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  1. I would not do this. If you want to trade him, shop him around and see what you can get. You can better than Darvish.
  2. Roark and Gray for me
  3. I always love getting the best player in a deal. I like it.
  4. Def take Votto.
  5. I would make this trade.
  6. I would hang onto him! I'm mad I missed out.
  7. I hate giving up the best player in deals. That is a haul, however. I think I'd stay put and try to deal for one of the power hitters without Altuve involved.
  8. I'm staying put here.
  9. Which side do you prefer? 5x5 roto league..drop a link and whir 100%. Thanks in advance!
  10. Pollock pretty easily for me.
  11. No. No. No. No! Keep Trout man.
  12. If you think you have a window then I would go for it man!
  13. Blackmon for me! Going to score a ton of runs at the top of that lineup
  14. I like it, I think you got the best player overall in the deal! I think Sale is in for a huge year, and he's a guy I'm targeting in my leagues.
  15. Archer for me