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  1. Seems like Rogers keeps under throwing him whenever he gets open downfield.
  2. Shady is also the one that waves the ball around in one hand like it's a red solo cup at a college kegger.
  3. Not to get too "cool story brah", but you asked, so I'll tell. It's a 12 team auction league with 2 keepers. My rb's are Chubb, Fournette, and K. Johnson.
  4. Dude is a stud, but I just can't find a way to put him in my lineup. Is he the real deal? Am I really supposed to start this guy over DeAndre Hopkins or Keenan Allen? I guess the real question for me is, what is going to happen with Minshew when Foles gets healthy. If I'm not mistaken, both are signed through 2020. If Foles takes the job back, what does that mean for Chark? So many unknowns.
  5. I really liked Dexter during NFL draft season and expected him to overtake Jamaal rather quickly. Then I watched him act like he's never had a football thrown at him before when he saw some preseason action. It's pretty obvious that Jamaal > Dexter in the passing game and that's why he hasn't seen any action yet. Maybe he's cleaned that up a little since preseason, but it will take a A. Jones injury for him to be relevant if he hasn't.
  6. I don't disagree, but I think Tomlin may be feeling some pressure to win and that will have more weight in his game plan than entertaining the masses. I'm hoping that getting a win under the belt will give them the confidence to risk it a little more moving forward. My comment was specific to last night's game, not the season as a whole.
  7. Not sure if this is a sincere question, so I'll treat it like one. The truth is, I have no idea. I'm just putting my wishful thinking out there so maybe it comes true. The thought is, this was the gameplan coming into the game, and they didn't deviate from it since their D was just crushing Cin anyway. Why risk it if you don't need the biscuit?
  8. Yeah, that's generally what happens when you get pwned in a public forum. Or at least it should be.
  9. I get it, but what's there to gain by discussing the fact that you were right and they were wrong? Maybe we should discuss whether there is a way to polish this turd moving forward.
  10. Yeah, we're all aware of your thoughts and his current stats, so..........
  11. Agreed, right now, he's a possible flex option and a bye week fill in with the potential for more. Sometimes that's all a team needs for a guy to be a league winner.
  12. I'm cautiously optimistic that better days are coming for JuJu. The Steelers didn't really need him last night and that pass play to Johnson tells me that Rudolph can at least fire it downfield when he needs to. At some point, they'll play a team that requires them to do more than pass to their RB's 75% of the game. The biggest concern I have is the ridiculous "wildcat" BS they keep trotting out there. I'm hoping that he can at least work as a WR2 for the rest of the season.
  13. Same. I was going to trade Green, but after watching Pit throw the ball to their RB's 70% of the time and then running from the wildcat 20% of the time, I'm generally worried about JuJu and think I'll have to turn to Green when he returns. That being said, after watching how terrible Cin is (specifically the O Line) I wonder how eager Green is to get back to running routes only to turn around and see Andy Dalton laying on his back for 4 quarters.
  14. I'm starting him over Montgomery, but I don't feel good about it.
  15. Because Nick Foles was hyper-targeting Westbrook before he got hurt. Westbrook was supposed to be the guy.
  16. Agreed, usually Jason that gets derailed, tries two or three times to get back to his point, and then gives up and joins in on the joke.
  17. very good for Dynasty so you can get an idea of rookies usage in camp before the season starts.
  18. Agreed, I'm only holding in keeper leagues. There's no reason to assume that in non keepers, if you want him later, he won't still be on the wire for you to grab.
  19. Well, maybe, but don’t drop him just to drop him. If there’s someone better on the wire, I get it, but we can’t really determine what their weekly game plan will be based off of one game against the tanking Dolphins. May be worth holding for one more week to see what happens when they play an actual NFL team.
  20. I was looking at AJ Brown too, but then I heard that the Titans, as a team, only completed 4 passes to the WR position last week. 4.....Total.......and they still won. I love the player, but hate the situation.
  21. OK, you talked me into it. I dropped Crowder since, Darnold has the mono, and picked up Hardman. I'm just hoping De'Anthony Thomas doesn't get in the way.
  22. Oh man, this sucks. My team name is Ka'imi Code. I have a sweet Contra logo as my avatar and everything. Whelp, I guess I'll be changing my team name come week 3.
  23. I almost said KeeSean Johnson and Parris Campbell. I'm fairly concerned about their usage though. Even though Johnson had 10 targets, he's the 4th receiver. I'm also a little scared that Campbell and Cain cancel each other.
  24. Sure, but talent wise, I think they are equal. Parker will be a hard sell for most people considering his history.