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  1. Start the hype train back up?
  2. I'd keep ware at that spot.
  3. Picked from the 7 spot in a 10 man standard one keeper league. QB Brees RB J. Howard RB Gillisle WR M. Evans WR K. Allen TE Gronk Flex M. Bryant DST Cards Bench: CJ Anderson, Woodhead, J Hill, Garcon, M Wallace, A Thelien Is there anywhere I should try and upgrade and how did I do overall? Drop a link I whir 100%! Thanks!
  4. Do not cut him.
  5. Really like your team, but I'd try to get a nice wr1 to feel even better
  6. If you don't have to keep 3 I wouldn't keep any of those guys
  7. I like it cause you got the best player in the deal. Bell is absolute beast.
  8. Hey guys posted this a little while back, but my draft is tomorrow and I wanted to see what your thoughts are now. Drop a link and I will help out 100%! Still think I'll be between Evans and Shady so who would you rather have?
  9. I'd add Fournette thanks for your help on mine!
  10. Brees and Gronk for me thanks for your help on mine!
  11. It's a non-ppr!
  12. Jordy, Ajayi, and Hill for me.