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  1. Agreed, I'm only holding in keeper leagues. There's no reason to assume that in non keepers, if you want him later, he won't still be on the wire for you to grab.
  2. Well, maybe, but don’t drop him just to drop him. If there’s someone better on the wire, I get it, but we can’t really determine what their weekly game plan will be based off of one game against the tanking Dolphins. May be worth holding for one more week to see what happens when they play an actual NFL team.
  3. I was looking at AJ Brown too, but then I heard that the Titans, as a team, only completed 4 passes to the WR position last week. 4.....Total.......and they still won. I love the player, but hate the situation.
  4. OK, you talked me into it. I dropped Crowder since, Darnold has the mono, and picked up Hardman. I'm just hoping De'Anthony Thomas doesn't get in the way.
  5. Oh man, this sucks. My team name is Ka'imi Code. I have a sweet Contra logo as my avatar and everything. Whelp, I guess I'll be changing my team name come week 3.
  6. I almost said KeeSean Johnson and Parris Campbell. I'm fairly concerned about their usage though. Even though Johnson had 10 targets, he's the 4th receiver. I'm also a little scared that Campbell and Cain cancel each other.
  7. Sure, but talent wise, I think they are equal. Parker will be a hard sell for most people considering his history.
  8. Miles Boykin Preston Williams in deep leagues
  9. Can't believe that nobody has given Michael Fabiano as an answer. Dude sure does love Alice in Chains and professional wrestling.
  10. Oh man, this is my favorite thread every year! I kept Kerryon Johnson thinking that he'd at least get the receiving work this year. JD McKissic says hi! Every year I vow to only draft RB's on good teams and every year I forget this rule. I'm looking at you Derrius Guice and Lenny Fournette.
  11. I don't know. I think this may have more to do with Rodney Anderson's knee exploding than anything.
  12. OK, Let's talk sleeper WR's for dynasty. Been hearing a lot of buzz about this set of guys from camp. Rank em in order, or give your thoughts or whatever. Cam Simms Emmanuel Butler Jaleel Scott Keith Kirkwood Jon'Vea Johnson These are the guys that are likely available in all but the deepest teams, so I'm curious to see what people's thoughts are. Also, feel free to bring up anyone else that I may have missed.
  13. Some say that Bryce Love is there to replace/back up Chris Thompson who will be a free agent in 2020.
  14. I listen to a lot of dynasty podcasts and the dynasty community is going absolutely nuts over Moore. I don't get it at all. Either the community is too small and they share a hive mind, or they really are smarter than the average person and see something that I can't. I would much rather take a later round flier on Samuel, or hell, even a guy like Sterling Shepard. I just think the hype is going to drive Moore's cost so high that people will be drafting him at his absolute ceiling. I'm hoping the same doesn't happen for Samuel.