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  1. Not in the line up again per rotowire.
  2. I'm streaming Ryu at home against Philly tomorrow. 16% owned in Yahoo. He went six innings in each of his last two games and this should be his fifth and most favorable matchup so far.
  3. Not applicable...
  4. Here is the way I look at it. During his career he's had seasons where he flashed power, seasons he flashed contact and on base skills, and seasons where he had a decent amount of speed. He's in a low pressure spot with a great lineup. If his adjustments stick, and the hard hit % and exit velocities are legit, Jason could go 85/20/85/15 with a .275/.345 line (with room for growth) and I wouldn't be shocked. He was so disgustingly bad last year that I was refusing to even start digging on him but he just looks so much better at the plate this year. I'm curious to see what @StevieStats would say. Stevie has never been impressed with him and last year he was dead right in Jason's thread.
  5. There's a great chance he could rack up some RBI's hitting sixth behind some solid OBP guys though.
  6. I'm just wondering what are the chances this is for real and/or sustainable. Is this another Trevor Story situation?
  7. Conforto powers activate!
  8. Not extremely concerned, command seems like an issue though. Just looking for the next in line.
  9. Is Knebel definitely next in line?
  10. Dickerson just had his best AB of the year ending in a HR off of Fiers. Totally destroyed the baseball.
  11. Homer off a lefty to the deepest part of Fenway. I think we have something here boys.
  12. There was a time where owning or drafting Braun came with some risks due to the PED suspension and the thumb injury. He seems to have reestablished himself as a much safer investment. I'm happy to see Braun take maintenance days throughout the season as it helps him produce at a high rate per game. Everyone, (I guess not weekly lineups) has a deep enough bench to cover those 30 games he takes off and you can tack on some replacement stats from him roster spot to his final counting stats. He's still a true five category producer.
  13. That LstHlmt/AB % is creeping up guys. With his bigger dreads, I was hoping we would see a more stable ratio.
  14. @JFS179 You spoke about his upside earlier. What is his upside? Is it similar to what Ramos did last year? Can he out produce guys like Martin and Weiters? I really haven't seen him play much, I've always just read about his potential .
  15. I say as soon as his nine game hitting streak ends they're shipping his a** out I bet.