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  1. Anyone think he'll be back before December, or will be out until January?
  2. I don't have much faith in Dwight this year (haven't had any in a good while) so I feel good about owning McGee for now.
  3. That's a solid way to look at it. I feel like after pick 7 (jokic or dame) you're stuck with the load management squad of (embiid/lbj/kawhi/pg) and the possibility of missing back to backs in the playoffs. Beal with pick 8 sounds....weird to me I guess but ya he doesn't hurt you in anything and has a great chance to shine.
  4. I'm feeling much better about him this year than last that's for certain.
  5. Have to chalk it up to age I guess. I will say this, I've owned him almost every year in at least one of my leagues for the last 5 years or so. He's a massive headache. He ALWAYS gets hurt or sits a game during the playoffs. He's a stud during the season but towards the end of the second half he does his usual bit of screwing owners over. Why do I draft him then? I have no clue. i'm a glutton for punishment I suppose.
  6. Could always go the punt ft% route and pair him with Drummond or Gobert.
  7. Any good Embiid builds considering he will miss games?
  8. Yup, expecting both of them to get their rest games in. You already get the sense that the Clippers have no desire to push them hard this season so they're ready for the playoffs.
  9. Been going back and forth on these two for a keeper league Love: completely screwed me (and many others) over last year with his injury. Possibly a bounce back year coming up? Might get traded to a contender...or could be the face of the Cavs for this season? Oladipo: Reports say he won't be back until December/January and even then he might get brought back slolwy. Do like what he brings to the table though when plays.
  10. It never fails. EVERY year come playoff time it's something with this guy.
  11. I'd stay put. All signs point to the Pelicans keeping him until a summer trade and shutting him down for the remainder of the season to risk any injury. Shutting him down will also increase their draft spot. If I were in first and coasting I wouldn't even consider it.
  12. Given all we currently know of NO not wanting to trade him this season and possibly both sides agreeing to a shut down for the remainder I'd say you straight up robbed the other GM. Awesome work. IMO I think NO keeps him to see what is offered this summer and shuts him down no to no risk injury.