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  1. 2018 Fantasy Football Platform Central

    That must be a public league, right. In private leagues you can reduce that down to a one-day wait.
  2. 2018 Commissioner's Corner

    My personal preference is for at most 50% of teams to make the playoffs. If the majority of the teams make it it cheapens the regular season because it would then be harder to not make the playoffs then to actually make the playoffs.
  3. I take it as a positive change. Encourages owners to add their own logo rather than using the default.
  4. Trophy Traditions

    A bobble head of the champ, or one of the champ's players? Pic?
  5. I've only ever been able to copy & paste one page worth, 25 players at a time
  6. Fantasy Football Resources 2018

    With all due respect (and that is a novel approach), isn't that an inherent limitation in mock drafting? Drafters don't necessarily act in the same manner as they would in a 'real' draft. They may experiment, or not even take it seriously, or leave early. It's like exhibition games. Sometimes tough to glean useful information.
  7. Response from Yahoo Customer Care: We'll get this over to our engineering team so they can get this fixed as soon as possible for you.
  8. I believe there is an issue with the Yahoo baseball Player List page. If you select 'Season (std dev)' from the 'STATS' drop down menu, all the negative counting stats (e.g. caught stealing, batter strikeouts and errors) are given positive std dev, rather than the opposite. It throws the whole 'Total' column out of whack. The same problem exists with the negative pitching stats. I haven't look at my hockey, basketball or football leagues, but those may be problematic as well. I let Yahoo Customer Care know about it and will report back if they get back to me.
  9. BEST FF Site - Draft Slot?

    I've never used Yahoo Fantasy Football (just starting a league this year), but for baseball, basketball and hockey Yahoo allows the Commish to place players in any round after the keeper deadline. If I'm understanding you correctly.
  10. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    The relative importance of your draft depends on your league depth. My league is 20 teams, 23-man rosters, so the importance of a good draft is higher. Three of those five guys UberRebel named were drafted in my league.
  11. In no particular order: The Sleeper and the Bust There is No Offseason CBS Fantasy Baseball from Prospect 361 FantasyPros Baseball HQ MLB Fantasy 411 In This League RotoWire ESPN Fangraphs Flags Fly Forever
  12. 2018 - League Settings - General Discussion

    Lol. I don't love or hate any specific stat. Well, maybe my fantasy teams' wins I was just wondering if anyone knew the difference between an MLB official stat and an MLB unofficial stat, and its relevance for fantasy.
  13. 2018 - League Settings - General Discussion

    What is the relevance of that fact? To be honest, I'm not even sure what the fact means. I know MLB says it isn't official, yet there they are tracked on their site, as well as a definition.