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  1. Who to keep, real dilema whir

    Drop Kenley and Abreu
  2. Big trade (Turner, Carrasco etc.) WHIR

    I'd do the first deal!
  3. Hey guys easy one here..who would you rather have for the next three seasons in roto? Drop a link and I whir! Thanks!
  4. Trading away Rizzo, WHIR

    I actually like this since it helps upgrade your pitching. I'd go for it..
  5. Rendon/Upton for Moncada/Quintana?

    I think I would stay put with Rendon and Upton
  6. Pick my final 3 keepers for 2018 WHIR

    McCullers, Myers, and Devers
  7. Want to trade for SP5 - need advice

  8. keep moncada or devers

    Moncada for me
  9. Correa vs Bryant Keeper

    Side B for me
  10. Darvish/ pollock straight up for mookie

    I think I'd rather have Mookie.
  11. final keepers advice

    Murphy and Gordon for me
  12. Trout Dynasty Blockbuster....WHIR 100%

    Keep Trout no doubt
  13. Hey a 5x5 roto league, which player would you rather have over the next three seasons? I think Blackmon is the better bet this season, but can I rely on him for another two years? This is a keeper league that is starting up, and these are the three guys I think I will have a shot at with the 7th overall pick. What do you think? Drop a link and I WHIR! Thanks!
  14. Hey my 10 man keeeper league has an open spot. The league has been running for three years, and this year starts the new phase of it, which makes it the perfect time to jump in! We have one open spot due to a member leaving for personal reasons, and we are looking for an expereinced owner that is also active. This is a 5x5 roto league, with quality starts instead of wins. This is a three year keeper league, where you keep players for this season, and then the next two. Right now is the perfect time to jump in, since we are starting new this year. Our first cycle has ended, so all players are being thrown back into the pool. Our draft is a slow draft that starts in early march and it is done in Google Sheets. Our buy in for the last few years has been $40, but we are currently voting to see how much we want to increase it for next season. It will most likely be between $60-$70. Our keeper league works like this: you keep a player based on the round he was drafted in(can only keep one player drafted in the first two rounds). Our first cycle was 5 keepers each season, but we are also voting on weather or not to go down to 3. This is why now is a great time to join, so you can have a say on what we decide! Payment is done through leaguesafe, and the league is on ESPN. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me at We would love to have this spot filled asap so we can to voting. Hope to talk to you guys soon! Thanks-Mike
  15. Mike Gillislee 2017 Outlook

    Start the hype train back up?