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  1. I'd bench Diggs. Mack is still getting the volume, his O-Line is still one of the best, and he's only one week removed of a monster game..don't let one mediocre week cause you to make irrational decisions. The Vikings passing offense as a whole pretty much has to prove themselves all over again before Diggs and Theilen gain back their preseason status IMO.
  2. Is Miami bad enough that you should start planning ahead for them? I'm wasting a bench spot on the Chargers DST this week who play the Dolphins week 4.
  3. Is Deione Jone still considered an top option at LB? He has had a pretty slow start to the season. Some of the rankings I looked at preseason had him in the top 3-5 range for LBs.
  4. I traded Wentz + Christian Kirk for Zach Ertz. Guy trading for Wentz had Brees and Darnold at QB. Benching Lamar Jackson for Wentz already cost me one win, figured I might as well just eliminate that whole scenario from my weekly line up decisions all together. OJ Howard moves to the bench (or waivers). Different league: I traded Waller for Emmanuel Sanders + Delanie Walker. I love Waller, but Walker isn't far behind him IMO, at least not a WR2 worth as much.
  5. You say that as if the NFL has some sort of policy they follow in regards to what warrants a suspension and what doesn't. Sure, you can say that comparison is apples to oranges, but that doesn't actually mean anything in terms of trying to guess how the NFL is going to proceed.
  6. Lawsuit was filed by one person, a former gymnast he went to college with and later hired as his trainer. Supposedly the lawsuit contains text messages from Brown admitting/bragging about it. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/10/sports/football/antonio-brown-sexual-asssault-patriots.html
  7. Lol the rotoworld waiver wire column puts Waller as the #2 TE add behind Chris Herndon.
  8. To be fair, if AB was playing for Oakland last night, Waller easily could have had 3-4 catches for 30-40 yards. Things changed for him immediately after they released him. He is a beast though..can’t wait to see what he can do this season!
  9. Moncreif getting all of the opportunities he needs but can’t capitalize on them.
  10. Half of the coaches in the league think they are some kind of Belichick level of football genius.
  11. Giants with some seriously horrible play calling, all Fing game long.
  12. 2 of the more hyped up offenses this year are really battling it out!
  13. Good point, can’t necessarily say his poor performance was due to his hamstring.
  14. You’re comparing RBs who are 3rd on the depth chart to the #1 WR on a top offense. People are saying they are droppable based on how the coaches used their RBs, not because they didn’t score enough points. There isn’t a whole lot of value of keeping a backups backup on your roster.
  15. Good job to anyone who pulled the trigger and benched him. Hopefully your replacement can top 37 yards..