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  1. Pollock pretty easily for me.
  2. No. No. No. No! Keep Trout man.
  3. If you think you have a window then I would go for it man!
  4. Blackmon for me! Going to score a ton of runs at the top of that lineup
  5. I like it, I think you got the best player overall in the deal! I think Sale is in for a huge year, and he's a guy I'm targeting in my leagues.
  6. Archer for me
  7. Hey guys I posted a trade regarding this league the other day, but got offered this deal today. I give: Second round pick, Robinson Cano (4) I get: Josh Donaldson (3) This is a 5 player keeper league, where players are kept in the round you drafted them in. It is a 5x5 roto league, and there is limit of keeping players for 3 years. We are in the second year of keepers, so whoever we keep will be on our teams for this season and the next. My current locks for keeps are: Mike Trout (1) Noah Syndergaard (5) Nolan Arenado (6) A.J. Pollock (17) The second round pick obviously isn't all that valuable with it be a 5 player keeper, but is it worth parting with Cano as well. I know I wouldn't pick much in the early part of the draft since I wouldn't have my top 3 picks but I feel like making this deal easily gives me the best keepers in the league. What do you think?? Drop a link and I WHIR! Thanks!
  8. I would Kipnis, Moncada, and Sano from the guys you listed
  9. I would make the deal then.
  10. Which side are you? I prefer the side getting Blackmon.
  11. I think I would keep what you have. I would definitely try and do a 2 for 1 with your vets and get someone younger, then keep Benintendi.
  12. I think you keep Miggy here. If you want to trade him for a pithcer, aim higher than Lester.
  13. Arrietta, Marte, Trumbo, Pollock Dahl.
  14. I agree with above. It isn't an awful return, but you are better off keeping the best player involved in the deal.
  15. Love your offense. I agree with above and you will need to depend on your pitching to bounce back from last year. If they do, you could be a really dangerous team!