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  1. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    Same here man, im the highest scoring team and 2nd most points allowed, 3 of my 4 losses came against the highest scoring team when I had the second highest scoring team. Fantasy is all about luck/who you face that particular week. Can’t wait for byes to finally end in two weeks
  2. Trade for Bell or Ertz?? whir

    Stay put or package OJ with someone else for Ertz straight up.
  3. Big Trade WHIR

    not a fan of 3+ for 1 but you have Burton so no need for Doyle, so technically it’s Hopkins for an injured Green and Duke, take the deal!
  4. Drop Tucker for sure and stream kickers help with mine
  5. Big Trade, How Did I Do?? WHIR!!

    Nice trade I like it, you upgrade two positions and youre deep at rb so you could afford the downgrade of mack to richard help with mine
  6. Must win Start or sit Fournette? WHIR

    Fournette for sure help with mine
  7. 12 team 0.5ppr Qb-Brees Rb-Barkley Rb-Chubb Wr-Adams Wr-OBJ Te-Kelce Flex-Sanders Flex-Ridley Bench-Doyle, Richard, Parker, Bibbs, Riddick Looking to upgrade Flex and a small downgrade at RB1, What’s Barkley’s value? Here are some options, pick which players from the other team I should ask for in return for Barkley: 1) Barkley for Thielen/Juju/Cook/Howard/Kupp/Bell (pick 2) 2) Barkley for Brown/Michel 3) Barkley for Hopkins/Ingram 4) Barkley for DJ/White/AP/A. Jones/Golladay/Gordon (pick 2) 5) Barkley for Mixon/Diggs/Julio/Fournette/Edelman/Coleman/Cohen (pick 2)
  8. Saquon Barkley 2018 Outlook

    What’s Barkley’s value? WR1 & RB2?
  9. Pick 2 of 4 for Flex Spots (WHIR)

    Ridley and Michel
  10. Trade Keenan/Sony for Zeke??

    Michel is a rb2, Allen wr1/wr2 and Zeke is a rb1/rb2, I’d stay put
  11. 12 team 0.5ppr D. Sly is going to miss the game, should I start A-Rob over Golladay?
  12. Thoughts on team?? whir

    I would def try to trade one of your QB’s and Rudolph for an upgrade at TE I’d even include someone like Brieda and upgrade a Flex position as well
  13. Yeah that’s why I havent traded them yet, was going to package Doyle+someone else for an upgrade but i will need them for bye. do you see any of those players having a tough schedule for the playoffs?
  14. Njoku or Doyle in .5 ppr? whir always

    Njoku if he’s healthy and plays, Doyle will play a tough Jax defense and Ebron will take away targets. Help with mine