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  1. Have you seen how he's hitting the ball? Hard contact? Exit velocity? He's same old Nelley... They're younger, fact, but slumping. Once in a while that happens to the best of them and more so when your plunked and hit by foul balls like he has. Time will tell but I doubt it's age related. Expecting 35+ HR when all set and done. Ohhh summer wind, came blowing in, form across the sea...
  2. I remember he started the first 2 games of the year with homers and then DL... May has been very quiet. That's a fact. But you bench good players. Has someone dumped Goldy? Rizzo? To name a few... I bet my money that their aren't that many sure bets for 40 HR year in year out like Cruz.
  3. 40,44,43,39 are his HR totals in the last 4 seasons with a combined avg of 287 and 100+ rbi in each season... how many injuries has he had in the young season? he started hot and injured his ankle. Then he's had multiple injuries including HBP. C.H.I.L.L. he's one of the most consistent batters in recent years... When summer comes your patience will be rewarded.
  4. I get your point. Even though he's now batting 3rd (Haniger), he was batting mostly 6th all year before Cano's fracture. You look at Hanigers counting stats and he was at one point among the leaders in rbis. So having those batters in front 1-5, if you can hit, you will have counting stats in that lineup. I think he likes separating the RH Cruz with RH Healy with Seagers LH, he did the same with Haniger batting 330 and seager 230...
  5. Cano's fractured hand opened up the 3-hole for Haniger. He's the ideal batter for that spot. But the 80 game suspension, has him doing this almost the complete ROS. This is a HUGE boost in his value.
  6. @pedromoura Justin Turner will play third base for High-A Rancho Cucamonga tomorrow and Sunday. The hope is he’ll then travel with the Dodgers to Miami for the series that begins Tuesday.
  7. This guy has the stuff, it's not like he throws 89 mph FB, his repertoire is not just 2 pitches, he just pounds and pounds the strike zone. The Cards rarely make mistakes, atleast in my eyes. I think he has a legit chance of being top 25 SP this year if he keeps this up. Doesn't seem like anything flukish. Whip under 1, avg almost 7 innings per game, 3 BB in 46.2 inn... Jeeesus
  8. He's definitely not the TOP CLOSER in baseball, which was his position among closers. I say this because, either his stuff is not what it once was, or batters have figured him out, or both. Normally, he would be almost unhitable. He wouldn't walk much and his K's would be closer to the 2 per game. He just doesn't look on paper like himself. last 10 games, 11 innings, 4 SV, 9K, 4BB, 9 hits, 3 ER... all of last year he gave up 7 BB, in 15 innings he's already at 6 this year. Hes 1/3 of the way to his hits total from last year he gave up 5 HR last year, he's more than halfway with 3 so far
  9. I don't want to water the hype. But I just don't get so muchhhh hype on this guy. One thing is to have tools, but another is to actually materialize them and be productive and efficient. Can he breakout? Yes he can... Has he? I don't think so. He's batting in a decent to good at most lineup and he's in the 7-8 hole. Does that say anything at all? His plate discipline is awful, and considering he's not a slugger, that's very bad. He's a speedster, but you need to get on base, his on base skills are not good. How's that going for Billy Hamilton? many prospects breakout, but a lot don't make it over their expectations. Lastings Milledge comes to mind... To some degree, Delmon Young. And a thousand others... what am I missing here?
  10. Sorry, but wouldn't want to see your team if your counting on Buxton to save your team... Ouuuuch.
  11. Last night second homer was vs LHP. They have to start him til he cools...