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  1. I just need one 3.... and I win my league... cmon rooster i also have p bev
  2. i love how theres only a few of us monitoring kyrie at this point and how most who had him, lost already. we must have good management lol
  3. who knows man hes already missed one and clearly hes soft as jelly. its a b2b... such hogwash, pg and kyrie both just giving this finals week away...
  4. kyrie.... or should i say sighrie.... never touching this guy again. such a wuss
  5. yea i dropped his a** when he was slumping but at least i got mitch robinson.
  6. LOL! totally this 13/14 on the last day, i sat everyone else. won FT by a lil bit and ended up winning 5-4.
  7. top 10 over last 2 weeks. so glad he took that break during All stars. killing it right now and consistently.
  8. no crap, but u also shouldnt be whining about a bad line if hes giving you 4 steals and 3 blocks lol.... also not really the point, theres 1 more week lol, and youre considering dropping for harkless? his popcorn stats have been s--- since ASB, but at least the stocks are there and FG% and low TO
  9. woulda been great if he shot better. 30% fg to start the week... damn.
  10. 4 steals and 3 blocks is equivalent to like 2-3 games of stocks... u have no idea what youre doing.
  11. lol me too... i wanted moe harkless but i already dropped his a** to stream someone else so i can't grab him back. Hopefully house keeps up his 3 pt barrage dammmm.... wish i picked him up 1 day earlier
  12. with his new role on chicago he wont be overlooked. his popcorn stats are too good now with his increased role. On wizards he was always udnerrated because he was more of a efficient stock guy with great %ages, but the low popcorn numbers kept unsavvy owners away.
  13. this guy has been LEGIT. if he starts hitting some steals and blocks. dammmm
  14. can win blocks on any given week now lol. even when whiteside decides to take a break lol