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  1. Bump..would do the original trade of JV for Cutch and Corbin now?
  2. Def worth offering
  3. In a 5x5 Roto league, I was offered: give: Verlander get: Mccutchen, Corbin This is a keeper league where I already have deGrom, so I’m not totally against downgrading my second pitcher. Do I counter with this: give: JV get: Rendon, Corbin Would he go for this, and do I consider his offer? WHIR
  4. Wanted to bump this one more time..will help in return. Thanks!
  5. I would hang on to Severino. I think you could still use him on your staff!
  6. Hey guys, in a 5x5 Roto league where we keep five players who should I take first overall out of this group: Jose Altuve Trea Turner Manny Machado Also, these are my current keepers: Lindor 2 Freeman 3 deGrom 4 Verlander 5 Hoskins 6 Please drop a link and I WHIR!
  7. I think so for Correa, if you think your pitching can survive without Servino.