy to see if someone does not line up correctly on the LoS. No phantom flag here either.
  4. https://scores.nbcsports.com/mlb/boxscore.asp?gamecode=390907115&final=true LOL
  5. Yeah, looks good for Greene if you cherrypick, and forget Melancon's 12 straight scoreless innings prior your cherrypicked stats, and the 4,1 IP 7 ER for Greene, to make Greene look good, and Melancon bad.
  6. Needs to hit nearly .320 the rest of the season to get to .247
  7. Your post is extreamely nearsighted, ignorant, uneducated, and lacks actual data to back up nonsense statements. Yelich was never an 8 HR player. Yelich went from 18 HRs to 36 HRs, because of reasons I stated, which is quite obvious to anybody who actually bothers to look up the stats. And not only in redraft can people move on. There are keeper league teams that have better players to keep, and Senzel would never be able to make that list if he keeps playing like this. In my league we keep 10, and I have 15 better players to keep than Senzel. Now why would I want to hold on to this guy, when he contributes very little, and Im actually playing to win the game? Quite few are those who play in dynasty, but this minority obviously needs to approach these situations differently, which was never debated. You just brought this up because that is the only actual reason that people should keep him over players who actually play well right now. Many here seen the opposite too. Many more times. So this is not a good argument. The fact did not eluded me, that you completely avoided answering directly anything I said, and right away reverted into a personal attack, which always means that the person who does this, is wrong.
  8. Maybe these owners realized that 8 of his HRs came in the 1st 42 games and merely 2 Hrs in 46 games since. Maybe these owners realized that hitting 2 HRs, 4 SBs (before yesterday), 21 Runs and 15 RBIs in 2 months is not enough. lol In Miami. Then he moved to Milwaukee to a better park and better lineup, where he finally could hit for power So where does Senzel move in your opinion that is better for hitting, so that he could improve overnight like Yelich?
  9. 5,9 % IFFB No problem here. https://www.fangraphs.com/statsd.aspx?playerid=9112&position=DH/OF&gds=2019-06-20&gde=2019-08-20&season=&type=3
  10. This guy is hitting .180 with 1 HR and 3 Doubles, the past 2 months! Yet Fangraphs claims that his hard hit rate is slightly better than ever at 45,2%, and his K% is around the same as ever. So how is his HR/FB is virtually 0? How is he not getting base hits when he hits the ball hard? Does not make sense.
  11. Don't forget the 2 Starts at MLB, 6 IP 16.50 ERA (11 earned run) 2.50 WHIP, 5 Ks.
  12. He had an 85 pitch limit on sunday, yet was pulled after 72 while pitching a good game (4.0 IP, 5 hits, 0 BB, 1 error, 1 run). The 9-1-2 was up in the 5th for Atlanta, and he wasn't even allowed to face the pitcher. Hard to see to be better than this, so it seems like he has no chance to go 5 for a win, and if he actually allows more runs and baserunners, he will be relieved sooner. He looks like a long opener and not a starter.
  13. Friday Tanaka, saturday Paxton, and Sabathia coming back from IL on sunday.
  14. Can someone please hit this guy in the face again?