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  1. 2018 - League Settings - General Discussion

    To each his/her own, but I prefer H2H as it's good for my keeper league. Eight of the 20 teams make the playoffs and the chance at a playoff upset keeps the owners of those eight good teams engaged. Plus it's fun. Just like MLB playoffs. Also, that's where rivalries are born between league-mates. For me it's not about dominating or being the best. It's about fun. And that's good for the league long-term.
  2. There seems to be a problem for a least of couple of us in my league with accessing the league group chat on the app. It appears to be working on the desktop version though. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. We have a Facebook group for our league. You can do polls there.
  4. If we could use these types of players like MLB teams do then we'd only be able to start them at those positions for a handful of games. I assume you want to use them at the new positions more than that. I like the approach Yahoo and ESPN take that the player needs to play at a position for some minimum critical mass of games at a position before we can play them there all the time. That way fantasy players can't exploit some one-off (or two or three-off) appearance at a position.
  5. Yes, come to think of it you are correct. We only do online drafts and the keepers are really only assigned to teams when the online draft begins. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Must be a miscommunication here. I've commished Yahoo keeper leagues for years. Online draft (i.e. not auction). I click the automatically assign keepers and voila! I have easier settings (i.e. no specific rounds) so it works great for me. But I can see if you have a more complicated set up it wouldn't work. But I'm a simple man You just overstated it by saying it has zero functionality. Maybe for your setup but not everyone's.
  7. That's not correct. Once you approve the keepers, Yahoo assigns them to the teams.
  8. I'm the commissioner of my Yahoo fantasy basketball league and I just noticed that my entire scheduled order of opponents for the year isn't random, but in alphabetical order. Is it the same for you other commissioners out there?