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  1. I also have to throw in WCJ. I am thinking of maybe adding mikal bridges and making him throw in gary harris. Would those trades make sense to you? My team is built around efficiency with good stocks and good FG% with punt of Ast I got kahwi though and am thinking of getting rid of some of the injury pressure I will have. its a 12 player roster with no IR spots
  2. I mean, he was absolutely 1st round material last year when wall went down.
  3. id do this with good fantasy iron men or sleepers. across multiple leagues. the sleeprs can definitely sway your team
  4. i had the unlucky blessing of picking up both for 11th pick lol
  5. green is injury prone, i dont have high hopes for him this season
  6. Regardless, it proves my point that preseason was in fact needed The general public didnt even know about him. As a fantasy player he wasnt on my radar. Who knew skinny andrea would become unicorn?
  7. I am sorry, but finding out about him earlier doesn't matter as long as you know before your draft. get off your high horse lol you weren't laughing? LITERALLY all NYK fans BOO'd as he was drafted
  8. agreed why u think i picked him up last year adnt his year lol
  9. i think hes gonna be sharing mins with brandon clarke
  10. while true, it was also preseason that allowed me to find out about porzingis during his rookie year sooo while you have a point, the opposite case could still be made. of course theres g2 be other factors going into your decision on drafting said hyped rookie tho.
  11. didn't end up doing it. but am curious about the situation in memphis. Im not super confident on bridges getting more time than last year either. But just as an fyi, I don't know why you're rooting out clarke, he should have solid blocks (avgd 3.2 in college) and good %ages with low TO (i love efficiency) and just finished summer league mvp. also PER > bridges throughout college. theres no reason clarke cant be a winner this year in this young mem team. but sure to each their own.
  12. ALWAYS ALWAYS draft players that give at least 1 stock. gives you a lot more flexibility. ALWAYS ALWAYS stay away from teams with bad playoff schedules. especially if your league doesnt trade much.
  13. just went through his college stats, may not mean much, but his PER improved drastically every year. It was even higher than Anthony Davis's in his lone college year. obviously not comparing their talent as its probably not even close, but should speak to his ability to improve, understanding the nuances of the game and good bball iq. PERS 21.7->29.1->37.2 21.7 isnt bad even for a first year. Anthony Davis's was 35.2 in comparison. I like clarkes block % >11% and his bball IQ. I think he may be worth taking a gamble on. He's also a few years older. and gonzaga has produced some good nba talent.
  14. I wasn't asking for help, i was making a statement.
  15. lol Selbys PER in college 11.7. the final year for clarke was 37.2 and he also avgd 3.2bpg. i just checked Anthony davis's 4.7bpg per was 35.1. don't sleep on good work ethic, bball iq. coach will be able to slot him in if this is the case he can share the floor with JJJ i am pretty sure. especially over the likes of jae crowder lol. the coach has already committed to the young morant jjj and why not clarke?