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  1. Bet Roberts is the Maddon equivalent for us Cubbies. Madness he is still moving Bellinger around. Not only did he do in Hader the other day, but he also crushed Mad Bum for a GS a few weeks ago.
  2. Yep. I watched the game too. It was all down to that jabroni, Jace Fry, which allowed Kevin Cash to pull the old Waxahachie Swap with Adam Kolarek.
  3. 99% sure Paddack threw an ugly show me curve to Wong during his first time through (which was high and outside). The Cardinal batters were just too good and too patient for him today, as it seemed like most ABs lasted at least 8 pitches - Molina made him his B. He should get a little more love from the Dbacks, but we'll see... Perhaps big league hitters may be too much for him at this point in time. Defo not dropping, but will be extra curious about the next game, as the Dbacks were holding the highest team SLG in the MLB heading into today.
  4. He was dealing it. The high pitch count was as much to do with today's strike zone as it was to do with some good ABs from the Cardinal players. There were a few times early on where he was visibly frustrated at the ump for egregious no-calls. And, even though Goldy, Carp and co. had some good battles, Archer managed to get his fair share of K's out of those duels. His control was strong and he seemed to have a good feel of his full arsenal, as he was able to get swinging strikes out of his change up and his breaking ball stuff. I would say his performance was really good.
  5. I think you are referring to Steve Blass, who will be retiring this year after 60 years at the helm, so, yeah.
  6. Yep, but this is actually the 3rd season, as there was a sizable contingent betting on Bird when Judge broke through. I grabbed him as soon as one of my guys hit the IL today. Bird has the tools to do something. He just needs what has been elusive to him over these past few years: opportunity, health, and the mental toughness to seize this opportunity with both hands. Will it work out for him? Probably not, but he is a big free lotto ticket.
  7. Long story, short. Drafted fairly well, but league is deep and now have an IL situ where I am scraping the bare bones at 3B. In vacuum, who would you pick up out of the below options? -------------------- Brian Anderson Tim Beckham Jeimer Candelario Chad Pinder Yandy Diaz Scotty Kingery -------------------- Will defo return all help two-folds, as I am in a pickle. Thanks