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  1. Would you give up Belli for Yordan and Nola? Any league type
  2. Ruining many a roto season for people. Just now cut him. A few starts too late.
  3. I’ve been watching his abs almost every game he plays. It’s a topic the tv guys cover often...he’s been routinely robbed of line drive hits and warning track power for a couple weeks now...I’m a believer.
  4. Wow had to dig to find any posts for this guy. Everyone off this train? Any hope for a surprising 2nd half from him?
  5. Anyone think now that Jeffress is performing well/up to speed, the brewers will start going to Hader in the 7th more often? Or will they not fix it if it ain’t broke?
  6. I got him this morning for a solid SP. he hasn’t gone bonkers plus you needed him to heat up to be interested yourself and the current owners are probably exhausted owning him. This is prolly Bench coach material but I think he’s not reached that untouchable point yet. It’s still gonna be a Colorado summer...holding all Rockies.
  8. Reds pirates delay...forecast is rough but they say they plan on playing
  9. Well a dark horse 4th team offered Degrom and Pederson and I took it. Did I make an oopsie? Or did I do alright? I know I didn’t crush it.
  10. His rookie run was looking a lot like this power wise at least. 39 bombskis. Clichè sophomore slump after that...then god mode.
  11. Nah, those guys ur getting don’t have near the ceiling in the years to come. Hold.
  12. OBP Roto...have these 3 offers in my inbox for my pitching needs help...Which if any do you guys like? 1. Cole 2. Verlander 3. Ohtani + Paxton