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  1. I like this. I like guys like this a lot more in daily leagues, where you can play match ups against RHP.
  2. As a life-long Pirates fan, I was happy with the McCutchen trade. Expected the Cole trade, and we got a decent return. I was furious with the Meadows trade, and even moreso currently. Meadows is a legit 5-tool player with an 'elite' level ceiling. He's showing flashes currently. Big time keeper asset.
  3. I saw a 'report' (baseball news twitter account), that his leg 'might be broken'. I'd be SHOCKED if it was anything more than 'hurt really really bad', with some kind of contusion. I'd be surprised if he wasn't ready for opening day.
  4. He practiced in full yesterday, but I'm unable to find any info on his practice today. Anyone have any information?
  5. Looks like a man out there, super tough to bring down. We knew that about him. Hopefully he can keep this going!
  6. I definitely understand the sentiment here, and it makes sense to a point. At this point in time, I do trust Conner more. I think that's an easy opinion to form considering the year he's had. I liked what I saw out of Samuels today though.
  7. Hate the matchup, but TY and Luck have had some other-worldly chemistry the last 4 weeks. My expectations aren't super high, but I think TY is currently a must-start.
  8. Lol, these latest posts are why the athletes themselves get annoyed with us fantasy players. Yes everyone, Lamar Miller purposely got hurt to wreck your fantasy season!
  9. People that are starting him this week, and are in a position to make playoffs, are taking a very risky gamble. The risk outweighs the reward here. That said, I'm starting him over Stafford in a dynasty league. The tank is real.
  10. Golladay is a true beast. As a Lions fan who has watched every snap of this kid's career, it's obvious when the ball is in the air and when he makes the catch, he's just mean. Period. Plays with a chip on his shoulder.
  11. Corey Davis to me projects to be a very talented player, fringe WR1 potential at some point. I'm not scared of this match up really, I'm actually starting in 2 leagues. If you have him, chances are you start him, he's definitely in the flex conversation at this point. Those targets last week aren't going to go away.
  12. AJ Green is still one of the most talented WRs in football (I'd argue the MOST talented, but realize I'd be in the extreme minority). You don't bench him ever. Even if he has a dud game because of Dalton, it's still the right decision. He's a stud. You start your studs.
  13. I'm a believer in Cooper this year. I think last year was a fluke, and his talented route running will see him through to another 1000 season. That said, I am not starting him this weekend. Throughout his career, he has been abysmal in Denver. Easy sit.
  14. I don't think that's a fair assessment of Mixon. If you watch his stuff, he very obviously has really good vision and cutting ability. That said, Drake is also someone who jumps off the screen at me, much like Mixon. His burst is awesome, decisive runner. I like him.
  15. That seems a bit bullish, to me. I wish he would hit those numbers, but I'd guess more about 800/6 TD. We'll see who's closer at seasons end.