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  1. When do you think will start pitching? Right away or after extended spring training? Thx
  2. Wow how deep is your league?
  3. Look here And here
  4. I have four break out candidate in my team. One is Canario (the others are Valera, Kristian Robinson and Julio Rodriguez), but I've been reading around so and so reports, particularly if I compare the 4 of them..
  5. I always read and rarely contribute; but i think the name of Heath Quinn should be on deep league radars. He had a horribel '17, but 2018 was way better. Could be a late season pick up. I'm thinking of dropping Canario for him.
  6. Will he keep the average this up? Was a huge hype name like three years ago.
  7. Can I customize BP daily report with my own names? Can you put here a direct link? Thanks
  8. Is his injury still undisclosed? What happened to him? Does anyone know?
  9. Definitely interesting. Why no love anywhere?
  10. I obviously picked him up.. I could have said only thing to see in the future is walk rate..
  11. I'm worried with his low walk rate though
  12. Maybe in your league.. I picked him two years ago then dropped him in the beginning of this year.. Was picked the last day of free agency.
  13. Back on the mount on AFL. 6K in 3 IP
  14. Baseball America report said this was his final start of the season
  15. 800+ wow. That's a lot of prospects. In mine we have 360. I took him a month ago. Isn't he projected as a reliever though?